Madison Police rank 14 alders — 5 terrible for public safety

Ald. Kemble the worst of the worst

The labor union for Madison’s beat cops today ranked the 14 incumbent alders seeking re-election this Spring. The Madison Professional Police Officers Assn endorsed one of them and a challenger to the worst of the lot. Both endorsees face primary elections next Tuesday, February 16.

The police union endorsed the incumbent alder at the very top of their rankings, Ald. Paul Skidmore in the far northwest District 9. Police endorsed the challenger, Charles Myadze, to the worst-ranked alder, Rebecca Kemble *, in the northeast side’s District 18.

“Paul Skidmore [is] the undisputed leader in providing real and measurable support to … meet the needs of public safety in Madison. Charles Myadze has demonstrated a vested interest in public safety by serving … on the Public Safety Review Committee and the Body Worn Camera Feasibility Committee.”

The MPPOA also praised Alds. Barbara McKinney — unopposed for re-election — and Sheri Carter, who is facing Brandi Grayson * on the April 6 ballot. (* Progressive Dane)

Alder McKinney’s voice during the recent trying times is something our members genuinely appreciate, and recognize it as a model of reasonable discourse on issues related to policing and public safety. Meanwhile Alder Carter’s leadership as Council President has become a signal for trust building for both the MPPOA and the community.

The worst alders are (from bad to terrible): Arvina Martin, Tag Evers*, Grant Foster*, Keith Furman, and Rebecca Kemble*.  Ald. Wehelie, a recent appointee to a vacancy, was not ranked.

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  1. Chris Ascher says:

    I disagree with defunding the police! We need safety patrol!


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