France’s Charlie Hebdo strikes again!

Quelle cheek!

Does anyone in the media afflict the comfortable, any more? By “the comfortable,” we mean the faculty lounge, the city newsrooms, and the joggers wearing face masks. Could Hollywood today make Animal House, the movie that parodied fat, stupid and drunk frat boys? (“May we dance with yo’ dates?”) Blazing Saddles? (“The sheriff is … a-comin’!”)

Where have you gone National Lampoon? Gone the way of Dr. Seuss and the pancake lady, apparently. America’s nearest remnant is Babylon Bee, which the billionaire social media moguls have in their gun sights. Which is why the neanderthals at the Werkes salute that Parisian outlier, Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo

The Parisian magazine publishes in that grand tradition of Britain’s satiric political magazine Punch, founded in 1841 (discontinued in 2002). Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover expropriates the George Floyd incident to make a political point. The cover asks: Why did Meghan quit Buckingham? “Because,” she answers, “I could not breathe. Figuratively, the monarchy kept its knee of the poor child’s neck, is her complaint — because of her race.

The particular beauty of this particular cartoon is that neither character is particularly sympathetic. (Got to love the Queen’s omnipresent purse and pearls!) Charlie Hebdo’s  point, our gray lab coasts have deduced, is that Meghan has it so much better than the deceased Mr. Floyd. The duchesse’s case for victimhood — at the hands (or knee) of an uncharacteristically demonic 94-year-old queen — is laughable.

⇒ “Facebook has no sense of humor.”

Like all good satire, Hebdo exaggerates fact to illuminate truth — often by expropriating other situations as metaphor. (Other tropes: the heartless cigar-chomping businessman, the castaway on that island with one palm tree, the talking dog.) Since Minneapolis, the knee on the neck has become visual shorthand for oppression. We bold-face expropriation because America’s social justice warriors are ever alert for such apostasy.

“Seven famous comedians who said political correctness is killing comedy.” Can you guess who they are?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: In January 2015, Islamic militants, enraged that Charlie Hebdo parodied Muhammed, invaded the magazine’s offices. They killed 12 and injured 11 more. Some of our local newspaper editorial pages could use a spoonful of Charlie Hebdo’s courage.

Are YOU afraid to laugh?

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16 Responses to France’s Charlie Hebdo strikes again!

  1. Bill says:


    One must ask: Why are these billionaires so concerned about what other people think, say, do, write about when they control most of what we hear, see or think about? What ideology do they want to impose upon us that causes them to want to in essence, burn the books so that we are not allowed to look into the past and study our history in order to see where we should go in the future.

    The House of History has an excellent video on this topic called A Short History of Burning Books | BIBLIOCLASM:

    What these billionaires and many people in government who are on the left want is to burn books by limiting public speech. To accomplish this, they attempt to destroy any individual who does not go along in lock step with their ideology.

    To the Marxists and Socialists I say: Are you comfortable with the thought that you, yourselves are in no way different with the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others who burned books but also banned the expression of free thought?

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      Say what you want about Hitler, … at least he killed Hitler.


      You mentioned some of the best communist mass murderers in history; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and you can add Pol Pot, Lenin, Guevarra and Castro, but my top favorite is the atheist, eugenicist, founder of Planned unParenthood and author of The Negro Project, Margaret Sanger


      • Bill says:

        Good Dog, Happy Man.

        I absolutely agree with that statement. To find out just how hot it is in the pit of Hell, all one would have to do is ask Margaret Sanger. She has first hand knowledge as there is where she has been since her passing.


  2. Bill says:

    To my earlier statement I would like to add one more thought.

    To those of you who are Marxists and Socialists in this country who want to limit the free expression of thoughts in order to get everyone in lock step with your ideology; are you comfortable with the thought that you are committing an act that I can only describe as “Cultural Fascism”?



  3. AdamC says:

    Now let’s see them do a second cover of her and Harry dressed in Antifa gear, throwing Molotov cocktails, breaking windows at Buckingham, and screaming obscenities at media.

    I still can’t believe that they actually called up little ol’ Madison’s Justhea Smollstein.

