A little bit of this and that on a mid-September Monday

3.0 inches of rain this morning at the Werkes!

America continues to self-segregate based on politics. Trump supporters are harassed in most Madison WI neighborhoods. Major League Baseball moved its All-Star Game out of Atlanta to protest election integrity legislation.

Now good progressives are vacating Texas over its weird end-around Roe v. Wade. A loyal reader named Bill informs the Werkes that the Salesforce company is offering to relocate its Texas employees to more abortion-friendly states. The City of Chicago ran a full-page ad in the Dallas Morning News to lure employers. (More here.) The irony is thicker than a grievance studies syllabus: Escape the supposed tyranny of Texas in favor of the shooting gallery that is Chicago!

Problem is, you’re four times more likely to be murdered in Chicago as in Texas. Then again, abortion supporters are not pro-life, are they!

Crime scene

Resistance to Defund the Police grows

Last week we reported that the Meadowood neighborhood association here on the SW side of Madison formally petitioned the City to defy Mayor Satya and maintain police presence at current or greater strength.

Now an “Eastside Neighborhood Safety Conversation” is scheduled for Thursday 09-30-21 from 6:30 – 8:30 at Pinney Library, 516 Cottage Grove Road. Organizer Connie Panten Kim Richman writes:

In the past 2 weeks in Madison, a 17 year old and a 20 year old were murdered. Shots are being fired and vehicles are stolen almost daily. Groups in stolen vehicles are cruising our residential streets, trying to gain entry into cars, hoping to find keys, and eventually get into our homes. When we lock every door and window, we wonder if that’s enough. Reckless and speeding vehicles with no license plates and blacked-out windows are a daily problem. Pedestrians and bicyclists have been killed. When we hear fireworks, the first thing we think of is gunshots.

Speed limit 25

25 mph on Whitney Way, a four-lane divided highway?

Madison’s magical thinking

The City is reducing the speed limit on Whitney Way between Raymond Road and the Beltline to 25 mph from 30 today. One of many Madison thoroughfares being slowed down. We get that speeding is a problem. But if motorists are driving too fast now how many more will be exceeding a speed limit that is lowered? The issue, folks, is that if police are stretched too thin to enforce the old speed limits how are they going to enforce the new limits? (See Kim Richman’s missive above.)

The (bad) sports page 

Packers came out flatter than spilled beer Sunday. Randall Cobb caught one pass. (Just sayin’.) While we’re at it, bring back Jordie Nelson. Start Jordan Love; he had better stats than Aaron Trade Bait. A teeth-clacking shake-up is what the doctor ordered.

If classroom teaching can be conducted remotely, so, apparently can major league sports. The Brewers TV crew (Bill Schroeder and Craig Coshun on Sunday) reported the game at Progessive (ugh!) Field in Cleveland remotely from AmFam Field in Milwaukee.

The Baltimore Orioles are the worst team in Major League Baseball. They used six pitchers in their 22-7 loss to the Blue Jays Sunday. Earned run averages: 9.92 (starting pitcher), 8.75, 8.10, 10.80, 5.40, and 6.75. Compare that to the three Brewers pitchers Sunday. Lauer at 3.10 had a no hitter going into the sixth inning when it looked like the Brewers might make it two no-no’s in a row. And he’s fourth or fifth on the starting pitching depth chart! Relieved by Boxberger at 2.91 and Ashby (who?) at 3.13 — and they were back-end relievers at garbage time in an 11-1 victory!

Brewers ranked 3rd in the major leagues in ERA at 3.38 (behind L.A. at 2.95); Baltimore is dead last at 5.93.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If there’s one stat that means anything, it’s earned run average. Re: the Packers, a .500 record could win the North Division but that’s about it.

How far will the Brewers go in the post season?

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22 Responses to A little bit of this and that on a mid-September Monday

  1. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Poor-choice, pro-abort proglobots are panicked.

    They oughta calm down, no one is coming for their precious abortions, we just want some common sense abortion control: mandatory background checks complete with compulsory mental health evaluations, names kept in an national abortion registry, a $200 tax stamp, a one year waiting period, all ‘assault’ abortions outlawed after the first trimester and a limit on the number of abortions you can have, … no one needs more than one abortion.

