Breathe deeply: smell that freedom!

Anthony Fauci has worn out his welcome

Advance scouts from the Werkes espied this sign on the Southwest bike path just off Odana Road on Madison’s west side.

What kind of right-wing Deplorable busy body would post such a sign without making a down payment to the city parks department and several forms filled out in triplicate?

Take off face masksThen again, how many gaunt Speedo-wearing triathletes and e-bike plodders alike are still wearing face masks in the great outdoors as they get their daily two-wheel workout?

Like the sign reads “Not even Dr. Fauci or Gov. Evers advises wearing face masks OUTDOORS!” En plein aire! But you see it everywhere in Madison WI: people wearing face masks walking their dogs, alone in their automobiles — for all we know, to bed at night. Diagnosis: These people are watching too much CNN.

Even though the good doctor has been vaccinated, Fauci still won’t eat indoors at a restaurant, go to a movie theater, or “go into an indoor, crowded place where people are not wearing masks.” He said he still won’t be traveling, either. Which is why National Review says the good doctor has worn out his welcome.


Before our progressive acquaintances get a hissy fit (Pfizer is working on a vaccine for that, too), the Werkes believes COVID-19 is real. People have died from it; mainly the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. The old fogies are now inoculated and we’ve known for a month that vaccinated people, if infected, shed dramatically less virus — perhaps 75 percent to 90 percent, National Review reports.

If results like that don’t make going to a restaurant or movie theater safe, what will? If getting vaccinated doesn’t allow you to return to something like normality, what’s the point?

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe expect a completely risk-free world. To date, 6.8 million Americans have received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson “jab.” Of that huge number, six (6) developed blood clots and one of those six died. So administering that vaccine has been halted. The perfect as the enemy of the greater good. Again, Babylon Bee has it figured: “Vaccine recalled after two people fall into a manhole.”

We ask you: What kind of urban terrorist
would put up the Fauci sign on a Madison bike path?

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8 Responses to Breathe deeply: smell that freedom!

  1. Liberty says:

    Lots of great stuff in this post, Dave.

    If the vax is as effective as they claim, why do we still have to wear masks? It makes absolutely no sense. I fear we’ll never be able to take these things off.

    As for the people who wear masks outside or in their cars alone, you have to wonder about their ability to reason in other parts of their lives. I mean, c’mon wearing a mask walking alone OUTSIDE? Really?

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  2. Nancy Germann says:

    Ha Ha Ha! The wearing of the face mask while driving alone cracks me up everytime I see it. You look like a goof! My daughter lives in Germany mask wearing is mandatory over there right now. In fact starting today there is a 9:00 PM curfew for I think she said the next 2 weeks in her village. Even though they have strict rules regarding the whole covid thing….if caught wearing your mask while driving in your car by yourself you will be the proud owner of an expensive ticket.


  3. Sheppy says:

    Virtue signaling at its finest. The people wearing masks on the bike path (and everywhere else) are the same people with the “believe the science“ yard signs and the bumper sticker covered Prius.

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  4. AdamC says:

    True story: there are apparently a significant number of people who want to keep wearing their silly masks (including outdoors where, unless you are at a BLM riot, they are completely worthless) because —

    Wait for it —

    THEY ARE UGLY!! And they know it! Obsessive mask-wearers including the dummies wearing them outdoors don’t want to stop wearing the mask because they are UNATTRACTIVE! Seriously, this is apparently a thing.

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  5. Bill says:

    Oh, I don’t think that we will have to worry about the whole covid-19 thing for much longer. Charlie Chester, a CNN technical director has admitted to a Project Veritas undercover reporter that there is quite a bit of Covid “fatigue” and people are getting tired of hearing about it.

    You can see at about the 5 minuet and 30 seconds mark of the interview that they start talking about covid fatigue. That CNN bosses are now working again on whipping up hysteria on global warming as that has a greater shelf life.

    You can see this video and more at

    Nice to know how little the lame stream media thinks of the intellect of the average American.


    • AdamC says:

      In Madison, all that means is that it’s time for “community leaders” and “experts” to harangue us day and night to do what they say and mask up.

      It makes them feel like they have purpose in life. Basically they are glorified hall monitors and neighborhood busybodies. I wonder how many nosy, bossy bully types go into “public health” as a “profession”?? And how many have ugly faces that they are using masks to hide behind?

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