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  4. jimydandy says:

    I’m just sitting back waiting for the Stalin purge. No f’s given.


  5. georgessson says:

    In the not-so-distant past, I had empathy for Meghan, mostly B/C of the uber publicized comments from not only her whacko step-sister & brother, but also her slob of a father. Now I realize that she’s merely one of feather, and seeking to be the larger familial victim. Further, even tho I was never a fan of Piers Morgan, I was still effervesced at his treatment by his journalistic peers.

    New Yorker’s new “Culture” piece is especially concerning, adding to the already broad spectrum of victims. It outlines “How To Think About… Classic Problematic Movies. ” (BTW, CAPS are mine, not the author’s). “Another kind of TOXIC cinematic practice that tend to fly under the radar of critical reframing, because their sins are more ones of OMISSION than of commission: the large number of classic Hollywood movies that give characters of color no substantial identities or discourse at all.” The New Yorker upshot?

    “The administrative and aesthetic system that make such demeaning silences the norm, even the rule, is why, as the efforts of the “Reframed” series suggests, nostalgia for classic Hollywood isn’t only misguided; it’s INDECENT.”

    Gimme a break…


    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      I must be an indecent person, because I carry around “nostalgia for classic Hollywood”. Heard a fine discussion about “Gone With the Wind” before and after it’s showing on TCM recently. Uncensored in all it’s glory. And frankly New Yorker, I don’t give a damn what you think about it.

      Georgessson: I appreciate the tip about that publication’s new “Culture” piece.

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  6. pANTIFArts says:

    W-A-Y-Y-Y ——-> off topic:
    — Tomorrow, March 15th, Ali’Jah “Huncho” JaWuan Larrue, (Inmate #683160) turns 19 years old. This self-described “Dat Ni**a Yo Momma Warn You ‘Bout” will be celebrating the day inside of the Madison Public Safety Building. Just one long year ago he was celebrating “number 18”, and perhaps discussing with his friend Khari Sanford what they could do to “get their NEEDS met”, on their way to committing one of the most horrific crimes in Madison history. (the Potter-Carre Arboretum Executions)
    — Have a nice birthday “Huncho”, this one may be the first of many more to come in confinement, we hope you get everything that you deserve. Maybe you’ll get a fruit basket, or something, from Satya, or Brandi, or Amelia, or BLM, or …………?

    P.S.— The kids all voted, and you, and “yo homie”, STILL “ain’t gangsta”!!! (K-Dog took photos of himself with the “Glock”‘ (very “gangsta”), but took them in a toilet stall, while wearing a West High t-shirt, (definitely NOT “gangsta”).

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  7. Liberty says:

    “Seven famous comedians who said political correctness is killing comedy.” Can you guess who they are?”

    Had the masterful George Carlin been alive he would have been at the top of this list.

    I see Colbert, Stewart, Kimmel, and the like didn’t make it to the list. Could be me, but I never found their brand of humor funny, even when I was still voting Dem.

    “Some of our local newspaper editorial pages could use a spoonful of Charlie Hebdo’s courage.”

    National journalism is basically a marketing project for DNC. Local journalism is largely a snore. “Digging deeper” my foot.


  8. Mark says:

    You can still buy those maple syrups that were supposedly banned, saw them at Hyvee


  9. pANTIFArts says:

    Juvenalian satire, (the “mean” kind), will never die, with purveyors from Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn (nationally) to David Blaska (locally) on the job. Delicious satire starts by sticking your opponent with an uncomfortable truth, then slowly twisting. This is where folks on the “Left”, like Rachel Maddow, go wrong, trying to replace the truth with leftist myths and platitudes (and falling flat). I have often been entertained by the level of “satirical craftsmanship” demonstrated by others on this blog.
    — As to the U.S. media’s preoccupation with Meghan’s oppression, I understand their need to perpetuate the myth of “systemic racism”, while providing diversion from any story containing the words “Joe Biden SPOKE today, and …….”.


  10. gorwell says:

    Babylon Bee is doing what The Onion was doing when it was still a weekly paper in Madison (i.e., telling the truth and being actually funny).


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