    Roe must go. If not now, … when?

    Even my one honest Lefty friend admits Roe was a poorly-crafted decision, (not law), made by an activist court. While there’s no right to abortion in our founding documents, there is an unalienable Right To Life.

    Of course Lefties claim that there is a right to an abortion in our Constitutional Garden. They claim, “It was there all along. It was just hiding in plain sight, right behind an “penumbra” pickle and an “emanation” eggplant.”

    Don’t be poor-choice. Choose wisely. Choose Life. Life IS Good.

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    • Imagine If You Will…

      Personally, I thing the Supreme Court of the United States needs to have a ruling based on actual medical science that defines when a human being becomes a human being (as in being alive) and the most if not all of the arguments surrounding abortion both pro and con will be stifled.

      My personal viewpoint is a bit different but; when the heartbeat of a living human being stops they are considered to be dead so why shouldn’t the starting of a fetal human being heartbeat be considered the beginning of a human life – medically speaking.

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      • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

        Poor-choicers are science-deniers, too, Spoons.

        Every human embryologist agrees, it’s some of that real “sciencey” science that Lefties claim to believe in, Life begins at conception. When else could it begin?

        If Lefties are still confused when Life begins, they could ask any 5 year old, “What’s in mommy’s tummy?” After looking at you as if you’re some kind of moron, they’ll tell you the truth, … It’s a baby.”

        Zhou Bai-Din proglobotically thinks Life begins when the dog dies and Hunter finally moves out of his basement. In every “successful” abortion there’s always at least two victims; the unmother deeply wounded, the smaller, more innocent patient, … that innocent little baby girl, … DOA.

        There’s never ever a good reason to “choice” murder a baby.


        • GDHM wrote, “There’s never ever a good reason to “choice” murder a baby.”

          The use of the word murder in any form in this context is literally false! Murder is a legal term which is defined as an unlawful premeditated killing of another human, abortion is currently legal so it’s literally NOT murder. What should be used is the word killed or exterminated and immoral. The ones using “murder” are simply factually incorrect and the word usage in this context should be corrected every time it is seen.


        • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

          Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran pastor who famously faced the gallows for his efforts to end the Nazi Holocaust and assassinate Hitler. He was also an outspoken abortion opponent and Pro-Life advocate. “Destruction of the embryo in the mother’s womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life,” he once wrote. “To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but MURDER.” .

          I’ll stand with Bonhoeffer on his use of the word ‘murder’.


        • GDHM wrote, “I’ll stand with Bonhoeffer on his use of the word ‘murder’.”

          Choosing to stand with someone that agrees with you knowing that it’s factually incorrect seems like a rhetorical game of unethical hype to me especially when there’s a plethora of factually correct terms to use.

          I choose not to play the same kind of factually incorrect rhetorical games that progressives play. Progressives bastardize damn near everything with their unethical hype until the actual meanings are so obviously distorted that the words become nearly useless and the bastardized usage could be applied to absolutely anything; a great example is how they’ve intentionally bastardized the word racist. This is exactly what using the word murder in arguments related to abortion is doing.

          There are better choices that are factually correct.

          There I’ve said what I came to say.


        • Good Dog, Happy Man says:


          Although we might agree that having this debate is a good thing because it sharpens each of our individual opinions, I’m afraid to the casual person, it’s another case of po-TAY-to vs. pot-TAH-to, a definition without distinction. It doesn’t mean chit to a tree.
          It’s like a fart in the wind.

          But, I’ll agree and stipulate that language and words matter. Lefties are very adept at using euphemistic language when talking about abortion. They have to be. Even Godless, souless people would be horrified by an accurate description of a partial birth abortion. Words like “choice”, “women’s reproductive health care” and “reproductive freedom” necessarily soften and obfuscate what is really happening with every abortion.

          Abortion is the pre-meditated “choice” to kill one’s own baby.
          There’s no sugar-coating it, that’s murder. Plain and simple.

