We do solemnly swear (and curse)

Recitation from your poet laureate of early senility.

About that Presidential Inauguration 01-20-21. We thought it was good. Loved the sea of flags (in lieu of actual, you know, people). Lady Gaga was gaga, she really sold the National Anthem (try singing it sometime). C&W star Garth Brooks going a cappella on Amazing Grace was … amazing. Like how he worked the crowd afterwards. Blue jeans on the podium. We admit it: Uncle Joe is hard to hate.

We are not worried about Donald Trump forming a third party. Madison Edgewood high school will be playing under the lights before he runs for office again. He can primary whomever he wants; the Proud Boys are a tough sell. Trump did the right thing by being a no-show; Pence did the right thing by being a yes-show. Must admit, we thought for a moment we were watching the signer for the deaf in the background but it was just a guy fussing with his coat. (Does that make us a bad person?) But we did dig the young poet’s coiffure, words, and hand gestures. Now for something completely different.

We like Chris Wallace on Fox News but calling Joe Biden’s speech the best he has heard and that he’s heard them all since JFK’s “ask not” 60 years ago? Really?

Ike inaugural

Ike’s second inaugural 1957 also featured the latest guided missiles. The Cold War was red hot.

Unity was a Mitford sister *

* and a Nazi. Fundamentally disagree with the new President’s claim that “without unity, there is no peace.” Was that lifted out of Mao’s Little Red book? The Founders understood division. They expected it. They planned for it.

The right message is to manage differences of opinion. Try expressing the wrong opinion on today’s college campuses, or printing the wrong opinion in the New York Times! (Did that editor that got fired for running Senator Cotton’s essay ever find a new job?)

Heal thyself, Dr. Biden

If by “healing” Joe Biden means a return to Barack Obama’s finger wagging, Let the re-education camp lectures begin! The essential Heather Mac Donald:

According to Biden, we are a “great nation” and a “good people.” But we also oppress minorities with an ever-rising fervor. “Growing inequity” is among the greatest challenges facing the country, according to Biden, along with the “sting of systemic racism” and encroaching “white supremacy.” Only now are we confronting “a cry for racial justice, some four hundred years in the making.”

One might have thought that more than 50 years of civil rights legislation; the banishing of Jim Crow segregation; the ubiquity of racial preferences throughout corporate America, higher education, and government; trillions of dollars of tax dollars attempting to close the academic achievement gap; and the election of black politicians by white voting districts would have reduced inequity, not increased it.

But to Biden’s speechwriters, steeped in academic victimology, racial inequity is always with us, requiring constant remediation from government.

It is no accident that a New York Times essayist demands that Joe Biden “Not shy away from the full power of the presidency.” Democrats, he writes, “often benefit from unilateral authority more than Republicans do.”  Sure do! See: Mao, Little Red Book.

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin 2017

To our friends who wondered where why all the security at Nation’s and at the state capitols? We say boots on the ground has been known to prevent problems, not that Madison city government would admit it. No fireman need spray water on a fire that was prevented. 

Cannot help but think back to four years ago: busted glass, Antifa in black uniforms, overturned police cars — the Resistance. Trump “stole” the election thanks to Vladimir Putin and certain ladies with urinary incontinence. No congressional investigations, little editorial condemnation. To the contrary. Oh, never mind.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe did hear that Kamala insisted Uncle Joe have some more ice cream and cherries and no, they don’t taste funny. Does that joke make us a bad person? Well, PARDON ME! (Or is it too late, Mr. Trump?)

How unified are YOU?


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18 Responses to We do solemnly swear (and curse)

  1. jimydandy says:

    What is the deal with Kamala’s Father? Is he living back in Jamaica in a mud hut?


    • AdamC says:

      He basically drepudiated her last year.

      In any event he was about as involved with her the last 50 years as was Hopey-Changey pere.

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      • jimydandy says:

        So she pissed off her Jamaican roots by saying they’re all a bunch of weed smokers (hypocrite) and her Indian compadres have distanced themselves because she is pro Paki and CCP. Are we to be reminded everyday she’s a Heinz 57?


    • georgessson says:

      WIKI (I edited): Donald J. Harris was an Associate Professor (Economics) at the UW – Madison in 1968. In 1972, he joined the faculty of Stanford University as a professor of economics, and became the first Black scholar to be granted tenure.
      Earlier, in 1962, he met Shyamala Gopalan (1938–2009), a graduate student from India at Cal Berkeley who was in his audience. In July 1963, he married Gopalan and had two children: Kamala Harris, and Maya Harris, a lawyer and political commentator.


  2. fjaeckle says:

    I like working for Unity but I doubt the democratic party will work with the president to achieve that. I believe they have re-defined “unity” as compliance (with them). We all know that won’t work. there will always be ‘different” opinions and they do need to be free to hold them and free to talk about them, and should be heard even if you don’t agree. I don’t see any provision for that in Joe’s plans. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say great, I will wait and see what actually happens. So far some senators that want to silence and expel Ted Cruz and others are not on the same page as Joe. That does not promote unity. What’s with Joe violating his own mask mandate on federal property just after signing it? Is this a sign that it will continue to be “Rules for thee but not for me”?

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    • Batman says:

      These are the words of Larry Beane, a Lutheran pastor you’ve probably never heard of.

