Are you so paranoid about COVID-19 …


… that you wear a face mask outdoors?

Our Question of the Day!

Some masked-up sore head tore down our sign on Madison’s southwest bike trail. Apparently, unable to “Breathe deeply and smell that freedom!”

“Person after person who’d dutifully worn a mask on the uncrowded street took it off to sit still, in close proximity to friends, and frequently inside. I felt like I was watching people put on their seatbelts in parked cars, then unbuckle them just as they put the vehicle in drive.” Derek Thompson writes for The Atlantic.

A lot of people seem to have embraced an omni-neurotic approach to COVID-19 safety: “Don’t go to the beach, don’t take a walk with friendsdon’t go to the parkdon’t travel.” I prefer a more targeted-neurotic approach that just tells the truth. And the truth is that COVID-19 is basically an indoor/talking disease: If you’re indoors, or talking with people outside your household, or both, you should be cautious — mask and socially distance. Otherwise, the risk is much smaller, even if it’s rarely zero. So go outside, get vaccinated, and get your life back.

The Atlantic. [fyi: WI has no outdoor mask mandate; some states do.]

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8 Responses to Are you so paranoid about COVID-19 …

  1. Kooter says:

    Yet another study showing masks to be almost worthless:


  2. Balboa says:

    Done with Corvid, 2nd shot last week, minor reactions, now eating out and enjoying a beverage at local establishments. Done wearing masks except when necessary. Cases on the downward trajectory again after a small bump upward and fear mongering by the news media. I have done my part towards heard immunity, if you have not taken the time to schedule your vaccination or do not want to get it then you can stay home and wear a useless double mask inside your home.

    We did our part and within the next couple months we will be about as herd immunized as we will ever be against this Virus. It will never be gone from the world and there will be booster shots, big deal, go get it and move on with your life.


  3. Liberty says:

    I will absolutely no wear masks outside, especially when walking alone. I’d be too embarrassed.

    That doesn’t look like a “classic frat boy” in my opinion.

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  4. I think everyone should start shopping without a mask until someone working there says something. I’ve done a drug store and grocery store without a mask and no one said anything yet. I put it on at the check out counter. Once they get used to seeing people without a mask or in numbers, maybe this mask nightmare will finally come to an end.

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  5. georgessson says:

    Thru the last year or so, I’ve forgotten my mask and so back to the car to get one… Still do. But never had a confrontation. Must be my Frat-Boy looks, Hawaiian shirt and maybe that ever-present jumbo can o’ Kingsford…

    That said, I’ve never worn a mask outside, or in the car. I’m tempting fate, but that’s how I roll…

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  6. White Hills says:

    I think they’re seen more as talismans among the woke. Even among the few who still wear them outside, many of them don’t wear them properly. If all the mask requirement signs came down tomorrow for the season, I doubt many would continue using them. Save them for next winter.


    • White Hills says:

      Also… Influenza is a permanent pandemic. It’s an endemic disease. Nobody cares about influenza. If COVID-19 becomes endemic after awhile, nobody will care about it either.


  7. AdamC says:

    Some people who wear masks outdoors are mentally deficient. Others are paranoid with hysteria. Some of them, in all seriousness, want to wear masks everywhere forever, because they have ugly faces and they know it. The ugly mask-wearers phenomenon is an actual thing.

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