Too many Americans have decided to be ‘unmanageable’

They’re why we can’t have nice things.

Don’t make us come over there!

By these signs shall ye be known. To the list of liberal-progressive-socialist giveaways, we need to add Trait #6, Fear mongering and Trait #7, Condescension and Trait #8, the Race card.

From The Nation (John Nichols’ day job) the same publication that hero-worships the cerebral AOC:

You Can’t Mask Stupid

‘The very people howling the loudest about reopening
— and running around maskless —
are the ones making it too dangerous to reopen’

Small groups of largely white confederates [Trait #8] who have attended anti-lockdown protests spread themselves across hundreds of miles, even into neighboring states, within 48 hours of attending one of their Covid parties. [Trait #7] And, of course, the people most likely to congregate in large groups without wearing a mask are also the people most likely to show up at your local grocery store or Costco without wearing a mask, sneeze on your potential purchases [Trait #6], and then amble off in search of more “freedom” [Trait #7] while leaving sickness and death in their wake. [Trait #6]


Beer mask

A can-do American unselfishly empties his Shiner bock beer.

Clever, that, the supposedly generic but heavily freighted use of the word “confederates” — lower case — in conjunction with “white.” Light them tiki torches! Now for The Nation’s dose of condescension:

We can’t have these nice things because we have too many selfish people spoiling it for everybody else. We can’t manage the crisis, because too many people have decided to be unmanageable. 

“I sneeze on your potential purchases.”
Wasn’t that the Daniel Day-Lewis line in the movie There Will Be Blood?

What did we say about our … acquaintances’ use of the word “selfish”? (It’s Trait #5.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: As its article shows, The Nation proves that one actually CAN mask stupid.

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4 Responses to Too many Americans have decided to be ‘unmanageable’

  1. leo says:

    I saw his Royal Majesty on TV today demanding that house of worship be opened immediately.
    Does he know that the only one’s worshiped there are deities and not Donald J. Trump????


    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      I worship God. President Trump is my (and your) president.

      Low-flow lockstep lockdown Lefty Luddites will be like the last Japanese soldiers still fighting WWII way after it was over, self-sequestered in their safe spaces, wearing their face diaperrs, guarding their hoarded toilet paper and still blaming Trump, … pretty much the old normal.


  2. Sprocket says:

    The disappointment amongst the left and the media (but I repeat myself) that there aren’t piles of dead hicks lining the streets of fly over country is palpable. I guarantee that you will not see the tone of this article replicated in any article The Nation pens about New York. One could easily write an article about New Yorkers selfishly packing themselves onto the subway, running around in their parks, and fleeing their city to seed 50% of the cases in the U.S. But that article isn’t going to get written.

    Their greatest frustration, however, is the sheer insolence of those same hicks in not bending the knee to their betters. There are two things the left believes in with almost religious zeal, their inherent intellectual and moral superiority and the mandate it gives them to order the world as they see fit. If one were cynical, one would suspect the authoritarianism and economic destruction were, in part, intended as an expression of dominance… if one were cynical.

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