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Much pomp and a crowning glory

Does the USA miss the mysticism of monarchy? It is another character fault: The Head Groundskeeper is a monarchist. The Stately Manor’s b&w Philco broadcast all four hours of the coronation of King Charles v3.0 Saturday 05-06-23. Made America’s presidential … Continue reading

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Lettuce pray

Liz Truss, we hardly knew ye! Some of the most enjoyable television can be found on C-Span. The indentured servants at the Stately Manor leave their looms unattended whenever Mitch McConnell spars with Chuck Schumer on our b&w Philco. They … Continue reading

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And another thing!

Firing random synapses today! 3.4 inches of moisture fell at the Blaska Experimental Work Farm over the weekend. Speaking of dark clouds: is it too difficult for the auto industry to hard-wire daytime running lights into their vehicles? People! Headlights … Continue reading

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France’s Charlie Hebdo strikes again!

Quelle cheek! Does anyone in the media afflict the comfortable, any more? By “the comfortable,” we mean the faculty lounge, the city newsrooms, and the joggers wearing face masks. Could Hollywood today make Animal House, the movie that parodied fat, stupid … Continue reading

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Queen for our day, victims for our times

Harry & Meghan’s upper lips — very un-stiff! The groundlings at Stately Blaska Manor are catching up with the exquisitely produced series The Crown on Netflix. The series portrays Elizabeth II as colder than frozen nitrogen. In Season #3, young Prince Charles … Continue reading

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Faking a hate crime is a hate crime

Progressives wrote Althea Bernstein’s lie. One of life’s enduring mysteries is how a con artist like Al Sharpton gets a news and commentary program on cable television (albeit MSNBC). Sharpton promoted the Tawana Brawley hoax, which destroyed careers and prompted … Continue reading

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