The shut-ins are restless

A repeat of Michigan is in the air

Must admit, the indentured servants on lock-down at the Stately Manor were taken aback by WI Gov. Tony Evers extending the coronavirus shutdown another month — through May 26 and Memorial Day weekend. Even the state of New York is shut down only until May 15. President Trump is aiming for May 1. (More here.)  Ohio to begin opening May 1.

Madison seems poised for a protest on the order of that staged in Michigan’s state capital earlier this week. Citizens weary of the the social isolation are rallying 1 p.m. Friday, April 24 at the State Capitol. 

•   Evers’ order (issued by his secretary of Health) closes public and private school buildings through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Fair enough. Classrooms are a closed environment.

•   “All public and private gatherings of any number of people that are not part of a single household or living unit are prohibited.”

•   “All forms of travel are prohibited, except for ‘Essential Travel.’

•   We haven’t seen Evers open state parks or state boat docks.

Read Emergency Order #28

Some restrictions will be relaxed beginning April 24 allowing some businesses to reopen or provide limited services. The latter includes golf courses without carts, no flags, no sand trap rakes, pay by phone or on-line, no restroom facilities, no club houses (no indoor restrooms)?


Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos:

Our phones have been ringing off the hook since the announcement came out. People are frustrated and so are we. … While everyone shares the goal of protecting public health, the governor’s order goes too far. The Safer at Home order’s main intent was to flatten the curve, which we have successfully done to this point, not devastate our families. …

The governor can’t just keep extending the date, waiting for some new knowledge to appear.  … The health crisis is changing by day in the state. Just three weeks ago, Governor Evers announced the state needed to buy 10,000 ventilators, yet placed an order for only 1,500. The prevailing model out of University of Washington has substantially scaled back predicted impacts repeatedly in recent days. The hardest hit city in the nation, New York City, is expected to reopen on May 15.

The Evers administration also can’t ignore other health concerns. Wisconsinites can no longer receive preventive care or important health screenings. Unfortunately, one of the unintended consequences will most likely be undiagnosed medical issues left untreated due to this never-expiring order.

“People are not only afraid of the virus, they’re afraid of losing their livelihood. We all know the governor can’t control the coronavirus, but he can control the impact on the state’s economy.” — Speaker Robin Vos

Open WI rally

Could be big

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43 Responses to The shut-ins are restless

  1. lmays says:

    Evers should get rid of his acting secy. An Obama holdover or reject.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Batman says:

    Pencil neck is a stupid mega-pussy.
    Under normal circumstances Batman would not find that objectionable, however in this case it is flat out stupendously unacceptable.

    Let us pray-


  3. Alphonso Bedoya says:

    A.) this order of a shutdown will be extended time and time again. Probably until November when elections are about to take place.
    B) the statistics dont back up or reinforce the actions being taken.
    C.) the only way the Dems,and radical left can beat president Trump is by ruining the economy he made happen. This plays very well into their hands for political purposes only. People will still get the flu,,get cancer, have heart attacks, need dentists, etc etc., this is all for political gain.
    D.) there was concerted efforts to remove the president through failed impeachment allegations.

    E.) there was the same efforts made to recall Scott Walker. Let’s get a recall effort going against Tony Evers……!!!!!!!


  4. Rich says:

    During Peewee’s pressers, you can see the strings attached to his hands and mouth being manipulated by the marionettists known as WEAC and the individual WI teachers unions. What an embarrassment for a governor.


  5. WashCoRepub says:

    I would love to know who’s actually running the Governor’s office and making these decisions. The guy looks and sounds like he barely knows where he is half the time. I suppose you’ll be looking to the increasingly broke serfs to make up all this lost tax revenue when the next budget cycle comes around, right, Guv’nor?


  6. dad29 says:

    Factoid: from 2013-2017, Wisconsin averaged ~950 deaths/week (all causes.)

    Since January, Wisconsin has averaged 13 deaths/week due to Chinese Flu-Weapon.

    13 v. 950.

    BTW, I expect to see a good heap of Madistan “conservatives” (all 12 of you) on the 26th.


  7. AnonyBob says:

    Here’s hoping the Wisconsin rally participants look and sound as level headed, informed and intelligent as the Michigan rally folks. Lots of Gadsden flags. Good luck, y’all.