      I want to commend the Left. They are much better at government than the Right. The Left understands that governance is ruthlessness. They understand that you succeed by social and political tyranny, by quashing free speech, by crushing dissent with mob rule and fear, by control of information, by dominating all of the institutions of society, by seizing the reins of power and using it not to defend the liberties of the people, but to compound even more power, like pyramiding interest upon interest to build a fortune out of thin air.

      The Left has fostered cancel culture, and has rolled back all standards of law and order and decency to where those who disagree will be removed. It is a fact of life. And fear of being unpersoned and unable to provide for one’s family is the ultimate means of totalitarian control.

      Whether this is done by hard tyranny with boxcars and camps, or soft tyranny with social credit control, it doesn’t matter. The goal is control, total and unquestionable, unchallengeable control.

      The Left understands that the news and history are not things to report, but things to control and use for the sake of control of people. They understand the iron fist and the velvet glove. They understand how to remake education into propaganda — for control. They also understand that the real power is not the doddering demented figurehead…but rather the power is in the Deep State, the Swamp, the murky underbelly where deals and threats are made. For that is where the behind-the-scenes control resides and multiplies.

      And while most Americans are either too naïve, stupid, or distracted — or afraid — to fight back, while they are easily bought off with promises of free stuff and enforced equality (promises made by every despotic regime in history), and while useful idiots believe fairy tales by CIA operatives on “news channels” pushing silly conspiracy theories about an “insurrection” and a “coup attempt” (all the while footage from 2016 Inauguration Day violence and actual 2020 insurrections are available for all to see), the slack-jawed subordinates follow along like zombie lemmings empowering the very people who will enslave them.

      So today it is all the more important to be the dissident, to encourage people you encounter who have dissenting thoughts.


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      • Gg Mo says:

        Paranoid nuerotic “leaders”, “experts” etc hold the reins, prods, and carrots , Gates (WHO and Pharma funder/reaper) doubled his fortune being a “philanthropist” in just the last 10 mnths. Twilight Zone ep. says it all with out the unecessaty labeling that marketers generally take care of. (see Guide to Kulcher also) https://www.bitchute.com/video/D9Z30ytVZ45D/


  3. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Y.ou WILL NOT get a pardon from Uncle Joe, Mr. Blaska


    • pANTIFArts says:

      For that seditious “cherries” joke, I think we can forget about the “No Fly” list, skip the “No Drive” and “No Bike” lists, and go straight to “No Shoes” list.


  4. jimydandy says:

    Sleepy’s speech pretty much lays it out. One one of the woke women’s cackle shows one of the hens gleefully spouted out the “R” word. Yep, reparations. I’m waiting to see what happens when Sleepy wakes up but the Folgers doesn’t kick in and Kamel takes over. The woke crowd will melt in tears when they find out they were the ones sold out. I’m still a big hold on my Prozac stock. I see a big uptick in demand. My poor wife has drunk the Kool aid and thinks Antifa is a charity group.


  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Local savant/career Lefty Ann of Althouse echoes The Gotch’s feelings:

    (bolds/caps/italics mine)
    “I’m not watching the TV, not thinking about the inauguration. I’m uninterested in hearing analysis of the speeches, the poetry, the song-belting, the executive orders, the race-and-sex firsts.

    “Bored by social media posts about how happy this or that person I follow happens to be about all those things. …The main reason I am averting my eyes is that I don’t want exposure to all the favorable, flattering media.


    “The sudden shift to BATHING BIDEN IN SUNLIGHT JUST FEELS SO WRONG TO ME.** It seems sappy and patronizing. But I hope Biden does well, and I’ll be giving him a chance.”

    **Watch, it won’t seem wrong to despicably craven Lefties.

    Despicable Lefties!!!

    The Gotch

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  6. richard -lesiak says:

    The best thing ever was hearing Hannity lose his water and fill his Depends over Biden taking office. His year is getting off to a bad start. His twitter BBF got the boot, Faux News is now #3, the Seth Rich family got a boxcar full of money from the network, the NRA filed for chapter 11, Giuliani is on the verge of losing his law business. Damn! All I can do is send my “thoughts and prayers”…you deckhead.


    • jimydandy says:

      How do you feel about Petey Bootyplug being in charge of Transportation? Never drove a truck, plane or bus. But the press keeps telling us he’s ridden the chocolate train. Would that help if i put that on my resume?

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      • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

        Secretary Buttigieg has a Harvard and Oxford education, where he was a Rhodes scholar. He was also a Lieutenant in the Naval Reserve. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 where he drove an armed vehicle regularly for his commander into Kabul, dodging ambushes and explosive devices along the way. He resigned his commission in 2017. I’m sure he knows how to drive a bus or truck. Who knows if he’s had time to get a pilot’s license?


      • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

        Don’t worry about your resume, jimydandy. You can always fudge it or put it where the sun don’t shine.


  7. georgessson says:

    Richard, AKA “Dick” -Wow pretty wordy today. Did’ja know mental masturbation causes hair growth in the frontal lobes? Eventually it comes out yer ears and nose. If it’s not too personal, how often do ya hafta snip these days ?

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  8. No Body says:

    Gaga’s entire costume is drawn from The Hunger Games, which fits well with 25,000 troops and a total ban on citizens in the “green zone” of Capitol City. Yes, “green zone” is a term I’m seeing used by Progressives now.

    The symbolism is obvious. Isn’t it?

    Well, maybe not to some people. How about this?

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