Biden photoshops himself into glory

No nation, indeed!

The President of the United States, Aug. 31, 2021:

“Last night in Kabul, the United States ended 20 years of war in Afghanistan. The longest war in our history. We completed one of the biggest airlifts in history — with more than 120,000 people evacuated to safety. No nation has ever done anything like it.

General Cornwallis, October 1781:

This afternoon at Yorktown, Virginia Colony, we ended five years of war. We forced an upstart colony to declare independence and become an inspiration to the world. No nation has ever done anything like it!

General Robert E. Lee, April 1865:

Today in a small Virginia crossroads, a breakaway confederacy built on enslaving our fellow man ended a war that killed more Americans than any other. No nation has ever done anything like it!

The president of France, June 1941: 

Today in a railroad car in Compiègne, we ended 300 years of military glory after only six weeks of resistance. No once-great nation has ever done anything like it!

Flattering himself because no one else will, Joe Biden photoshops himself into glorious history. He invites comparison to the Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949. To defeat the Soviet blockade, our air force airlifted tons of food and supplies IN to beleaguered West Berlin rather than surrender this foothold of freedom to totalitarianism. The buck truly stopped at Truman’s desk.

Biden also suggests Winston Churchill’s evacuation of the British army from Dunkirk in 1940. Rather than surrender, the PM assured Britain could fight another day against fascist tyranny.

Blaska’s Bottom LineJoe Biden could not wrap his hands around Churchill’s brandy snifter.

What do YOU think? 

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7 Responses to Biden photoshops himself into glory

  1. AdamC says:

    Gov. Earl—–Evers: “We brought, among others, suspected terrorists, and child brides accompanied by their pedophile husbands, to our Midwest state and housed them along with thousands of other refugees in a military installation in a rural part of our state. No questions asked, insta-vetting by the same clowns who botched the withdrawal, and any citizen who raises any questions will be met with the full force of racist accusations and cancel culture. No other nation has ever done this! Well,errr, ummm, maybe Germany a few years ago to their regret. But this time it will be different!”


    • Liberty says:

      This is all happening as Americans, Afghan allies, and military dogs are left to perish. The Taliban is already “arresting” anyone they consider to be “traitors.” I think we know how that will turn out.

      How anyone can think this (or anything Biden is doing) is a success or that he’s a statesman, boggles the mind. Are these people just not receiving the same news reports the rest of us are getting? Are they unable to understand the severity of the issue? Is it TDS? Are they that petty that they’re more offended by tweets than by destructive policy? What exactly do they see in this man?

      The only good thing to come out of this is that 20% of Democrats regret voting for Biden, and that if the election were held today, Trump would win easily.


  2. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Biden is like the captain of the Titanic after he hits the iceberg, puts the crew into the lifeboats, abandons the women and children and the congratulates himself on his success.

    Maybe Biden’s sycophants are right, he wasn’t really looking at his watch as the 13 caskets of dead Americans came home, … he was just checking to see if all the blood got washed off his hands.

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    • Liberty says:

      At least the captain of the Titanic saw the error of his ways and was willing to go down with his ship.

      Biden is too arrogant to even admit that he screwed up. Publicly, that is. That phone call with the Afghan president (another coward who ran off at the first sign of trouble) shows that he he was concerned with optics.


  3. Sir Arthur says:

    Biden and others in his administration are trying to “dress up the pig” with lipstick and other bogus items. But his Afghanistan withdrawal – No, his SURRENDER! – is still an ugly old pig!


  4. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Here is MY truth: Historically old President Joe Biden, by the day, by the hour, and by the minute, is getting older.


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