Neighborhoods begin speaking out on public safety 

Fighting Mayor Satya’s threatened 5% cop defunding

Addressed to Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway on 09-07-21:

The Meadowood Neighborhood Assn opposes your plan to cut the Madison police department budget.

In this last year, our neighborhood has experienced multiple shots fired incidents with at least one injury, multiple burglaries, and other property crimes. Homes have been hit with bullets while people slept in their beds. The city already has too few officers to address multiple, on-going incidents. The five percent cut you have proposed may result in the loss of more than 35 officers from our understaffed police force. Police are already stretched thin — more cuts will make their jobs more dangerous and reduce response times. Residents in our neighborhood feel unsafe and unheard. Reducing our overstretched police forde only exacerbates anger and distrust toward yo and other elected officials. … 

We depend on the police to show up when people in stolen cars race down our streets shooting buns. Pepetraors of these incredibly dangerous acts need to be apprehended. Neighborhood safety is at the very top of MNA’s priorities. It should also be a top priority for the city. … We believe that you can find the money to fully fund the police department while also funding longer term responses to reduce crime. …

Sincerely, Theresa A. Evanson
Meadowood Neighborhood Assn. president

cc: all Madison city alders

Re-imagine this!

Neighbors on the west side of Madison WI can advocate for public safety during an on-line “conversation” 6 p.m. Thursday 09-30-21. The panel includes the four alders (including anti-cop Nikki Conklin) and Police Chief Shon Barnes, Captain Tim Patton, and Sheriff Kalvin Barrett. Be forewarned: They’re using the euphemism “re-imagining public safety.” Not seeing any reps from the mayor’s office. But two social services agencies hungry for our tax dollars.

Register at Send questions by Thursday 09-23-21 to

Find YOUR neighborhood association here.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Tell the brass they’re not going to “re-imagine” gunshots and stolen cars careening down our streets. Not on our street. And tell the sheriff he’s holding “inmates,” not “guests.”

What is YOUR neighborhood association saying?

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14 Responses to Neighborhoods begin speaking out on public safety 

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    It’s touching that some people in Madison still believe that city “leaders” (including and especially the socialist cow in the mayor’s office) are willing to take seriously the complaints of citizens affected by their misguided–not to say dangerous–policies. Madison’s progressive elites couldn’t care less how many shots are fired at people’s homes as long as they can crow about their commitment to “equity” and “social justice” and filling the “unmet needs” of homicidal thugs.

    Oh, and the sheriff is holding neither guests nor inmates, but prisoners (or jailbirds, if you prefer).


    • Batman says:

      Bad decision makers.


    • Liberty says:

      Agreed, Gary.

      Until Madison and Dane County get new leadership, nothing will change. We’re not getting new leadership any time soon because people with good sense are either leaving or thinking of leaving.

      The meeting will be more of the same. That nobody from the Mayor’s office will be there but social service agencies will, tells you everything you need to know.

      I give MNC lots of credit, but they’re a day late and a dollar short.


    • Almostarepublican says:

      Socialist cow? Seriously do you have to denigrate the mayor to cow status? Socialist ok, but cow?


  2. AdamC says:

    Squire, say a few words about her ridiculous capital budget proposal which is so over the top the city is going to go bankrupt so big huge buses can drive back and forth with no passengers while we all end up driving 5mph on thoroughfares and getting taxed out of our homes.


  3. RMX says:

    Two Federal Reserve Chiefs *suddenly* chose to become ethical by selling their stocks. Could it be that they are using their new found ethics as pretext for running away from a market which is about to crash?

    Currently the United States stock market is valued at $55.8T, whereas the United States GDP is $22.9T. The market is currently 243% of GDP. Warren Buffet says that if it is over 200% investors are “playing with fire”.


  4. Paula says:

    BEGIN speaking out? Midvale Heights Neighborhood Watch thrived for a solid five or so years. It didn’t get any better than that.

    That said, I wish Meadowood well and hope they can keep the momentum.


  5. Madtownforsure says:

    It is the ones in city government to blame for pedestrian accidents, speeding out of control because they removed all radar in police cars. It is their fault why so many neighborhoods are screaming for speed bumps. So what does the idiot who does not own, drive a car do? Impedes all others by lowering speed limits on main roads. Those speeds have been in force for over 60 yrs. her dumb ideas will only make commuters speed more to get where they are going. Especially the out of city dwellers. No common sense in that office.


  6. Madtownforsure says:

    And, she gets special police escorts everyday cuz she doesn’t drive? Wow.


  7. madtownforsure says:

    6 robberies in last 4 days. Alrighty Madison. Catch up to those other cities not too far away.


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