More helicopters on the embassy roof 

Video shows Afghans clinging to outside of US military plane
as it takes off. 

LBJ knew he had lost Vietnam when he lost Walter Cronkite. Joe Biden has lost “his base” in the liberal news media.

CNN is off the Democrat’s reservation. “The President tries to duck responsibility for a calamitous withdrawal … a disaster at home and abroad, long in the making.” 

USA Today’s editorial: “Biden’s Afghanistan horror: A well-intentioned miscalculation with disastrous, predictable results.”

Even MSNBC was giving it to Joe Biden Sunday night good and hard. 

Taliban NY Times

Wrong for 40 years … and counting

The humanitarian disaster unfolding in real time revives former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ observation: Joe Biden has been wrong about every major foreign policy decision for the last 40 years. A treasure trove of of Blackhawk helicopters and munitions falling into the hands of radical Islamists. Putin and Xi are chortling.

Citing Human Rights Watch, MSNBC reports:

The Taliban have been summarily executing Afghan civilians linked to the government — a development Secretary of State Antony Blinken meekly said was “troubling.” Already, the Afghans who put their lives on the line to assist the U.S. Army over the last decades are reported to have been beheaded, a grotesque dereliction of our duty to the Afghans who foolishly believed in the U.S.

Worse, by providing a new haven for terrorism, “The disaster in Afghanistan will follow us home,Bret Stephens warns in the New York Times.

Biden’s heedlessness, on the cusp of a sweeping Taliban blitzkrieg that on Sunday saw them enter Kabul, will define his administration’s first great fiasco. It won’t matter that he is carrying through on the shambolic withdrawal agreement negotiated last year by the Trump administration, with the eager support of Trump’s isolationist base … This is happening on Biden’s watch, at Biden’s insistence, against the advice of his senior military advisers and with Biden’s firm assurance to the American people that what has just come to pass wouldn’t come to pass.  

‘Biden’s betrayal of Afghans will live in infamy.’ — The Atlantic.

More locally, former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz agrees: “Biden now owns a decision that … was predicted by most experts in the field. … What will happen now is that thousands of Afghans will be killed and tortured. Human rights, especially those of women, will be cast aside. An international terrorist culture will be emboldened.

In yielding Afghanistan to the Taliban, Joe Biden has engineered the worst foreign-policy disaster in a generation. Eighty-eight thousand of our Afghani allies have applied for visas to get out of the country, but this administration has approved just 1,200 so far.  — Sen. Ben Sasse writes National Review.

“President Biden’s statement on Saturday washing his hands of Afghanistan deserves to go down as one of the most shameful in history by a Commander in Chief at such a moment of American retreat.”  — Wall Street Journal

Editorial cartoonists began portraying poor Jimmy Carter as tiny and lost behind a desk too big for him. Ann of Althouse comments on a photo released by the White House: “There’s Biden sitting behind a table that’s way too big for one man, and his advisers are heads on the TV.  … Biden should have been sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office facing us, speaking directly, explaining, comforting, demonstrating that he is the President.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The U.S. maintains small forces in Korea and Germany. Could have done so in Kabul. The debacle unfolding in Afghanistan is Jimmy Carter’s wrecked helicopters in the sand during the Iranian hostage situation. Democrats today are running for cover. Joe Biden is a very crippled one-term President.

What do YOU think?

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22 Responses to DEBACLE!

  1. AdamC says:

    And Jen Psaki, the Raggedy Ann windup doll White House spokesbot, is out of the office for a week during the biggest American foreign policy failure of the past half-century.

    They truly don’t have a clue what to do or say.

    Add it to the list of monumental failures of this incompetent administration:

    – soaring inflation
    – skyrocketing gas prices
    – resurgent pandemic (after Biden declared it over last month)
    – Southern border out of control

    But this is just fine because at least he’s not mean-tweeting.

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    • Liberty says:

      It’s pathetic is what it is.

      You have to wonder about people who are more incensed by tweets than very real domestic and foreign threats to this country.


