If you disagree, it must be hate speech

It’s for your own good

If Blaska can’t plagiarize his ownself, whom can he plagiarize? We must revisit some of the last blogge to post some trenchant commentary. (Things we did not have the wit to say at the time but have thought since. Wasn’t that a Seinfeld episode featuring George Costanza?)

free-speech-act-graphicIn that last blogge, we recalled visiting the broadcast booth at Wisconsin Public Radio at the behest of its truly Wisconsin-nice host, Ms. Joy Cardin. Now retired, Joy is active in the League of (Liberal) Women Voters, which brought suit to stop the April 7 election on the grounds that The Plague would fell us all. We are both of a certain age wherein the olde white blood cells aren’t as vigorous as once they were in our salad days.

ShutdownJoy Cardin is adamant that social media must not be complicit in spreading word of Friday’s Reopen Wisconsin rally (1 p.m. at the WI State Capitol) to protest another month of shutdown, clampdown, choke-off of Wisconsin’s economy and social life to combat the coronavirus. Joy Cardin says she is

… reporting this [Reopen Wisconsin] event to FB … when I see the invite in posts from friends/followers. I am also blocking anyone who is promoting the rally. I won’t tolerate people who want to harm me, my loved ones, and my community. A FB exec said this week that they would take down posts promoting rallies like this (because of the risk to public health) — but I still see the Madison invites. 

“Call out the National Guard,” encourages one of Joy’s supporters.

The censors among us

One can use Joy Cardin’s rationale to choke off a lot of debate. Indeed, the social justice warriors at Freedom Inc. did that for the past couple of years, branding as white-supremacist racists anyone who argued for police in our troubled public high schools. The rationale was that the four school resource officers were trained to kill black and brown people, even though all four are black or brown. (Someone tell Dr. Potter and Mr. Carre.)

  • Second Amendment rally? “I won’t tolerate people who want to harm me, my loved ones, and my community.”
  • Re-elect Trump campaign event? Join Antifa in vowing “I won’t tolerate people who want to harm me, my loved ones, and my community.”
  • Build a more humane jail that treats substance abuse and mental illness? The Derail the Jail, Black Lives Matter crew will not “tolerate people who want to harm them, their loved ones, and their community.”
  • Ben Shapiro and other conservatives on campus? “We won’t tolerate people who want to harm us, our classmates, and our generation.”
  • Pro-life rally? You hate women. Tax protest? You want to push grandma off the cliff. Affordable housing? Are you trying to kill us?

⇒  UC-Berkeley said it removed scheduled speaker Milo Yiannopoulos from campus “… out of concern for public safety.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineMadison has been choking off dissent for the past 30 years, at least. (Remember the University of Wisconsin speech codes?) Sad that a former journalist like Joy Cardin should sign on to the censors. 

When are YOU going to fall in line?

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5 Responses to If you disagree, it must be hate speech

  1. A Party of One says:

    This will be the best kind of rally. All the liberal counter-protesters will be staying at home!


  2. georgessson says:

    As Dylan Rogan highlights in his recent Isthmus article, many of these rallyists are not quite on the same cogent page.

    Dylan Brogan today, Isthmus, RE: Protests against “Stay at Home”…

    Sayeth “Steve”…. “There is an agenda throughout the world to have a one-world government to do away with borders. To do away with, ‘nationalism and sovereign countries.’ And that is a huge mistake,” says Steve. “This plays right into their game plan. Their playbook. Their agenda is misinformation.”

    As some of us have mentioned, Yes, there’s a case for opening up the economy. But those thoughts are based on common-sense compromises. This newly formed potential protest is poised on the edge of insanity. I’ve seen better rationales on TV for varying types & colors of Duct Tape…

    Let’s linger a bit longer in “safe mode” and get a true & reasonable plan in place. It won’t be easy but could get us there all the same (RE: Economy back, Jobs back), tho with safety utmost in mind.

    These are uncharted waters after all.


  3. AdamC says:

    I am APPALLED at Joy Cardin’s behavior. What a fraud. She seems like she’d fit in nicely with East German citizen snitches reporting neighbor movements to the secret police. Appalling behavior by her.


  4. AnonyBob says:

    “Sad that a former journalist like Joy Cardin should sign on to the censors”
    2nd Amendment, Trump re-election, Dane County jail, Ben Shapiro, pro-life, blah, blah, blah. These are all political issues, and should be debated thusly. Covid-19? This is epidemiology. This is science. You don’t get the luxury of jaw-flapping opinions. Your ignorance is not equal to their expertise.


  5. Sprocket says:

    I will make a prediction; once there is a vaccine and COVID-19 is a memory, you will see Joy Cardin and her ilk blissfully going about their business every flu season, from that time till they shuffle off this mortal coil, without demanding lock-downs, suspensions of civil liberties, and calling their fellow citizens thoughtless killers. Because the truth of the matter is, Joy and her friends didn’t and don’t care in the least about the common flu or the people it kills every year.

    The difference is, Joy turned on the television and someone told her she was personally threatened by this new disease. Combine this, cravenness, a predisposition for authoritarianism and moralizing self aggrandizement and we’re off to the races. What we are seeing is not altruistic civic mindedness. We’re seeing panicked people latching onto authority to give their world a sense of order.

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