Hit the deck! Blaska is coming through!

A pleasant walk, spoiled by a Covid scold

Blaska is walking down Monroe Street Wednesday 03-10-21 on the uber-progressive near westside of Madison WI. Powering through a heart-healthy, brisk walk in the clean fresh air. Cue the Young Rascals.

Maybe 10 yards ahead on the sidewalk, in the vicinity of Wingra School (read its progressive mission statement). A woman is walking her dog, leashed. She is wearing a face mask; her little dog is not. The woman turns back toward your raconteur and shrieks:


(Sorry for the all-CAPS, but they were necessary.) Blaska holds hands apart and remarks that walker, masked woman, and dog are out and about in God’s great outdoors. Woman begins jabbering about some “family member who …” Blaska bores easily and was not in the mood for more victimology. Dialing the volume to an 11, he barks (more all-CAPS):


Whereupon woman and her little dog skittered onto the nearest lawn, still moist from the melting snow, as Blaska powered through. As he did so, woman mutters: “You don’t impress me.” (The leather motorcycle jacket patched with assorted expressions of open road Freedom may have inflamed her ire.) 


Blaska is vaccinated against progressivism

face maskAs it happens, Moderna’s miracle dose #1 has been coursing through our veins these past three weeks. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine advises that just one dose of the similar Pfizer Fauci ouchie produces “bullet-proof” immunity after four weeks. Aside from wearing a mask “for a few more weeks or months” … “There is little a vaccinated person should be discouraged from doing.”

⇒ And that mask advisory, the good doctor emphasizes, applies only “indoors.”

Never has the CDC mandated masks in the great outdoors. Nor has WI Governor Nevers. His Emergency Order #1 of July 30, 2020, required face coverings indoors and in enclosed spaces (like buses, etc.).  

•   So I ask you, the peanut gallery and human crash-test volunteers: Did the Squire handle the situation appropriately?

•   Has this coronavirus pandemic created a new subspecies of holier-than-thou, self-righteous scolds? Or just a new opportunity for chronic virtue signalers?

•   What sense of entitlement must Monroe Street woman enjoy to tell others to mask up OUTDOORS or keep their distance? So when she stops, the Squire must stop? When her little dog sh*ts, must the Squire?

Ethics? Schmethics.

We intend to submit these questions to the New York Times’s resident ethicist: Kwame Anthony Appiah. (Blaska Policy Werkes fired its ethicist.) Mr. Appiah rules on touchy feely questions like: “Should I get a Covid-19 vaccine when others need it more?”

To answer the poor over-thinking devil, Mr. Appiah thrashes about in 395 words with equivocal phrases like: “But there’s another overall desideratum …” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: consists of only seven words and no (zero) overall desiderata: You got an arm? Stick it out! You want to wear a mask outdoors? We won’t stop you. Free country. We think.

Or IS it?

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41 Responses to Hit the deck! Blaska is coming through!

  1. Batman says:

    OSLO (Reuters) – Three health workers in Norway who had recently received the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine are being treated in hospital for bleeding, blood clots and a low count of blood platelets, Norwegian health authorities said on Saturday.

    “They have very unusual symptoms: bleeding, blood clots and a low count of blood platelets,” Steinar Madsen, Medical Director at the Norwegian Medicines Agency told broadcaster NRK.
    “They are quite sick…We take this very seriously,” he said, adding that authorities had received notification of the cases on Saturday.



    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      Batman, From your Reuters link: “…the reported numbers of these types of events [deep vein clots, bleeding, low blood platelet count] for Covid-19 Astra Zeneca vaccine are not greater than the number that would have occurred naturally in the unvaccinated population”, according to a company spokeswoman. Sounds like pre-existing conditions to me. The EU countries involved are right to temporarily suspend vaccinations and investigate medical histories and whatever else.


      • Batman says:

        Yeah, noted that but consider the source and then carefully consider what that source is saying which is that three people in the *general population* would experience these conditions. No number provided so virtually a meaningless response and the three experienced their blood issues shortly following the puncture.

        Preexisting conditions in all three following the shot; that is quite a coincidence and if that was the case why didn’t Steiner Madsen mention that in the report? Instead, the bio-agent is suspended upon further investigation.

        I could continue to provide all kinds of articles/reports on the dangers of this experimental bio-agent according to highly credentialed medical professionals but probably at risk of being banished from this site.


