Madison’s board of chaos convenes

The progressive board of police inquisition. 

We learn, from an incisive news story in today’s (12-01-20) Wisconsin State Journal, that the 13-member Police Civilian Oversight Board is one expensive clusterf*k. In three hours, 13 minutes of hair twisting, this gaggle of special interests could struggle through only four of 12 items on the agenda of its first meeting. (And one of those was a single citizen comment, a second was a welcome from the mayor, which never occurred. The third consisted of members introducing themselves.)

What did Madison expect? This is a governmental body chosen largely on the basis of identity politics. At least one member must be Black, another Asian, another Latinx, another LGBTQ, another Native American. And qualified by conduct: drug abuse, for one instance (whether former or current is not specified), homelessness, and mental illness. Another must have a criminal record. Membership is also determined by affinity groups — Freedom Inc. gets a seat; the Optimist Club does not. Nor, more tellingly, does a single neighborhood association. No Former Madison Police Need Apply! Or their families! By ordinance!

In no way does this flailing and failing Flub-a-Dub represent Madison.

Grant Foster

Corner of Cottage Grove and Stoughton Roads on Madison’s east side.

It is a government agency that has no power except that of harassment.  It cannot hire, fire, promote or demote a police officer. But it can put a cop on the dock at the insistence of any agitator — and the city will pay up to $15,000 for the complainant’s attorney! Because the police civilian oversight board has subpoena power! Or does it?

Blaska Policy Werkes doubts that any city can confer subpoena power. State statute simply does not confer that power. The Common Council itself lacks the ability to compel appearance or produce evidence. UPDATE: We are so wrong. State Statute allows:

885.01 Subpoenas, who may issue: (3) By the chairperson of any committee of any county board, town board, common council, or village board to investigate the affairs of the county, town, city, or village, or the official conduct or affairs of any officer thereof.

For good measure, the board (once appointed) is unaccountable to any elected official — not the mayor, not the alders meeting as the Madison Common Council.

A real confidence scam

The stated purpose of the cop criticism board, say the progressive alders who concocted this mad experiment, is to restore confidence in the police “in the community.” Who? What community? Let’s say it: Black people who don’t trust the police. Except that most Black people DO trust the police.

⇒ The police civilian oversight board does NOT, which is why it will gin up blue death by a thousand paper cuts.

And it don’t come cheap: the bill for this exercise in virtue-signaling amounts to $450,000 a year. That includes a $125,000 annual salary for the executive director, yet to be hired. (Compared to $50,000 aid to all those boarded-up downtown businesses.)

Contrast that with the pathetic importuning of two small business advocates on the State Journal’s editorial page. “Downtown Madison is on the ropes,” they declare. No kidding! Going on six months now, Downtown Madison is boarded up and (in many cases) closed down. (“Stop the destruction of Downtown Madison.”)  

If shoppers and diners do not feel safe, they will not come downtown. Now is the time for city leaders and the community to demand a stop to the needless violence and destruction … 

Driver of city’s fiscal mismanagement

Actually, it is long past time for city leaders to get their acts together. The progressive kristallnacht began six months ago (in June 2020). Caused, execs at Smart Growth Greater Madison contend, “by a small number of people who seem to be motivated … to break things, harm businesses, and cause disruption.” In other words, the very “community” that does not trust police — encouraged by agitators like M. Adams of Freedom Inc. (“Stop murdering Black people and your glass will be safe.”) 

Yet, official Madison, starting with Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway, continues to zero in on the police. The irony is that Downtown Madison is boarded up because there were not enough police and/or were told to stand down.

Blaska’s Bottom Dollar LineThe city’s books are now showing a $12.5 million revenue shortfall from the 2121 budget enacted only a few weeks ago while expenses increase by another $3 million. And that is after the city’s mismanagers drained the rainy day fund and hiked property taxes. The Werkes predicts that deficit will only grow. You think all those downtown businesses — over 100 of them — are in a position to pay their property taxes? 

Blaska’s Bottom Policy Line: The police officer who responds to this outfit’s “subpoena” is a fool.

Blaska’s Bottom Political Line: Ald. Rebecca Kemble (Progressive Dane) sponsored this travesty. Is there no one in NE Madison to run against her?

What are YOU doing to elect better alders?                    

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21 Responses to Madison’s board of chaos convenes

  1. AdamC says:

    Ugh… the absolute worst of government bureaucracy…. bloated, inefficient, incompetent, mismanaged, a bunch of dumb people who think they are smart. Sitting around in endless meetings, “talking loud and saying nuthin'” (J. Brown).

    They have no real authority. All they will do is meet, talk, signal faux virtues. Talk some more, meet some more, push identity politics hard. Maybe there will be tears. Does the 12-item agenda include tears? It should.

    Gotta love that they are already behind on agenda items 5 thru 12 which will be added to the next meeting agenda along with 12 other items. And so on.

    Typical liberal bureaucratic bloat and mismanagement. Well at least they are getting paid well to sit in another endless Zoom meeting. THAT will surely “change the world”.

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    • Gary Kriewald says:

      I’ve always said that nobody can parody Madison liberals the way they themselves can.

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      The Proglibocrat Party of Police Persecution begins it’s meeting with “Two Minutes Of Hate”, repeating their creed: War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength.

      Adam, by speaking an opposing opinion, you may be guilty of a thought crime against Big Brother. At your earliest convenience, please report to the Ministry of Truth for re-education.

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    • madisonexpat says:

      Operative words : sit, bloat.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    This panel is like the people you’ve seen on stage on The Jerry Springer Show; staggeringly imbecilic morons chosen for their cringe-inducing…um…qualities and incapable of any behavior other than that which will unequivocally confirm it.

