Those ‘activist’ parents are getting help!

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Hope you are burning plenty of meat on the barbie this Labor Day. (Tell Greta to chill.) You have our permission to wash it down with a cold brew or two, guilt-free. Never mind what Obama said: You Did Earn This!

→ Bonus: the Brewers’ grand slam, walk-off victory in Sunday’s game against the Cardinals and the maturation of a fourth arm in the Brewers’ shutdown, starting pitching rotation: Adrian (“Doogie”) Hauser. (Now, if young Graham Mertz could just learn to tuck the ball in and fall.)

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Should you miss your daily dose of outrage, you are invited to read the following excerpt from an Associated Press “news” story in today’s Labor Day Wisconsin State Journal.

A loose network of conservative groups with ties to major Republican donors and party-aligned think tanks is quietly lending firepower to local activists engaged in culture war fights in schools across the country.

While they are drawn by the anger of parents opposed to school policies on racial history or COVID-19 protocols like mask mandates, the groups are often run by political operatives and lawyers standing ready to amplify local disputes.

In a wealthy Milwaukee suburb, a law firm heavily financed by a conservative foundation that has fought climate change mitigation and that has ties to former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election helped parents seeking to recall Mequon-Thiensville school board members, chiefly over the board’s hiring of a diversity consultant.

Happy white Newspaper reader *

Liberal outrage disguised as a news story

This piece is so “dog bites man” mainstream journalism these days we hardly notice the anti-conservative bias.

These first three paragraphs alone (of a much longer piece) are stacked up with loaded words like C-17s on the Hamid Karzai runway. It’s a “network” that is working “quietly” — in other words, a conspiracy! It’s tied to “major Republican donors” paying “political operatives and lawyers.” (How dare a lawyer represent conservatives!) The same shadowy groups that have fought climate change mitigation. Some even have ties to the last Republican president!

They’re fanning the flames, “ready to amplify local disputes.” Where? In wealthy Milwaukee suburbs! By people who have too much money, probably due to slavery. Which is why they are “engaged in culture wars”! The parents, mind you. Not the grievance studies graduates.

Who are these “local activists engaged in culture war fights in schools across the country”? They are mothers and fathers tired of having their children scapegoated for the failures of Great Society giveaways.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhere is the article sourcing ACLU’s sugar daddies? BLM? Antifa? Why have you not encountered the name George Soros in the mainstream news media? The influence buying from Michael Bloomberg? Tom Steyer?

Who will expose how critical race theory infected our schools?

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  1. Here you go Dave, I cut down those three paragraphs down to just the important words.

    loose network conservative groups ties to major Republican donors quietly firepower culture war fights anger of parents opposed to racial history or COVID-19 protocols like mask mandates, political operatives and lawyers In a wealthy Milwaukee suburb, heavily financed fought climate change and has ties to former President Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election recall school board over the board’s hiring of a diversity consultant. opposition to a district racial equity proposal opposed to anti-racist school programs helped a mother obtain a lawyer growing support network energy and resources being poured into the cauldron.

    Who says the AP is biased?

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  2. One eye says:

    re: Mertz, everything in his merchandise shop is still full price. That’s a head scratcher. Bargain hunters need only wait until after the Notre Dame tilt at Soldier Field. Who is that Notre Dame QB again? Can’t seem to find HIS merchandise page. Could it be he’s concentrating on FOOTBALL?

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