The novel Progressive virus, examined

The people are reopening America, not the government.

The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes have identified five traits shared by our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances, illuminated by the waning (not that Rachel Maddow would admit it) coronavirus pandemic.

Doctors smoke

Trait #1: Blind faith in “experts”

Rule by expert is the concrete foundation of Progressivism. Which is why they utter idiocies like, “Education, the Environment,  _________ (fill in the blank) is too important to be left to the politicians. We must listen to the experts.” Voters be damned.

So they condemn Trump for not wearing full surgical garb. Result is  this bizarre headline from CNN:

Trump’s plan to win a second term unmasked: the President gave every impression of battling for his political life during a visit to Michigan.”

CNN gives every impression of desperation. The head groundskeeper at the Policy Werkes is old enough to remember when the experts said face masks cause more harm than good.


Trump blow

… and Epstein didn’t kill himself


Trait #2: Libs demand a zero-risk society

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is a hero for trying to shutdown the state for another couple of years because the virus is still out there. Our progressive acquaintances (for they ARE our …) want that to shut down businesses employing a thousand workers if just one pico-curie of contamination is detected. Award millions in civil tort damages to the idiot who spilled hot coffee on her lap. 

Too many of our liberal-et cetera acquaintances seem to think that “flattening the curve” means erasing the graph entirely. When its purpose was more modest: don’t overwhelm the hospitals so that people die on gurneys in hallways. National Review editor Rich Lowry writing for the indispensable (that word again) New York Post:  

We are on the other side of the curve. There are encouraging signs all over the country — and no early indications of a reopening debacle. The question now is whether the media and political system can absorb good news on the ­virus, which is often ignored, if it isn’t buried under misleading storylines.

Because the purpose is to defeat Trump. Now Rachel Maddow & Co. are upping the ante. Our Chicken Littles won’t be satisfied until every human and their dog gets vaccinated. Also called “moving the goal post.”

Trait #3: Never let a good crisis go to waste 

It’s the Rahm Emanuel rule. More rationale for another Great Society big bad New Deal. The pandemic, then, is a godsend (as if God really existed). Because government is the answer! (Except when it’s Donald Trump.)

But Trump didn’t order people sickened from a strange new disease to be housed with vulnerable elderly folks in nursing homes, like Andrew Cuomo in New York and Minnesota’s Gov. Walz. As the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported:

Deaths from COVID-19 continue to be concentrated among the elderly and residents of long-term care facilities, with 13 of 17 newly reported fatalities on Tuesday involving residents of these facilities. The pandemic has now been associated with 748 deaths in Minnesota, including 608 long-term care residents.

Trait #4: Everyone is a victim 

Victim mentalityEveryone, they believe, is a victim in need of the tender ministrations of Big Gummint. They’ve long laid claim to racial minorities, who won’t be healed until America pays reparations for past misdeeds, abolishes academic testing, and empties prisons. #MeToo, ladies (except you, Tara). Students at publicly subsidized universities are victims, somehow.

Now even the cisgendered white male can join the sisterhood of victimization, thanks to novel coronavirus. And if they’re not victims today, they are (at least) potential victims!

As states lift their lockdowns, businesses are trying to reopen,” the Wall Street Journal observes. But Pelosi’s Democrats forced through higher unemployment benefits. Now many employers …

… are struggling to rehire workers because they can’t compete with enhanced jobless benefits. 38.6 million have applied for unemployment insurance in the last nine weeks. [But] 68% of laid-off workers are now making more unemployed.

Trait #5: virtue signaling

prius-bumper-stixNot enough to be “good.” Your neighbors must KNOW you’re good. The ubiquitous bumper stickers demanding COEXIST! (Serenity Now!) The yard signs that Believe in Science and welcome everyone as neighbors, in Spanish and Hmong. Now, the face mask — as good as a McGovern button.

⇒ Observation: Went to Jung’s garden store on Nesbit Road and everyone was wearing a mask. Next stop at the Harley Davidson dealer. No one wore a mask. Two Americas.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Instead of spinning our own cotton, as in Gandhi’s India, colossus America is making face masks. (Surely, the Smithsonian one day will stage a showing.) And liberals are wearing them bicycling toute seule through the UW Arboretum. Anyone who doesn’t is SELFISH!

How selfish are YOU today?

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8 Responses to The novel Progressive virus, examined

  1. Gordy Sussman says:

    Virtue signaling masks are ubiquitous here in the Emerald City. Love seeing Priuses with the single occupant wearing a mask. Best sighting so far was stand up paddle boarders off Orton Park on Lake Monona wearing masks. I’m tempted to order a WW2 vintage surplus gas mask and wear that around Trader Joe’s. My virtue trumps your virtue.

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  3. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Yes, I had to snicker the other day when a group of my friends got together (at a safe distance) to just talk and visit. Nobody was wearing a mask. But then my very liberal friend arrived, walking alone and wearing a mask. He wasn’t confused, just virtue signaling.

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  4. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    “Appeals to Authority” are illogical and are the weakest form of argument.

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  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The Gotch’s past 4 trips to Jung’s, he only wore a mask while checking out.

    Things fogs up your glasses; you don’t want to come home with Amish Paste or Pineapple when you’re after Mortgage Lifter and Mountain Merit!

    The Gotch

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  6. dad29 says:

    Standard single-use mask will allow TWENTY FIVE Peking Pox virii through each tiny little hole in the paper. So that mask is utterly useless–as would be any cloth home-made mask, except the cloth home-made one is even worse.

    And yah, re-inhaling CO2 ain’t all that good for you, either.

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  7. westsidesue says:

    We’re in Florida, where sanity is having a pretty good run right now. We went to a seafood place for take-out. It’s run by New Englanders. He wore a mask, cuz ya know….courtesy. Well, they had the best time with the Lone Ranger, Masked Bandit and “going next door to rob them too?” jokes. Good thing he is inured to this sort of ribbing, being married to me. Takes all kinds. 🙂


  8. madisonexpat says:

    The people who insist we wear a mask are all for open borders.

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