    • Lefties (most, not all) will be deeply immersed in the thankless, never-ending battles over proper pronoun usage, Heinz 57 genders, drag queen reading hour at the local libraries, and big hairy guys being able to use little girls’ rooms; you…?

      And shouldn’t that be “Good luck, ALL y’all?”

      The Gotch

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  8. Scott F says:

    People are slowly beginning to realize that this lockdown only serves to kick the can down the road. Unless you get an effective vaccine, or enough people get exposed over time to build herd immunity, you will be forced to remain under government lock down for many, many, more months. Except, the people won’t stand for it. The cracks are already beginning to show. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”


    • Paula Fitz says:

      Scott, couldn’t agree more!


    • David Blaska says:

      True. “Flatten the curve” only means spreading out infection so that medical infrastructure can handle it — not eliminating or decreasing it.


      • Paula Fitz says:

        Exactly! We will never eliminate the infection until we have a vax. Which is over a year away. What do we do in the meantime? There is middle ground somewhere between wreckless abandon and paralyzing an entire state, of which the repercussions will be hideous.


      • dad29 says:

        The medical infrastructure………that’s becoming a laugh-line, too. As of Monday 13th, the ENTIRE Aurora Wisconsin system had 113 Kung Flu patients. Meantime, hundreds of “elective” patients–some with barely-functional hips, knees, etc., are relegated to opioid “treatments”, or put i a long-wait line for critical tests, X-rays, etc., because. Just because. RN’s and doctors are laid off for “lack of work.”

        Yah, that’s a Gummint-run health system, alright.

        Wanna bet that the State Fair “hospital” will have zero patients, just like the one in Seattle? Or maybe 12, like the 1,000-capacity Navy hospital ship in NYC?


  9. Paula Fitz says:

    What Scott F said at 11:19PM is spot on!

    The only way quarantine would work is if we kept it going until a vax was to become available, and that’s more than a year away. We can’t live like this for a year; it’s just not sustainable.


  10. Paula Fitz says:

    I notice that the people who aren’t opposed to this train wreck tend to fall into one of the following categories: a) government employees, whose jobs are largely unaffected; b) those with a hefty financial cushion; and c) those who are not gainfully employed; this is normal life for them

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  11. Bob Dane says:

    Scott and Paula are right, we can’t stay locked down for a year. But to open up and remain open, it has to be done right. We have to be ready with lots of testing, ready to do contact tracing of those who test positive, wearing masks in public, maintaining distance in public. And those who can afford to stay home, the categories that Paula listed, should limit their public outings. If we don’t do these things then infections will explode and we’ll be locked down again. All the world’s medical scientists are focused on covid-19 so we can be hopeful that they will defeat it.


    • Sprocket says:

      Everything you say is eminently doable and pragmatic. Which, unfortunately means it will probably not happen. The media has created the hysteria the pols need to sell an indefinite lock down to a credulous public. So far this virus has done nothing but validate the notion that our political class is comprised of the stupidest, most venal people on the planet.


    • dad29 says:

      Sorry, friend, but your “mask, distance, yadayada” is a waaaayyy overblown reaction to a waaaaayyyy over-hyped “problem.” The more we learn, the less deadly the damn thing is (it’s now down to Flu-A level and may sink further).

      I have a deal for you: stop driving your car. Period. No more, ever. Then you will not risk MY life by being present on the roads.

      Oh. You don’t think you’re a risk to me? Good. I don’t either.

      Same with the masks, distancing………..get the pic?


      • AnonyBob says:

        Sorry, Dad, I think you’ll change your tune once you know someone who has it. My wife has a close friend with a 104 temp and a chest that hurts worse than the burst appendix she once endured. A healthy, 40 year old woman. Her doctor is confident she has Covid-19, but her test was negative. There are a lot of false negatives, so the numbers are under reported. You do NOT want to get this. It ain’t the flu.


        • dad29 says:

          Not sorry. No question that a bio-weapon is unpleasant; that’s exactly why they are produced. My spouse had similar problems early in January. She got through it.

          Masks? You mean the ones we were told weren’t worth a damn only 8 weeks ago?

          But since you’re a sensitive kinda guy, what do you say to the people who can NOT enter the hospital for knee or hip replacements–and who cannot walk 400 feet in a day? Who can NOT enter the hospital to test for cancer? Who can NOT obtain testing following unusual but not “Wu-Flu like” symptoms?

          When and if some of them drop over dead, will you write a nice comforting note?