    • Liberty says:

      Did you hear her say “those who were evacuated are people who SELF-IDENTIFY as Americans” ?



  2. Liberty says:

    I don’t care what Cieslewicz or any other leftist thinks. They don’t get to run and hide and feign horror AFTER it’s hit the fan. This is partly on THEM.

    Some of you on the left, as well as never-Trumpers, were more outraged by Trump’s arrogance and mean Tweets than you were at the very real threats posed by leftism. In your arrogance, you sat there and mocked the rest of us for sounding the alarms.

    You have buyer’s remorse? Too bad. Live with it, and at least accept that you screwed up and learn from your mistakes next time.

    When Biden supporters sanctimoniously would say “We won” my response was always the same: What exactly do you think you won?

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    • AdamC says:

      This administration’s “experts” don’t know what the F they are doing. About ANYTHING. International affairs. Public Health. Energy. The economy. They don’t know what to say or do. They are F’ing everything up before our eyes in record time.

      But hey at least they have their gender pronouns in their profiles and their “we believe” B.S. signs in the front yard.

      It is rather stunning that the US media appears to have suddenly stirred out of their slumber and dropped the propaganda routine.

      “Biden stunned” — probably actually stunned by the ferocious criticism of the leftist media blasting him for his inexcusable failure.

      A failure which by the way includes nearly a full week of the U.S. not being seen in public during this crisis.

      BTW what are the odds that pathetic photo of him sitting alone at a big empty table is from 6 months ago considering the wall clocks’ inconsistency with DST/ standard time?

      This presidency is like a bizarre reboot of “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

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      • Liberty says:

        “It is rather stunning that the US media appears to have suddenly stirred out of their slumber and dropped the propaganda routine.”

        Pigs at the trough who could care less about doing the right thing. They just happen to know that most Americans, regardless of party, see this for the s*t show it is.


    • David Blaska says:

      Trump was going to pull out, too. Whether his withdrawal would have been as disastrous as Biden’s is unknowable.


      • Liberty says:

        But he didn’t. Joe did, and apparently without a coherent plan.

        There’s not a doubt in mind my if this had happened under Trump that the outcome would have been different. EVERYTHING the Democrats touch, breaks. Every single freaking thing.

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      • AdamC says:

        That’s devoid of any meaning almost. Biden is commander in chief and apparently there was zero plan to get people, assets, and secure data out of there. Then he went on vacation for a week, his VP went into hiding, and the Press Secretary put an out of office message on her email while the worst US foreign policy disaster in a half century unfolded.

        All that’s missing really is an audio recording of Biden unconditionally surrendering. There needs to be resignations, firings, investigations, hearings, and maybe even prosecutions for this debacle. Apparently hundreds of Americans, maybe more, are stranded there.

        No excuse whatsoever. Saying “the buck stops with the guy who was here before” is preposterous and even most Dems know that.


  3. jimydandy says:

    How’s your “Bread and Circuses” going Joe?


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The parallels between the US’s humiliation in Saigon and the one in Kabul are too numerous to mention. There’s one telling difference, though: when the Viet Cong stormed into Saigon, they were at least driving tanks. When the Taliban stormed into Kabul, they were driving Toyota pick-ups and motor scooters. And where were the top brass in the Pentagon, especially Thoroughly Modern (Gen.) Milley? Probably off somewhere pondering the intricacies of White Rage.

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    • AdamC says:

      Great point!

      Somehow Gen. Millie will figure out a way to blame this all on white supremacy, cisgenderism, and Trump voters.

      In addition to skyrocketing gas prices and inflation, a resurgent pandemic, chaos at the Southern border, and neo-Marxist racial grievance education, we are just going to have to lower our expectations and adjust accordingly.

      The Great Reset is here! Submit or get arrested for resisting!


      • Liberty says:

        Not one of them is taking personal responsibility. And they actually had the audacity to blame this on the Afghans, who trusted us with their lives and died defending their country.

