Will police union vote ‘No Confidence’ in mayor?

Mayor, some alders ‘placing lives
of officers and civilians at risk’

The Madison police union is considering holding a vote of No Confidence against Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway.

Rank and file police officers are working overtime, being hit with rocks and bottles, and — worse — feeling disrespected by the city’s elected leaders.

The police union issued a statement today (06-02-2020) that declared:

“While the Mayor pitched herself as the one who brings people together, it seems clear today this was never her intent. She, along with this select faction of Alders, are placing the lives and welfare of officers and civilians alike at risk with diatribe that only fuels rhetoric.” 

Even conducting such a vote among its members would be an act of bravery for the union, especially considering Madison Professional Police Officers Assn. endorsed the new mayor over then-incumbent Paul Soglin in last year’s election. Compared to many police unions around the nation, the MPPOA keeps a low profile. But city officials — if they are not openly faulting Madison police they are remaining silent in their defense.

Mayor and Khari

Accused murderer Khari Sanford, Mayor Rhodes-Conway, and activist Katy Farren

Not ‘the rioting must stop’?

On Monday, the mayor thanked the protesters who shut down traffic on John Nolen Drive for six hours, led by taxpayer-paid organizers. “Thank you for being angry,” the mayor said. Rhodes Conway also revealed that she has had “multiple long conversations” with Police Chief Vic Wahl “about the need for de-escalation and restraint.” 

Rhodes Conway is Progressive Dane, a local anti-cop political organization. Seven (of 20 total) alders issued a statement calling police efforts to stem two nights of rioting:

A gross and unnecessary display of force that deepens community divide and mistrust …. Instead of kneeling with protesters, MPD led a militarized police effort that escalated the situation with pepper spray, gassing, injuries, and harmful trauma to youth and others in the downtown area last night.” — Madison police violence must stop.” 

The attack on police was signed by Alds. Marsha Rummel* — the former council president who hounded former police chief Mike Koval — Donna Moreland, Max Prestigiacomo*, Arvina Martin, Tag Evers*, Grant Foster* , and Rebecca Kemble*. ( * Progressive Dane) Their statement found no fault with the rioters.

Bianca Gomez F the PD

Bianca Gomez is paid staff of Freedom Inc., the group to which the mayor kowtows

More incoming tonight

The full Common Council tonight is slated to act on appointing a full-time police auditor — part of a large package of recommendations produced by a Berkeley CA consultant after the Tony Robinson incident in 2015. (More here.) (It should be noted that MPPOA came out with a statement denouncing the Minneapolis police treatment of George Floyd.)

Today’s MPPOA statement reads:

We respect the right to free speech, and to organize for the purposes of free speech. We defend those rights both philosophically and literally as we serve as guardians for those that want to express them lawfully.

What is happing in our city after organized peaceful protests is lawlessness. When law enforcement spends the entire night into the morning hours being hit with projectiles and dodging flaming dumpsters this is not protest, it is lawlessness.  

When we’re fielding multiple shots-fired calls, including on State Street, that is not protest. When we’re navigating the broken glass and looting, that is not protest.  …

When Alders have the audacity to suggest with such aplomb that these last few nights were a “gross and unnecessary display of force” we notice the language they use to describe it is exactly what creates the community divide and mistrust they suggest they are trying to avoid.

Each of the last few nights officers arrived and did the very best they could to contain the lawlessness that our Mayor seems to believe is simply an extension of ones’ right to express themselves. 

While the Mayor pitched herself as the one who brings people together, it seems clear today this was never her intent. She, along with this select faction of Alders, are placing the lives and welfare of officers and civilians alike at risk with diatribe that only fuels rhetoric.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Now we’re hearing social justice warriors are harassing law enforcement officials at their homes.

When will this end?

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9 Responses to Will police union vote ‘No Confidence’ in mayor?

  1. Pete says:

    Serious question: What would it possibly matter if they did? Is there any less credible, less influential group in America right now than the cop union that stands behind every single boy in blue who kills an unarmed black man? SRC would wear a vote of no confidence from the club of Matt Kenny and Steve Heimsness as a badge of honor.
    This schtick might sell on the AM dial, where they probably also sell Sublingual B Total. But Madison’s over it. Even small business owners whose stores have been looted are pointing out that systemic racism is the issue here, not a few panes of glass and a power washer.
    Heads up, Blaska! Welcome to the 2020s! You geezers are sucking wind.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Madison has gotten what it pays for…. and deserves.
    “I’m white, guilty and self loathing; whip me, loot me and I’ll pay M.Bianca a cool $100K per year.”


  3. Alphonso Bedoya says:

    UW just announced a new law school Dean. Why? What’s the point ? The rule of law isn’t being taught to follow? Why have a “law school” at all.

    Maybe this is the time to show the “Social progressive” folks in madison the folly of the the mayor they have elected and why no one wants the police chiefs job.

    Start the recall movement please! I’m a willing contributor to see this done


  4. Robby White says:

    Hopefully Freedom Inc. will have their funding slashed when (I hope) Evers and Kaul are voted out. It is really ironic that the likes of Bianca Gomez and her ilk are paid by the same “oppressive” system that Gomez rails against on the Facebook. These poor microaggressed souls need to save themselves from the automatic/systematic yoke of taxpayer dollars! And besides, if Freedom Inc. was really hardline, they would reject this racist blood money. But this “blood money” feeds them, I guess Bianca and M. gotta eat too. These greasy grifters are very hypocritical and exploitative if you ask me. These con artists are literally biting the hands that feed them, I don’t want feed them anymore. A diet is in order. I hope that the Khmer children get the help needed to blossom into the Lotuses that they are, but FI has lost their privileges to throw tantrums. As for Mayor Satya, she is in way over her head. You know things are bad when you long for the days Sue Baumans rule.


  5. georgessson says:

    Matt Kenny and Steve Heimsness -B-I-G Difference here. A. Heimsness killed a harmless drunk Caucasion, and as his FB posts reveal, as well as past MPD behavior, he was a psycho from the get-go. B. Matt Kenny was a mature cop who just wanted to get home to his family again, and his adversary was a big, angry, drugged up crazy. He also was Black. However, in NEITHER case was “systemic racism” manifested.

    The jamoke copper in MN displayed the characteristics of a true psychopath: “usually narcissistic, charming, charismatic, and intelligent. They brim with self-confidence and independence… They are also extremely self-absorbed, masterful liars, compassionless, often sadistic, and possess a boundless appetite for power.”

    That said, the majority of police are NOT psychopaths & work hard to “Serve & Protect”.

    Today, MNPLS schools de-funded officers in schools, let see how that works… Will MMSD be the next to orchestrate more chaos? Resulting in ever lower academic results?


  6. dad29 says:

    From Ace of Spades today, quoting someone who advocates letting NYC (and perhaps Madison) simply burn down:

    “You broke it, you bought it”, as legendary cuck Colin Powell said about demolishing the existing civil order in other backwards, savage, lawless areas.

    That’s a temptation.

    See: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/387595.php


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