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Does the political Left have a stake in keeping the economy shut down and blaming Trump for it all?

Madison’s Progressive magazine reports that 72 people have caught COVID-19 since the lockdown protest in Madison WI on April 24, nearly three weeks ago. Yeah, right.

A British news source reports that a WI Health Department official  cautions: “However, it is not possible to say if any of these cases trace back to the rally as the health department is not tracking attendance of specific events.”

For that matter, millions have died since President Wilson proposed the League of Nations. Coincidence or conspiracy? You decide.

Mistakes were made

Chuck Todd apologized on-air Tuesday for the misleading, edited quote of Atty. Gen. Bill Barr. (Winners write the histories.) Claims his staff at NBC did not make the edit of the CBS interview.

Raises the question, who DID supply the selectively edited version? The Democratic National Committee? Adam Schiff? 

The judge in the Michael Flynn case wants to hear from you! Especially, one must think, if you’re part of the Comey/Mueller/Strzok deep state. Won’t take the Justice Department’s withdrawal of charges at face value. Says he will allow third-party amicus curiae submissions.

Odd, since, until now, D.C. District Judge Emmet Sullivan had refused to hear amicus briefs in the case. 

Sullivan had previously held in the Flynn case that “[o]ptions exist for a private citizen to express his views about matters of public interest, but the Court’s docket is not an available option.” — More here.

The white lab coats here at the Werkes ask: If prosecutor won’t prosecute, who has standing? It’s not a civil, class-action lawsuit. It’s a criminal prosecution in which only the state (i.e. government) has standing.

The canaries are still mining coal

Tom Tiffany keeps Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district Republican. He defeated Tricia Zunker by 57% to 42% in Tuesday’s special election for the House of Reps from northern Wisconsin’s 7th District. Tiffany succeeds Sean Duffy, who resigned, but he’ll have to race re-election in the regularly scheduled November election. Tiffany’s 17-point margin is down from the 20% by which Trump won the 7th but not by much.

In southern California, Republican political newcomer Mike Garcia was likely to win a district held by a Democrat. He would succeed Katie Hill, the Democrat who resigned over a sex scandal. (Hey, we’re an equal opportunity society.)

“A victory would give the Republican Party a lift ahead of November in an election that was held mostly by mail and reflected the nation’s bitter partisan mood,” the New York Times reports.

AOC negative

AOC has been defenestrated by one of Comrade Nichols’ favorite political parties, the union-backed “Working Families Party,” After all, AOC helped run  Amazon’s plan to locate a major presence out of New York City. A Working Family spokesman told the New York Daily News.:

““AOC has hurt working people of the Bronx and Queens with her votes and creates disunity within our party,” No wonder why pro-union forces don’t want her, and neither do our neighborhoods.””

Man of the week

Any chance we have to catch Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana our b&w Philco is tuned in and heated up. Tuesday night on Hannity, the Louisiana Republican panned Nancy Pelosi’s $3 Trillion giveaway to Democratic charities in his idiosyncratic, down-home, old boy patois:

“In my opinion, the speaker has moved from folly to farce, and when I saw it, it reminded me of that old Jack Nicholson line. ‘Go sell crazy somewhere else. We’re all stocked up here.’”

Sen. John Kennedy, R-LA

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La

The senator said Pelosi’s bill will rewrite immigration laws, release federal prisoners, take over state election systems, and turn over public safety measures to the federal OSHA.

““The pronoun police, the nature cure quacks, certain members of the media will suck it up like a Hoover Deluxe.””

With his down-home southern drawl, and disheveled appearance, the guy looks like he should be on Hee Haw with Grandpa Jones. Don’t be fooled. Sen. Kennedy got his bachelor of civil law degree with first class honors from Oxford University, Magdalen College. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The entire Schiff/Mueller/Comey Russian collusion hoax promises to be the biggest government scandal since Watergate and Teapot Dome. You know American institutions are in trouble when the New York Post is more believable than the New York Times.

Who do YOU believe?

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7 Responses to Go sell crazy somewhere else

  1. Tom Paine says:

    Comey and Schiff hoax …. greatest in history? Sure, and now linked to Obama.
    And what affirms that more strongly? The Flynn Case.

    Enter Race Loyalty. Now ya understand why the Black judge continued the ordeal.

    Sullivan wants to protect the legacy of Obama. Sullivan is black and understands the import of this case on Obama’s position as America’s first black president.

    Sullivan wants to prevent Sidney from writing a book before the election.

    Sullivan wants to prevent Flynn from talking to TV and others before the election.

    Next chapter ? Nothing will be done before November’s election.

    If you doubt the Race Loyalty cause — consider Obama’s recent remarks to his 3,000 loyalists. He was direct in view of the Flynn (Sullivan) Case. The smoke signal could not have been more clear.
    Obama’s elections? What is the data for race-loyalty? Black racism is a cultural force in everything….from the Oscar’s to Pelosi’s “diversity” demands. Not rocket chemistry, even for fools.

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  2. Pete says:

    You should rename this web site to The World Sucks. Join Me In Grumbling About It.


    • georgessson says:

      Pete: I see that Veterinary Anal Gland Squeezers are not yet declared an “essential biz”, which explains the extra time you have to troll. All here appreciate your laughable dumb comments just as much as anyone who knows ya!

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  3. Kooter says:

    Perhaps a bit off topic but the Wisconsin Supreme Court has finally ruled that Evers overstepped his bounds. Hopefully we’ll get some rationality back into this whole process. Praise the Lord and pass the sit-down resturant menu!

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  4. dad29 says:

    For that matter, TENS of millions have died since

    ….women got the vote.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Oy gevalt!!

      Somebody needs to do something…FOR_THE_CHILDREN.

      And the child-like; you know…Lefties!!



  5. Balboa says:

    Dithering and Floundering. Republicans won in the courts that the governor and WI DHS cannot pass decrees with jail time unless approved by legislature. It is a win for State Constitution, it is a loss for republicans because they had nothing pre-written to vote on to pass reasonable rules and restrictions.
    Vos and Fitzgerald, what are you 2 waiting for, get off you arses and get back to work and start working with the Governor. The way you guys are leading its no wonder Walker lost his re-election we need strong vocal leaders that will fight for Wisconsinites. It is time to take the crawl out of your holes and if Dane remains locked down, it is time to call a session in an open county. If the governor wants to throw you in jail, let him try.


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