  2. Kooter says:

    Please explain your anti-vaccine logic. So far it does not compute. I’m not questioning someone’s decision to get it, I do question the logic behind questioning the logic of vaccines.
    Nathanmarks point about N95 masks is well taken. However how many N95 masks do you see out there and what percentage of of maskers use them properly (dont touch with hands, dispose properly, etc). I ran errands Friday: grocery store, liquor store, restaurant for lunch and then Menards, I counted roughly 200 people, all were masked except while sitting in the restaurant. How many of the 200 had N95 masks? Two. My point being that the reality of masking is a lot different than the theoretical. IMO, the cost/benefit of universal masking is poor when you factor in the physical and social factors.


    • Batman says:

      I have already provided several links to help you out with your first question, some of which are included in Dave’s previous posts. Review my comment and link of 03/04 from “The shot heard round the Werkes” (03/02).
      Your comments give the impression you have not read provided links or just skimmed with limited comprehension. People are not getting conventional vaccines but rather gene therapy to stimulate an immune response. I’ve not even touched on the effect of this gene therapy on female fertility and pregnancy neither of which are being promulgated.

      You mocked the Rabbi and I called you on it without any response except to mischaracterize me as an anti-vaxxer which doesn’t compute, in the real world anyway.

      Nathan Marks made the point there would have been considerably more utility in pushing for massive distribution of N95 masks from the outset. That avenue of protection was not explored nor any kind of operation warp speed R&D done on N95 mask revisions/improvements for scaled distribution, nor widespread discussion/education on how to boost one’s immune system, and the proven efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, among other proven inexpensive drug therapy. You mock Nathan Marks too so I guess that’s your thing.


  3. Kooter says:

    You are correct, I have not read your previous posts/links. I do not make a habit of reading/categorizing every post here (especially when people hide behind links rather than state their position), but this one caught my eye. If you’d like to summarize your view, that would be great. Vaccines are meant to trigger an immune response: whether its a live virus, an attenuated virus or a chunk of mRNA, they intend the same purpose. I guess I don’t understand your or the Rabbi’s distinction. Anti-vaxxers deserve to be mocked, it’s a stupid and paranoid position to take. If there would have been a massive push to distribute space suits, that would have worked too but just as realistic.

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    • Batman says:

      You are as disingenuous as those promoting this particular gene therapy without disclosing how experimental it is and not promulgating all the unknowns.
      Unable to tell if you are just another common troll or if your ignorance is due to below average cognition and/or lack of curiosity.

      Legal Complaint in France:
      “We bring to the attention of the Public Ministry the urgent need to launch a
      criminal investigation into this matter which is the only way to put an end to the
      offenses the victims have been subjected to.”
      Is extremely informative.

      Click to access Plainte-relative-aux-vaccins-traduite-en-anglais.pdf


    • Liberty says:

      “Anti-vaxxers deserve to be mocked, it’s a stupid and paranoid position to take.”

      I’m not anti-vax, but as someone who had a bad reaction to one years ago, I also realize there are very real risks involved. It’s completely understandable, to me at least, why some people may be overly-cautious.

      You shouldn’t be so quick to shame and judge without understanding why people are hesitant. THAT is a stupid and unempathetic position to take.


      • Kooter says:

        Medical science is incomplete: bad reactions sometimes occur but pale in relation to the overall. My position over the last year has been “cost:benefit” with regard to masks, lockdowns, etc. I’m sorry you had a bad reaction but you are an “N” of one, it does not mitigate the benefits to the many.


        • Liberty says:

          Please reread my statement. I didn’t say I’m against vaccines, and in fact I think they do help the greater good.

          To dismiss the small portion of people who do have reactions however is uncompassionate. Do they not count? What if that “N” was you or a loved one? To mock people with legitimate concerns is arrogant.

          Not impressed with your argument.


        • Liberty says:

          I’m glad the vax is here, and am grateful for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. It means we can start returning to normal.

          But who are you to dictate what people put into their bodies or to attempt to shame them for not aligning with your dictates? Those decisions are between patient and doctor and you’re not part of that equation.


  4. Kooter says:

    I’ve NEVER argued one should be forced to take the vaccine, ever. I do question the logic of many, not all, anti-vaxxers. Obviously medical contraindications to vaccination need to be addressed.


    • Batman says:

      Kooter has repeatedly mentioned anti-vaxxer as a strawman maneuver because it does not apply to those who distrust the experimental covid gene therapy.


  5. Kooter says:

    Batman, you’ve just expressed a perfect example of the flatearther, paranoid position I have issue with. Insider tip: medical science is all experimental due to the vast number of variables. Even taking an aspirin for the fist time is an unknown.


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