BLM rioters are electing Trump

‘Hell-bent on destruction’

The editor of Isthmus explains why battleground (in every sense of the word) Wisconsin will vote Donald Trump on November 3.

The video is just 21 seconds long, but in it Dylan Brogan captures a raw and emotional exchange between someone inside Papa John’s Pizza on University Avenue and a protester the evening of August 25 [2020].

Peering out through the smashed front window, the man (above) shouts, “Are you trying to get Trump re-elected? Seriously, I’ve got a family to support. I’ve got [expletive] kids to feed.”

As he walks away, what sounds like a young, female protester, responds, “These people don’t represent our movement.”

The man throws his hands up in exasperation: “Well, I’m sorry. They’re with you.”

Polling is showing it

Wisconsin was moving towards President Donald Trump and away from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden even before the Kenosha riots, according to two polls released on Wednesday (08-26-2020),” Breitbart reports.

A Trafalgar Poll conducted of likely Wisconsin voters between August 14 – 23 showed the president leads Biden by one point, 46% to 45%, while a CNBC/Change Research poll conducted between August 21 – 23 of likely Wisconsin voters shows Biden’s lead has dropped to 5 percentage points, 49% to 44%.

Biden is underperforming Hillary in most of the battleground states. In Wisconsin, National Review finds: 

The RealClearPolitics average had Clinton up +11.5 percentage points in August 2016. Biden is up + 3.5 right now — which is to say, he is underperforming Clinton in the middle of a pandemic and economic collapse. This is the case in a number of battleground states. This average, incidentally, was taken before the Kenosha riots.

Capitol Square Madison is boarded up. “12” is an Adam 12 police reference. Photo by Earl Kielley

While Republicans are fattening up on America’s disgust during their mostly virtual convention this week, Democrats left their convention flat-footed. National Review editor Rich Lowry observes:

[Democrats] portrayed an America suffering from every possible sort of malady … but not on the disorder that has caused countless millions of dollars in property damage, killed and injured innocent people, and contributed to rising lawlessness in cities around the country. About that, they maintained a discreet silence.

Politico quotes former Madison mayor Paul Soglin (no Republican!)

“There’s no doubt it’s playing into Trump’s hands,” said Paul Soglin, who served as mayor of Madison, on and off, for more than two decades.

“The perception they have is that innocent people are the victims of the looters and the arsonists,” Soglin said. “They’re watching small business people in their communities, seeing their stores trashed. Seeing jobs lost. And people already under stress from the pandemic don’t have much patience for this politics of punishment — punishment of innocent people.

We yield the bottom line to Dylan Brogan, our nominee for local news reporter of the year, reporting for Isthmus August 25:

There was no question what the night’s mission was for the hundreds of protesters who showed up at the top of State Street around 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 24. … Protesters in downtown Madison were hell-bent on destruction as night fell.

Why do Democrats kowtow to the racial arsonists?


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16 Responses to BLM rioters are electing Trump

  1. Liberty says:

    The Democrats brought this on themselves! They’ve had EVERY opportunity to push back against the radicals, but either ignored it, tolerated it, or applauded it. They’ve always been a smug group, ready to dismiss anyone who didn’t agree with them. Now they are reaping what they sow.

    They alienated moderates & independents A LONG TIME AGO. I was going for Trump before this happened, and if I didn’t have to worry about being terrorized, I’d put a Trump sign on my front lawn.

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    • wipam says:

      “The perception they have is that innocent people are the victims of the looters and the arsonists,”
      It’s not just a PERCEPTION!
      It is reality!
      Making that statement shows you even Soglin doesn’t get it.


      • Batman says:

        Let’s not forget that small paul is a Fidel Castro fanboy.

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      • Ted says:

        Soglin is a Democrat. There are no innocent white people in the Democrat’s Critical Race Theory.


      • Liberty says:

        Thanks for catching that, wipam. The PERCEPTION. Yeah, we’re all imagining this.

        It’s this arrogant minimizing of people’s concerns that has helped to alienate moderates.The Left won’t be changing their MO any time soon.

        Go Trump!


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “if I didn’t have to worry about being terrorized, I’d put a Trump sign on my front lawn.”

      They’re all over the North Woods

      !The Gotch


  2. Liberty says:

    Even if the Democrats decide to issue a statement against the chaos and violence, it will be in the form of an apology to the “oppressed.”