          It might be legal, but being legal doesn’t cleanse it from it’s inhumanity to man, purge it from any bio-ethical concern or make it moral. It’s pure evil. I will not, indeed I cannot, participate in, approve of, facilitate or encourage certain behavior deemed by God to be immoral or sinful, even if it is accepted, tolerated or celebrated by post-modern society.
          This is both my constitutionally-affirmed, unalienable human right and my Christian duty.

          More Americans must begin to grasp that abortion is not a social issue or a political issue that sits on the sidelines of issues of concern to the nation. Life is front and center, a clear and present danger to our nation’s identity. When we don’t begin by respecting the Sanctity of Life, with awe and humility and awareness of the miraculous, there is no way we can have a decent, just, and free society.

          As modern medicine, … which operates at the threshold of life and death, … becomes more secularized, we’re losing the basis for believing that all human beings are created equal: namely, our sharing a nature which reflects the image and likeness of God.

          We still kind of operate as if we still believe in equality, but we don’t always act like it. Many populations have lost their equality: prenatal children, those who are deemed ‘vegetative’ or ‘brain dead”, toddlers with neurodegenerative disease and/or Down’s Syndrome children. When we judge the worth of each life on it’s quality rather than it’s sanctity, we commodify it. It becomes a slippery slope. The next group to go might be those with dementia. If we stay on our current trajectory, it’s likely that euthanasia is coming for people with dementia, after all, they don’t have the required level of rationality, self-awareness, autonomy, or productivity. When granny soils herself, perhaps the government might provide a panel of expert doctors to determine whether she should live or die.

          How we got in this handbasket and where we’re headed is the debate we should be having.

          This is most certainly true.


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        • See GDHM we actually agree across the board except the usage of the single word “murder” which is literally a legal term defined as the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. As long as abortion is not “unlawful” the word murder shouldn’t be used, it’s a bastardization of the word.

          Legal or not I consider abortion to be immoral.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Plus you can earn yourself a cool extra 10k for rating out people. Will cab drivers need women to sign a disclaimer saying their destination is not an abortion clinic?


    • Liberty says:

      “there is an unalienable Right To Life.”

      In a leftist’s mind, the fetus is not a life, but merely an appendage of the mother’s body, even if said life is near term.

      I see Wisconsin Republicans have re-introduced the born alive abortion bill, the one Evers vetoed during last time.

      What kind of ghoul thinks it’s acceptable to let a baby die? Even leftists must know that once out of the mother’s body, there’s no doubt that this is an independent life.

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      • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

        “In a leftist’s mind, the fetus is not a life, but merely an appendage of the mother’s body, even if said life is near term.”

        When you’re talking about the black hole of “a Leftist’s mind”, it’s indeed a very scary, dark, dense place, the light of science, religion or common sense can’t penetrate it.

        Contrary to Leftist ‘logic’, unborn babies aren’t just a “clump of cells”. Abortion isn’t like having a tooth pulled or a mole removed, … it’s ending the life of another person.
        Yes, it’s a very small person, but as Dr. Seuss explained in Horton Hears a Who”,
        … a person is a person, … no matter how small.

        And contrary to Leftist belief, an unborn baby is NOT part of the mother.
        The baby has his own body with separate, (but equal) DNA, his own individual fingerprints, his own unique face, nose, eyes and ears. Thanks to ultrsound medical imaging science, parents/pediatricians can see who it is, … IT’S A BABY HUMAN!, “Congratulations, mom/dad. Come see, there’s ten toes, ten fingers and … 21, … bingo, … it’s a boy.”

        Even at the #HumanChopShop of Planned unParenthood, it’s getting harder and harder to find a doctor willing to violate their own Hippocratic Oath and perform an abortion.
        Here’s a proglobotic palindrome, … “EVILSLIVE”… at Planned unParenthood.
        Babies don’t.

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  2. One eye says:

    Life probably won’t be good when you’re born to a clueless single mother.
    We should have free birth control across the board then talk about limiting abortions.

    A Aron should either retire OR break off his engagement. That wasn’t just a bad game that was neglect.


