The Left’s cancel culture visits Orchard Ridge

aka North Korea south!

Like dandelions in spring, lawns on my southwest side Madison WI neighborhood are littered with Biden/Harris yard signs. Many share space with those “Science Is Real” claims and the multi-lingual “Everyone is Welcome even if you lied to get here” sentiments.

Except for the one neighbor with his Trump/Pence sign. Which lasted for maybe two days before the bare wire rendered mute testimony to Madison’s cancel culture. The homeowner then posted another sign high up on a utility pole which, by the time the Werkes surveillance team saw it, had been spray painted over.

This morning 10-20-20 we came across his third attempt at free speech: an ink-jet printed poster with the simple message: “Stop the looting, shooting, and carnage! Vote Trump!” Within a half-hour, it, too, had been spray painted over.

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Whereupon the heads groundskeeper hereabouts posted his own sign under the censored sign. It reads:

Message for the

Gutless Wonder

who keeps vandalizing my neighbor’s 
Trump for President signs 

These are not my signs (although, having been a ‘Never Trump’ Republican four years ago, I’m voting for the man this time). Which is why I am not vandalizing all the Biden/Harris signs you see in this neighborhood. They are entitled to their opinion. It’s in the First Amendment. You can put up your own sign. I may not agree with it but I won’t destroy it because I believe in free speech and respect other people’s property, unlike you. 

Now, you anonymous coward, 

take your spray can back down to boarded-up State Street
where your self-righteous cancel culture will be most welcome.

I am David Blaska and I approve this message. I am asking my neighbors to keep an eye out for you. Be sure to wash your hands.

Blaska’s Bottom LineIf I ever find the culprit, s/he’ll be wearing black spray paint at the cop shop. (BTW: the squiggly image in the photograph of my sign is a worm.)

Why do Leftists feel so entitled?


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60 Responses to The Left’s cancel culture visits Orchard Ridge

  1. Amos Roe says:

    Sorry. I’ll leave you alone in the future on these threads.


    • Amos Roe says:

      Actually, I do have one further comment, Gg Mo. Note how when you are challenged on a factual issue, you turn to personal insults and ad hominems. No different from people suffering form TDS, no? I think it all comes from the same source – fanaticism which will brook no dissent from others.


      • Gg Mo says:

        Note how when you (fake) respond to me that you tuck it away in a seperate thread ? “Dissent” ? 20 Million ? That was your “arguement”? What fanaticism drilled 6 million MINUS all other numbers, (or smudged) , into our heads from elementary “school” on (and it’s still not enough, not suffcient , Their opinion/LAWS people are in jail for SPEECH in Germany , France etc TODAY ) ? 20 million , in WAR, in uniform, VS. CIVILIANS. Those are the numbers I presented. Not “MY” numbers. If you would like to delve deep. Not surface “History” written by the “VICTORS” that continue to blame people for the massacre ,and genocides (like , for example, they blame the neighbors lack of recycling for Tsunamis , and the toddler UNMASKED for every grandmas death) , I would be happy to OBLIGE you. I have no interest in “revenge”, “forked-tongue” psycho-babble Coddling. I seek NO POWER ,and do NOT feed”victimhood”, JUST THE FACTS.


        • Gg Mo says:

          Ir’s true, I do not like be told I’m spreading “BS” , in other words , “Lying” I do not lie, for any kind of worldy “gain” or otherwise, and my children love ,and respect me for this. It’s humbling , and is before Jesus Christ.


        • Gg Mo says:

          P.S. I should have said “a LITTLE deeper” , not “if would would like to (delve DEEP)” , it’s not that deep at all.


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