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Firing random synapses today!

3.4 inches of moisture fell at the Blaska Experimental Work Farm over the weekend. Speaking of dark clouds: is it too difficult for the auto industry to hard-wire daytime running lights into their vehicles? People! Headlights in a rainstorm may not help you to see but will help you BE SEEN!

Speaking of dark clouds: did anyone else anticipate of the futility of re-signing Aaron Rodgers but allowing Davante Adams to escape? Anyone really think Sammy Watkins is the answer? Romeo Dobbs is a year away from catching Davante. As for the Badgers … are they a mid-level PAC 12 team?

Another front on the campus culture wars: The NYT reports that “Brigham Young University said it had completed its investigation into accusations of racial heckling and slurs at a volleyball match against Duke University last month and found no evidence to confirm that the behavior took place.” Ann of Althouse asks why is it difficult to say a racist incident never happened, but default mode to say that it did?

Scene in Madison WI

A tree grows in Madison

Construction on the notorious ‘Hairball’ intersection required a bend in the curb on Blair Street to accommodate the tree in front of the old railroad depot, now part of MGE.

Ald. Gary Halverson said he quickly recognized his mistake when he signed up with the Oath Keepers. Keith Furman, president of the Madison Common Council, and Ald. Jael Currie said that “calls into question the motivation behind his votes.” Halverson said early on he wanted no help from Blaska and he will not get it here.

The latest stupidity from the Always Trump cult: the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago because Trump had “the goods” on Deep State pedophiles. What he was waiting for, they do not explain. He got those papers from the White House when (one might think — if one was thinking) he could have done something about them. Is Trump no longer welcome on the Sean Trumpity show?

Disappointed that Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor chose the regal name of King Charles v3.0. His grandpapa was christened Albert yet chose George v6.0. C’mon, Charles, shake things up! It’s not too late for a rebrand. How does “King Luigi Bustamante” sound? Grow or draw a pencil-thin mustache like Mel Brooks and you’re in business.

The Club for Growth can take a flying leap into a full outhouse. The so-called conservative PAC spent $3.5 million to defeat … Rebecca Kleefisch in the Republican primary? That’s money that should have been aimed at Tony Evers. Club for Growth is the RINO, not Rebecca Kleefisch. 

Speaking of names, my hometown of Sun Prairie now has two high schools this year. The cleaving in half means Sun Prairie no longer plays with the big boys in Madison. So be it. Sun Prairie East is the legacy school and remains the Cardinals. The new school, Sun Prairie West, is nicknamed the Wolves. Wolves? There have been no wolves in those parts for 150 years. Another opportunity missed. Rename the teams Groundhogs and Corn Boilers. Something with some resonance of place, please.

“Ukraine makes more gains as Russians flee,” reads a headline. On to Moscow!

A further thought on the Khari Sanford case: His murder of Beth and Robin shook the self-confidence of progressive Madison’s most cherished belief system — that massive doses of guilty compassion is the antidote to dysfunction. In a town obsessed with racial grievance, it should be noted that, starting with his parents and including his co-conspirators, most of Khari Sanford’s antagonists were minority race like him; his benefactors, white. Yet it was the murderer who said he was oppressed.

What have you noticed lately?

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13 Responses to And another thing!

  1. mapkp says:

    When and why did Day Time Running lights disappear? There are too many people on the road that need them! 😉


    • David Blaska says:

      Not mandatory in U.S. In fact, banned before 1995!


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      When conditions require that your windshield wipers be on, it’s MANDATORY In 18 States that your headlights must be on as well.

      WESconsin should become the 19th.

      Wait a minute.

      A Common Sense Safety Initiative like that may well be a manifestation of an Intersectional Systemic Fragility that’s been baked into an Oppressor/Oppressed Culture by a dastardly Paternalistic White Supremacy.

      Let’s put the despicable Lefty BYU Race Hustlers on it…a recent run-in with the fact based Universe suggests they’ve got some free time on their hands…

      The Gotch

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  2. Wm. Tyroler says:

    Re “A further thought on the Khari Sanford case”: it will be Memory Holed faster than you can say, “Althea Bernstein.” (Hmm. Maybe it’s just coincidence that, as Althouse suggests, it’s “difficult to say a racist incident never happened, but default mode to say that it did[.]”) If “progressive Madison’s” (I repeat myself) belief-system about racial oppression is subjected to self-criticism, let alone shaken, I’ll be quite surprised.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Amen, brother. Amen. It’s not the nature of fanatical ideologues to engage in self-criticism unless as an exercise to make them even more fanatical, a la the Maoist self-criticism popular among the Red Guards during the Great Cultural Revolution–a species of which is now underway in this country.


  3. richard lesiak says:

    What I noticed lately? Ron Johnson does not want to win. On Fox he said liberals have no business being part of churches. His words were “shoved out.” Define “liberals and left” Ron. Come to the Dells Ron, pick a church and say that again. Love to see how that works out for ‘ya.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Elizabeth’s father Albert (Bertie) chose the title George VI precisely to restore confidence in the monarchy after the abdication of his wastrel, playboy brother (Edward VIII). His father had been the beloved and stable George V, so another George seemed the right thing. “Shaking things up” would be a bad move after a reign as solid and dignified as that of Charles III’s mother.


  5. One Eye says:

    Still no hearings on the Secession. Seems no one cares.


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “did anyone else anticipate of the futility of re-signing Aaron Rodgers but allowing Davante Adams to escape?”

    With an eye toward the future, the Packers did the right thing, if by default. There was a deal on the table, and you know A-Rod’s…um…input was factored in.

    Both together weren’t enough. ‘Te knows Rodger’s best is in the rear-view, and his college buddy Carr’s just hitting his stride; IMO, ‘Te’s best is behind him, as well.

    Signing them both would have eaten up so much cap space that they’d have been reduced to filling their roster with XFL/Arena League cast-offs; or infinitely worse, with former BiPolar bares.


    Glass half full?

    Their clunker’s out of the way early; they know what they did wrong and (hopefully) they’ll adjust.

    Glass half empty?

    That D wasn’t one you’d expect from a Wunderkind like Leonhard.

    The Gotch

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  7. leo says:

    ANYON WHO FOLLOSH pack couldha n , a long tie qgo thedbcl thqt qy hd fter endin Adms toLas vg. i presme you note tht Dvante caught 10 pas in his opnin gagme o he Rders, hat’s 10 passea s hwe didn’ TCH FROM mr. Rogers.


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