    • One eye wrote, “Life probably won’t be good when you’re born to a clueless single mother.”

      But it IS life, why should it be exterminated because it’s unwanted. Read the blog link I posted above.


  3. "Mary" says:

    Dave, that East Side Community safety meeting is being organised by Kim Richman. The lady you had mentioned apparently is sharing it on other social media pages.

    I am a member of his neighborhood safety group.

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  4. georgessson says:

    RE: Neighborhoods asking for responsible policing -Let the chaos continue….

    Channel 3000 News:

    “Dane County Sheriff’s deputy recovers after altercation at Dane County Jail. The deputy was punched in the face multiple times by a resident.”

    I hadda look twice RE: the term “resident”… Really ? Resident ? P’raps Room Service din-din was late, and he got bent outta shape. Who wouldn’t be touchy ??

    I was dazed when I read further that: “The resident, Jamell D. Grant-Amos, 18, of Madison has been tentatively charged with battery and was moved to the City-County Building.”

    Why dazed? Because, per the NextDoor website commenters, he’s only been “contextually” charged recently (July 6th) with:

    Attempt 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide,
    Possess Firearm-Adjudicated Delinquent of a Felony,
    and, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer

    Resident abuse must stop -And stop NOW….

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  5. Ron says:

    Dane County Judges are harming the community.

    Emarion M Tucker was arrested in 2019 for forcible rape and robbery. His bail was $30,000. Then judge Everette Mitchell got involved and lowered the rapists bail to an affordable $2000. Tucker posted bail and immediately went out to the community and attempted to rape another woman and attacked an elderly person. He also was caught with child pornography.

    “Honorable” Everette Mitchell, really? Who is more at fault, the crazy criminal or the enabling judge?

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  6. Mark Lemberger says:

    Let’s all look at young AA’s whacking each other through an equity lens.

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  7. Bill says:

    I wonder why “We the People” cannot pass legislation in this state that requires minimum sentencing for any and all crimes committed with taking into consideration the number and nature of any prior offenses the defendant has committed in the past. Same goes for any bail amounts to be set when the person makes their initial court appearance.

    When it comes to the subject of abortion.

    If we allow ourselves to consider others as Non-Persons, where does it stop? Believe me, read as far back into history as you care to and you will find examples from across time, cultures, religions and nationalities about groups of people being considered as non-persons. The killing usually starts off with those considered as “mental defectives”, (that is anyone they consider as a threat to them), and spreads from there. Those considered as rich are also always on the chopping block.

    Many of you libs who are rich who live in places like Maple Bluff, Bishops Bay, Shorewood and places like them should remember this. Just remember that the progressive liberal social justice warrior who you are voting for probably hates your guts as you have more than they do.

    In my humble opinion, your desire to commit suicide by voting for these types of people defies all measures of common sense.

    Problem is: You want to drag the rest of America in on your suicide plans or your plan to have the remainder of us live under totalitarian rule.

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    • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

      Brudder Bill,

      “Many of you libs who are rich who live in places like Maple Bluff, Bishops Bay, Shorewood and places like them should remember this. Just remember that the progressive liberal social justice warrior who you are voting for probably hates your guts as you have more than they do.”

      Well-said and true. Just because one is born in Nakoma, doesn’t mean they have to live in a coma for the rest of their lives. Churchill said it better, ” “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” In a nutshell, that defines the SJW mob.

      Appeasing an alligator with appropriations, OPM, (other people’s money), and dark money donations to pet Leftist causes, (Planned unParenthood, ACLU, BLM, SPLC, DNC, et.al.) just delays the inevitable. Rich, proglobotic Pharisees might buy indulgences, but it won’t save them from death-loving dystopian D卐M☭CRATS. Eat The Rich Last is their misanthropic mantra. The rich Lefty is being saved for dessert, because they’re fat, slow rabbits, and they’re very tasty when stewed in their own Leftist juices.

      When Lefties turn on each other, it’s rather amusing to see the shocked look on their funchies as they’re being dragged off to the gulag, “But, … but, … but, … I’m a Lefty, too!”

      Peace. Out.


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