Some Democrats (and John Kasich) did something Monday

… but not in Milwaukee.

Sham Wow Guy
The black & white Philco at Blaska Policy Werkes
was tuned last night (08-17-2020) to reruns of Gunsmoke, the ones with Chester. Have not, at this writing, seen one second of the Democrats’ infomercial.

The gray lab coasts hereabouts have reason to believe that it was all produced on a Hollywood sound stage, like the moon landing. No spontaneous demonstrations with professionally printed placards. (No American Samoa delegates, either. Dead giveaway!)

Uncle Joe’s Bunker is safer than Milwaukee these days. Especially since Milwaukee fired the police chief who was trying to maintain order and the surrounding police departments pulled out when the city banned tear gas. What is a Democrat(ic) national convention without a song and dance, a little pepper spray down your pants?

Can it properly be called a “convention” if no one convenes? We heard, somewhere in between A.O.C. and Bernie, the ShamWow guy made an appearance. Can anyone confirm? Or was that Bill?

Charles Krauthammer

The late Col. Tim Donovan photoshopped my cap to make it read “Make Blaska Shave Again.”

Lock ’em up!

We’re glad the head groundskeeper at the Werkes visited Cleveland, in person, for the last Republican convention. Highlight was accosting Charles Krauthammer for a selfie. (I hate to think the encounter shortened his life.) And Devil’s Advocate hosts Crute and Dom crashing a delegates-only bash.

We still believe Ted Cruz is likable enough. The carnival frog boy could have beat the Hildabeast that year. Or the ShamWow guy, for that matter. Valued souvenir: the “Hillary For Prison” tee shirt. Lock Her Up! (Sigh.) Good times.

old PhilcoNational conventions once were must-watch TV. NBC’s John Chancellor signing off “somewhere in custody” as he is hustled off the floor at the Goldwater convention in 1964. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley snarling into the camera as Abe Ribicoff called him out on stage in ’68. Ronald Reagan giving his farewell in New Orleans 1988. (We were there for that one, too.)

Lightning hit the antenna to our TV while Herbert Hoover was speaking at the ’64 convention. Television set made a loud popping noise as it went dark. Puff of smoke. “Figures,” said father Jerome, who grew up during the Great Depression.

For this year’s Republican convention, couldn’t they give Jim Acosta the bum’s rush? On general principle. Computer generate if need be. Canned applause. Coming for you, too, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper. (Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do …?) Lock ’em up. Hunter, too.

Just say No to Bernie? No way!

Bernie and the boys

We do enjoy the New York Times’ rating system. Its heavily biased reporters score various aspects of a debate on a sliding scale — in this case, the opening day of the convention. No surprise that nine of the 10 thought “the night succeeded.” Credit to the NY Times’ Daniel McCarthy for commenting outside the bubble:

“John Kasich … alluded to the real fear voters have that Joe Biden will not say “no” to the far left. Kasich wanted to dispel it, but raising the question at all is dangerous for Biden.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe see that Tammy Baldwin (remember her?) was up with a piece in our favorite Madison morning newspaper pledging that Uncle Joe wouldn’t forget Wisconsin manufacturing. (He may forget his name but … ) The man can’t find his way to Milwaukee for his nominating convention? Trump made it to Oshkosh on the Presidential ultralight. How hard can it be?

⇒ Eisenhower won in 1952 by vowing “I will go to Korea.” Biden could vow “I will go to Milwaukee. Someday. If they let me. Or am I there now?”

Would YOU go to Milwaukee?

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7 Responses to Some Democrats (and John Kasich) did something Monday

  1. Gary Kriewald says:

    Pity the Republicans can’t repeat that Hillary t-shirt marketing ploy this year, but “Lock Him Up” applied to JB would be a redundancy. How about “Lock Up Hunter”?

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  2. westsidesue says:

    Glad you saved me a trip to Milwaukee. I was hoping for fireworks and brats while waiting in line. Soooo who killed Kraut-the-hammer? Is this a big reveal? No worries, they aren’t locking crims up anymore…just good citz. Gunsmoke – good choice. Yet another exceptional column from my favorite pen (sword)- wielding friend.

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    Senator Tammy is alive?

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    • richard lesiak says:

      yes she is. just got done kicking deJoy around to the point he backed-down on all his so-called “reforms.” Thanks Tammy.


  4. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    No better (or, more profitable) times are had at national politcal conventions. Who didn’t dig it when the godless secular-progressives self-imolated their way to perdition when they booed God and partially aborted Him from their party platform? Good times, Dave-dawg.

    Who didn’t dig it when Mayor Richard Daley waxed wise during the ’68 race riot/dnc convention and said, “The police aren’t there to cause disorder, they’re there to preserve disorder.”?

    I cashed in, too. My ‘Run, Hillary, Run’ bumper stickeers sold like hot cakes. It was bi-partisan. Dems put them on the rear bumper of their Toyota Piouses and Conservatives put them on the front bumpers of their F-150s.



  5. Tom PITA says:

    I was there as an observer for the 68 riot/convention. Combined with the race riots, borders of which were less than a mile from where I grew up – including grade school children rioting – and assassinations, an indelible impression was made that still echoes to this day.


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