    The Gotch

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  3. Gary Kriewald says:

    At least with the trash–black and white–on the Jerry Springer Show, what you see is what yout get. In Madison what you see is a transparent facade of bogus virtue failing to disguise the vanity and hypocrisy beneath it.

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    • Batman says:

      Well, at least Satya got her raise and is making more than Gov. Evers so now at least she is a true champ among her perpetually aggrieved and sour comrades.
      Does that qualify as a silver lining?

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  4. georgessson says:

    Excellent juxtapositon, Squire !

    Flub-A-Dub had a duck’s head, a cat’s whiskers, a giraffe’s neck (encircled with rings), a cocker spaniel’s ears, a seal’s flippers, a raccoon’s tail, a dachshund’s body and the memory of an elephant. After being brought to the show, Flub-A-Dub was given to Clarabell to have as his pet.

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  5. Gary Kriewald says:

    A couple of months ago, while talking with a friend from Northern California, I compared Madison’s (post BLM riots) downtown and State Street to San Francisco’s Tenderloin in what I thought was a fit of hyperbole. Yesterday, I had occasion to stroll down State Street to visit my barber, an immigrant from China who is barely managing to hang onto his livelihood (it was mid-afternoon and I was his only customer that day). It didn’t take me long to realize that my hyperbole was, in fact, all too factual. In the several blocks I traversed, I encountered perhaps a half-dozen people who weren’t bums, vagrants, or drug-addled loons of one stripe or another; some were wandering aimlessly, others sitting or lying in doorways of boarded-up shops, some yelling obscenities at one another from across the street, others importuning me for handouts. Compared to this, the Tenderloin is Rodeo Drive. And meanwhile Madison’s latest confederacy of dunces, described above, struggles to get through its agenda. Surely this is what W. H. Auden had in mind when he wrote “Intellectual disgrace stares from every human face.”

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    • Normwegian says:

      I’ve only seen State Street when passing across in my vehicle. Your “colorful” description should make our mayor and city council “proud.”


    • AdamC says:

      I’ll never patronize or hang out there again. And I practically grew up on that street. Since last spring it has become a veritable dead zone of closed businesses, boarded up windows adorned with atrocious, immature, obscene ‘art’ and populated by a small scraggle of screw-ups, their minds addled by alcohol and anesthetics. The air down there is strangely dull and even in the cold season it’s got a rank odor. Aggressive individuals prowling about day and night, mostly incoherent muttering aside from profanities.

      I never thought I’d live to see the day the Street turned into such a Sh!thole, but here we are, thanks to our awful mayor and sh!tty council.

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  6. Alberticus says:

    Those rules are institutionilized Racism. Period.
    I am sure The Grand Klaxma of the KKK is laughing his a-s off.
    NOT “progressives” these THUGS are REgressives. They want to return to a FEUDAL, TOTALITARIAN, AGRARIAN, grubbing-in-the-dirt lifestyle . ….. for YOU.
    Communism/Socialism is a reversion to a TRIBAL, AGRARIAN life style from thousands of years ago.
    It is a huddling together of superstitious, terrified of the darkness, ignoramouses.
    “progressives”??? In what way is sexual misconduct and Bigoted hate of American Freedom “progressive”?
    “progressive”? WHERE are they “progressing”???? to another Bolshevik Holodomor?
    Progressing on the SHORT bus?
    Progressively handing out PARTICIPATION TROPHIES?
    The Founding Fathers were well versed in the Classics of Western Civilization and Law.
    These “progressives” cannot even grasp the simplest rules of evidence and “innocent until PROVEN guilty”.
    They are PROUD of being stupid — watch them tear down ANY statue they see because reading the plaque is TOO HARD.
    it is now considered progressive to ban a feminist because she offended a man.
    Their ONLY redeeming quality is Socialist/Commies always kill off the “educated-elite-teachers” that created them with their muddle headed “deep thots”.

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    • Gg Mo says:

      The hypocrisy reaches it’s highest level when the benefactors of these staged dialectics start realing in on their investments, in the billions, and billions . Riots ,and “Defund the police” ? = dystopian China/N.Korea Totalitarianism that they war-gamed a call for. It’s a marketing trick ,and their foot-soldiers know that they have to be “against” the “solution” in order to bring in the “solution”. Look at Michael Chertoff’s/HLS bet in Vegas using drones. $$uccess, and groping/body scans (soon vaccinations as RULE to fly anywhere) at the airports. Red Ice TV, and ReallyGraceful wrapped it up tight today.


  7. ian says:

    I applied for a committee position even though I “didn’t qualify” because I was representing MYSELF and neighboring neighborhoods. Why is this committee filled with ONLY mayoral & council appointees, and community organization reps?
    Why not Joe Schmo’s like me and other decades-long residents of Madison? Because we’re supposed to keep our yaps shut and put up with the “revolution”. Screw them.

    Madison’s residents have had enough, and they’re starting to show up. Listen to a city council meeting and see how pi$$ed the radical left gets when somebody has the gall to make a statement that doesn’t agree with their narrative. The left is in for a rude awakening this spring.

    See Mad Max, Kemble, Evers, etc.

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  8. Gg Mo says:

    WSJ reports “Food for vaccine” at your local grocery store. REAL (Commie) tyranny is above all of the Lil’ lefty foot-soldiers/dictators (“revolutionaries”) pay-grade apparently…


  9. madisonexpat says:

    Where are Tammy and Pooky Pocan?
    Because leadership.


  10. Kathleen Greisen says:

    WTF, glad I don’t live in Madison anymore 🙃😲


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