Busy week of disruption ahead

Protest at federal Courthouse Wednesday.

The Party for Socialism & Liberation, a no-apologies Communist party, hopes to disrupt the federal grand jury meeting Wednesday 07-29-2020 in Madison. Their statement: 

MADISON, WI. Monday, July 27, at least one of the five “persons of interest” in the City County Building so-called firebombing investigation was served a subpoena to a federal grand jury for this Wednesday, July 29.  Agents from The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) served the subpoena.

ATF agents, including Agent William Fulton, have visited additional activists, their homes, their families’ homes, and their workplaces last week and this Monday, July 27. ATF agents used an unmarked black SUV for at least one visit. They asked the following:

  • To identify people in photographs from protests

  • Activists’ location on June 24, the night of the CCB protest

Free the bastards

The local Communists advise their comrades not to cooperate but, instead, to call the Freedom Fighters lawyers. The Communists also called for a demonstration in front of the federal courthouse downtown. (The “so-called fire-bombing”?!) 

“Let subpoenants know we support them in resisting this tool of state violence.”

As if fire-bombing wasn’t violence. The Communists have been the most vocal proponents of releasing suspected terrorists from jail.

The barricading of the South Madison police precinct house is a daily event through August 6.

Traffic alert

Social justice terrorists are planning to shut down traffic at Broadway and Stoughton Road starting 3 p.m. Friday 07-31-2020 at 3 p.m. They also plan to shoot off fireworks at night from Ahuska Park in Monona.

We’re gonna need a bigger jail

Two women in jail tonight for assaulting and robbing State Sen. Tim Carpenter. They are Samantha Hamer, a school social worker in the Mt. Horeb school system, and Kerida O’Reilly, a physical therapist. Both are Madison residents. 

The Werkes has observed that the greatest threat to education and civilization in general comes not from grievance studies or even sociology departments but from university schools of education. They’re well organized.

Infiltrate this white system!

Brandi Grayson’s Urban Triage starts its Co-Conspirator Training Wednesday 07-29-2020. Urban Triage advertises this testimonial from one student:

“I want to be able to stand firm in my conviction and knowledge of my role as a co-conspirator…..I want to have the language, tools, and confidence to radically make shifts in this white Madison bubble. I hope to gain expertise via the leadership of black-led organizations, that will allow me to be a force in infiltrating this white system, via coaching with the goal of defunding the police, giving the money to the black community, and giving the power and leadership to the most impacted, aka the black community.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineLooks like Ms. Hamer and Ms. O’Reilly will be excused.

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10 Responses to Busy week of disruption ahead

  1. fritzderkat says:

    Kerida’s Law!


  2. Liberty says:

    Did she change her hair color to avoid being identified?

    How do people become this mentally & emotionally unstable? It’s one thing to be brainwashed, but to act on those feelings so violently? No conscience to guide them?

    This movement IS organized. And I think you may be on to something when you say it’s originating from education departments. Some sick pups among us.

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    • Joe Hanneman says:

      Looks like she also cut her hair in addition to the coloring. Neither Channel 15 nor 27 saw fit to put the photos of these ladies on their web site, although Channel 3 did. Glad to see them posted here.


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      “How do people become this mentally & emotionally unstable?” Simple: ideology. Same way decent, ordinary Germans (especially the young) became ardent Nazis in the 1930s. Something tells me these two were brainwashed–perhaps in the Madison schools–to swallow unquestioningly the leftist poison that is at the core of a liberal curriculum. And like Germany in the 1930s, Madison in 2020 offers no alternative to the Party line.


  3. Bill says:

    1. Does anyone have any idea of when the local commies will be trying to disrupt the Grand Jury Meeting on Wednesday? I want to let others know to stay out of that area if there is a protest going on.
    2. How does this make you feel if you were picked to be a part of this grand jury for one of these commies knowing you could be “Doxed”, followed, harassed and intimidated, have you and your family threatened, your property destroyed, having your employer threatened if they don’t fire you and other methods of intimidation?
    3. Can you see where this might become the new “norm” in society where justice is not blind and where people who are going to serve on a jury in a “political” case might just find themselves voting to acquit rather than face the fall out of convicting?

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  4. Robski says:

    I just love it when the righteous anger backfires on these sjw cretins. I am not a fan of doxxing/public shaming but these two dandies deserve to be publicly barbecued in the most savage of ways. Neither should be able to seek employment in their respective fields ever again. I think their timing to turn themselves in is bad too, Ozanne is pissed! Hopefully O’Reilly and Hamer get made an example of. How ironic to go and beat up a gay state Senator while your tearing down the statues of real sjws in the name of social justice!


  5. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Why are Madison taxpayers paying for Brandi Grayson’s revolutionary schtick? Why, there ought to be a revolution AGAINST this lunacy.


  6. Ian says:

    The Ahuska Park “demonstration” and closing of traffic around there is mostly in Monona. Will the mayor of Monona have the balls to not let this start? Call in the DC Sheriff’s Deputies and the State Patrol, and tell these terrorists to fuck off.


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