        Of course they’ll blame this on white supremacy, Trump, etc. And stupid people will believe every single word of it. SMH.


  5. wipam says:

    So sick of the “Biden was just following through what Trump negotiated” BS. Well Trump negotiated the”stay in Mexico” policy and that was thrown out. No problem there. Do they honestly think we’ll go along with this is Trump’s fault?
    Yes, I do believe they think it can be blamed on Trump. And only fools and crazy Democrats will try to spin that story.
    Biden easily could have said “we’re going to hold off a bit longer” and there would have been some pushback but not much.
    Only good thing about this happening when it did Cuomo resigned when he did. If this had blown up while he was still pondering resignation he might have been able to say “not going to happen”.


    • Liberty says:

      Not only are they spinning this to blame Trump, but some (even in Madison) are actually referring to Biden as a statesman.

      It’s one thing to perceive situations differently, but some of it borders on delusion. At the least, their beliefs are based on incomplete facts.


  6. Mark Lemberger says:

    Our Foreign Policy was spoken by the guys at Delta House to Flounder, and I quote, “You f****d up! You trusted us.”
    The biggest lie we have swallowed is that there are two parties in Washington. There is only one and its outliers. Our Deep State State Dept., our Foreign Service professionals, our Ivy League experts, the best military in the world have made fine careers and big bucks out of our latest adventure. The Afghans, not so much.
    The Taliban were routed soon after 9-11 by a few Green Berets and the Northern alliance plus horses, laser targeting and B-52s. Then GWB let the Pentagon and Joints Chiefs take over and call it nation building.
    It took twenty years, many lives and huge treasure to leave our allies getting butchered and the Taliban (hello Pakistan) getting fleets of choppers, state of the art equipment and a lot of laughs at the Washington Party’s abject humiliation.
    Israel, the Iraqi Kurds and Taiwan know better to trust us. China openly mocks Biden despite having his son on their payroll. The Pentagon takes on Climate Change, forced vaccinations and trans sexual gender reassignments among the recruits as primary threats.
    Future volunteer beware.

    What Kennedy, Johnson and some Nixon did to Viet Nam.
    What Carter did to Iran.
    What GWB and Obama/Biden did to Iraq.
    What every president did to Afghanistan, D’s and R’s. Culminating in disaster.
    They say we never learn from history but Joe Biden learned two lessons from Obama:
    1 depend on the same advisors that called ISIS “the JV squad”
    2 how to cut and run as disastrously as possible.

    One guy from outside the Washington Party tried an alternative way of war fighting and what happened to ISIS?


    • Liberty says:

      This is a perfect example of why so many of us voted for Trump. We were willing to overlook the mean Tweets and the arrogance because someone was finally willing to stand up to the Swamp.

      Leftists and never-Trumpers not only don’t understand this, but because of their hubris and ignorance, they don’t have the CAPACITY to understand this.


      • AdamC says:

        I wonder if they “get” how the Taliban is trolling the crap outta them….

        Talking about women having a place in Sharia law and using the word “inclusive”

        Blasting Facebook for censorship

        The best yet is the posed photo of several of them with ice cream cones.

        They are openly laughing at Biden, libs, and the propaganda media sycophants. One of them was wearing a half-burka and actually said “they are chanting Death To America but seem rather friendly” and one of the lib propaganda networks was using the term “transfer of power”.

        Why anyone with any brain cells left subjects themselves to CNN or MSNBC is beyond me.


  7. Liberty says:

    Are any never-Trumpers or leftists going to comment on the 10,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan? Does anyone care that the President of the United States isn’t even holding a presser on them or taking calls from other world leaders?

    Trump would have never abandoned Americans. Never.


    • AdamC says:

      They are in a state of shock and don’t know what to say. Talking points either haven’t reached them or the ones provided are thoroughly pathetic and they know it. (Blame Afghans? Pshaw right.)

      Mostly, like their incompetent “leaders,” the strategy is obvious:

      –Don’t say anything.
      –Hope things quiet down eventually and people forget.


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