No more Mr. Nice Guy, progressives vow

Could have fooled us!

We inquired of the editor and publisher of The Capital Times whether he personally knew any Republicans. Had ever conversed with a conservative? Hobnobbed with a Deplorable? Paul Fanlund has not responded. Do Not Disturb the man’s progressive Madison bubble.

Paul is up with a piece that quotes his one entré to the Dark Side, that being — tellingly — a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor. Political anthropologist Kathy Cramer strapped on her pith helmet and embedded herself somewhere north of Madison to study the natives, whereupon the tenured lady emerged from the regressive night to pronounce that Trump voters practiced “the politics of resentment.”

Not that the condescending Prof gave them anything more to resent, right? Fanlund unleashes his own resentments, as betrayed in his headline: “Hey Democrats, a decade of playing nice is enough!”

F-bomb S * * * up!

In my newspaper days, we called this “burying the lede.” Paul scored a big scoop! Who knew Democrats had been playing nice these past 10 years?!

  • Lurid tales of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in beer-soaked orgies? Print them now, investigate them later!
  • Prosecuting Trump aides like Carter Page with falsified FISA warrants. Entrapping Michael Flynn.
  • The entire Russian collusion hoax, the dirtiest political trick since Aaron Burr. Impeachment — over a phone call?
  • Chuck Schumer threatening the Supreme Court would “reap the whirlwind” if it didn’t decide a case his way.
  • Harassing administration officials as they dined. Not to mention shooting Republican congressmen while they played softball. (But we just did.) 

Here in Wisconsin, we recall Democrats absconding in 2011 to set up a government in exile in Rockford, Illinois. Tens of thousands of protestors besieging the state Capitol. A mob pursuing a Republican state senator through the grounds. Threatening to dress out Gov. Walker’s wife “like a deer.” Shutting down a bank. Disrupting a Special Olympics award ceremony. Recall elections hither and yon — in which Walker/Kleefish prevailed. That was really what democracy looked like!

Fanlund counsels:

Democrats should play hardball in language and in tactics.

Max Prestigiacomo is their man! The privileged young Progressive Dane member vows to reject “the niceties and political decorums” that maintain the status quo. “I fully intend to continue my work and the disruption politics.” This is the punk kid, you may recall, who urged Madison earlier this year (2020) to “F-bomb S * * * up” at a scheduled riot. Now THERE is Fanlund’s headline!.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If Fanlund has his way, Joe Biden can pound sand unless he reneges on his promise to bring America together.

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  1. madtownforsure says:

    Proof schools virtual learning isn’t working by the huge number of cars being broke into in the last few weeks from these guys with hoodies. And, they are learning even more things that say everything white is bad and everything in plain sight even though it is locked belongs to you. All of this is Taught by someone,


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