    If by chance they were to magically grow a spine and make a bolder statement, it would be too late. People have seen with their own eyes how weak Dems are, that they are unable and unwilling to protect them against domestic terrorism. Personal safety trumps (pun intended) virtue signaling.

    If Trump wins (and I suspect and hope he will), the Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves. This is something that will be lost on them though, because they are too arrogant to recognize their own shortcomings.

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  3. Alan Potkin says:

    Ex-Hizzoner Soglin (truly a shandah fur die Yidden!) was way ahead of the game several years ago when he personally took the initiative of trashing the bronze plaque in the MadTown municpal cemetary memorializing the several hundred Confederate soldiers who died like flies from cholera, dysentary, and malnutrition in the former POW camp there —embarrassingly so to the Feds that they shut the facility down and relocated it to Chicago— and whose corpses were evidently dumped unceremoniously into a mass grave, and never properly disinterred and reburied. You go, grrlll!

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    • madisonexpat says:

      Damn right the shame began with Small Paul when he refought the Civil War. Now BLM screams that Madison has lawless cops, is the most segregated city in Wisconsin and is filled with white supremacists. Up the Revolution! small paul.


  4. One of THOSE says:

    Well that blankety-blank, selfish racist, how dare he make it all about him when black thugs are getting shot for resisting arrest?
    Tomorrow’s news will include his name, the names of his *****g kids and his address so he can be doxxed, get fired, and wait months in line after everybody else who has yet to see a dime of unemployment. Seriously!!??

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  5. Bob Dorn says:

    Drove down Johnson/Gorham today for the first time in a while. Everything is boarded up and looks like a war zone. And oh those lovely drawings/screeds adding insult to injury for people who’ve lost their livelihoods. And yet the Black Lives Matter signs in every virtue signalers yard on the near west/east sides.
    It’s gonna be quite some time if ever that State Street and the envirions come back. All in the name of “justice”

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  6. STEVE Schultz says:

    The protesters who commit acts of violence, intimidation, and looting may as well be fund-raisers for Trump. Biden needs to speak out against violence by these protesters, in the clearest possible language, and more than just once. But he won’t do it, and thus it will benefit Trump. A month ago, this election was in the bag for Biden, but with BLM’s “help”, Biden may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


    • Liberty says:

      It wasn’t in the bag for Biden before all this happened. Remember 2016? Some pollsters gave HR a 95% chance of winning and how did that turn out?

      Keep in mind that conservatives are underrepresented in polls. One of the reasons for this is that they rightly fear their information getting out there and into the hands of the unhinged.

      Even if Biden speaks out now, it’s too late. People who value peace in their lives have seen enough.


  7. georgessson says:

    Papa John’s Guy is righteously P.O.’d. No back-steppin’ by meekly accepting/acclaiming that “lives matter more than property”. His life, livelihood and family matters, too.

    If this destruction is revisited every time a person from another city or state is treated badly, then it is time to just close State Street and leave it trashed.

    Oh, Snap ! Maybe just close West & East Towne malls NOW as a preemptive precaution…


  8. Robski says:

    Drove around near and Far East side today and saw a few less blm signs in previous places. There were even several block stretches (Merryturn, Retana etc.) with no signs of any persuasion at all. It shows me that maybe the silent majority has had it with this madness. Kudos to Brogan, the rest of the local (Not BPW tho) media has been an abominable failure, completely omitting vital information in their reporting. The Daily Mail has done a bloody well good job of reporting too though, giving the MJ Sentinal a right bollocking in coverage of the Carnage in Kenosha. Turtleboy sports also came out with a thorough and excellent account of the shooting/riots there. In a side note, I hope the Bucks never win another game, #34 leaves and they are condemned to a couple more decades of losing and then move to Seattle once the “Combover” becomes obsolete.


  9. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Drooling, feral, sloppy fat, endomorphic, gimmee gimmee, generationally dependent, eminently, useless, sponging, no account Post-Modern Neo-Lefties have decidedly jumped the shark.

    The freakin’ everLUVIN‘ kicker? They’ve been pointed in a direction they’ve followed unquestionin’ glassy eyin’ & lock steppin’ that’s been dutifully provided by their well-intentioned handlers.

    Now? All their wimpy POS handlers can do is watch in fevered shock at what hell they hath wrought, seeing themselves up to their @$$ in alligators, FIERY but mostly peaceful, when all they wanted to do was (HEH!!!) drain the swamp.

    The voters are watching……

    The Gotch


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