          How about the people who can no longer make mortgage or car payments? Who may not be able to purchase enough food for their families (losing TWO incomes is a bitch, no?) The ones who not only lost their job, but the health insurance, too?

          Sure, we need more lockdown. That’s the ticket.


  12. madisonexpat says:

    The case for closing the state MUST be made by the governor AND SOON. Such draconian over reach must be justified. Who, what, where and when must be bench marked. Is Milwaukee County the same as Door County.
    Otherwise its just Progressives channeling their inner totalitarian.

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  13. Balboa says:

    My issue with the lockdown in WI is Evers is just a follower. Where is his daily briefing on his plan to fight epidemic, the only time you see the Governor is when he rolls out dates. The state deserves better and more forceful approach. The stay at home was necessary to no overwhelm hospitals and facilities so they could figure out what we were up against.

    What is he doing to get every medical facility and clinic at the very least a 15 minute testing machine? Where is his plans to get PPE that can be easily distributed to Health facilities, Businesses and finally to private citizens. Create and produce accurate and quick Testing kits on a nation wide scale. Create and Produce PPE on a nation wide scale. Allow Time to hopefully find courses or treatment to help speed up recovery. Where is his actions on that, he should be trying to get those items in place for all Wisconsinites.

    I do not see him out there on a daily basis giving updates or fighting for the people of Wisconsin. As I said the State of Wisconsin deserves better than this man. He offers no message of hope and that is an issue. I do not need my Governor to tell me to keep washing my hands and practice social distancing. That message has been bombarded to us ad nauseam,

    Azith and HCQ in real tests this week, results
    Blood Plasma
    Waiting for a Vaccine is just not a feasible plan at all.


  14. Paula Fitz says:

    Thank you for bringing this up!

    “The Evers administration also can’t ignore other health concerns. Wisconsinites can no longer receive preventive care or important health screenings. Unfortunately, one of the unintended consequences will most likely be undiagnosed medical issues left untreated due to this never-expiring order.”


  15. Balboa says:

    The Covid19 DHS for Wisconsin, shows a graph of Total and Newly report cases daily. While total number is cases is important it really is not really useful. A better graph would Total Number of Test processed daily vs Total number of positive Tests daily. It would also be nice to see number of folks hospitalized and average length of stay for them. Would like see how many folks are being released as well. That information should be available and should be communicated to offer more hope to the citizenry of Wisconsin. Especially in Dane and Milwaukee county areas. That is not too much to ask for where is the DHS leadership and Evers. I should not have to download the date and try to dissect it to get basic real-time data.


  16. Badger Betty says:

    The hospital in Beaver Dam closed their COVID-19 clinic. The BD Citizen had an article stating that there are NO COVID-19 cases in the hospital at this time. Around half of the reported positives (20) have recovered. The rest are being monitored. C’mon. Dodge County has one reported death – and that person apparently liked to travel out of state. Who knows where this person became infected.
    People who are susceptible know who they are and take necessary precautions. Provide opportunities for those people to shop, etc., and let the rest of the population live their lives.

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  17. WashCoRepub says:

    Well, I see UW Administration is digging deep. Ray Cross is ordering all system Administration employees to take one Furlough day off unpaid PER MONTH. Saves a whopping $3 million; their own estimates show at minimum a projected $170 million loss due to Coronavirus effects. Way to ‘share the pain’, Ray… We’re all in this together though, right?


  18. Sprocket says:

    I’m doing just fine. I work in a field that, so far, has been insulated from this perpetual lock down stupidity. The small businesses that depend on may patronage, however, are not.

    We belong to a small local gym. My wife and I were some of the first members. I’ve watched the owner and his wife build their business over the years. They reached the point where they own two location, could have full time employees and offer health insurance.

    I just got through watching a video the owner posted. He explains that his employees who applied for unemployment at the start of the lock down have not received anything yet and expressed uncertainty that they would be able to endure another month of lock down. This family run business, and many others, are being sacrificed for political expedience.


  19. Batman says:

    At least we all can breath a great big sigh of relief that the Great Divider in Chief, aka ex-prez obama is not in charge. Glass half full.


  20. coldwaterhousellc says:

    The speaker of the House will tell you what ice cream to buy.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      It’s not all bad, at least SanFranNan has good taste; her refrigerators (which run ~$25 large!) are locally made by the currently suspended production Sub Zero Wolf.

      The Gotch


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