Madison teachers: apologize for your racism — Part #1

An open letter to Madison’s 2,760 public school teachers:

When are you RACISTS going to read the memo?

Do you enforce order in your classroom? SHAME! Or do you press the earbuds in tighter and ignore the chaos? GREAT!

You believe adult authority figures have something to teach our young people? REPENT! Or are you doing penance for your complicity in 1619? YOU ARE SAVED!

Demand personal responsibility and academic performance? What are you? A Republican? !!!

Inspire students to work harder to overcome hurdles? How do you light your tiki torches, fella — with kerosene or paraffin?

Behavior Education Plan report:

“I feel safe at my school”

Saying yes: 66% of white, 58% of black students.

Which means a third or more kids do NOT feel safe.

At least three of the seven school board members are calling you racist, Madison public school teachers. How else to explain the latest batch of school discipline numbers. Once again, they show black children accounted for 57% of school suspensions in the first semester of the 2019-20 school year, though they comprise but 18% of enrollment.

Suspensions 1st sem 2019-20
Can’t be that Jennifer Cheatham’s Behavior Education Plan — now in its sixth year — is an utter failure. No! Blame the teachers.

To school board members like Ali Muldrow, “the disproportion rates of suspension are not about how students behavior but of “who we respond to and how we respond to specific groups of students,”  if you get her drift. (And we think you do.)

School board member Ananda Mirilli “pointed to adults who are ‘upholding an old system that gives us this [disproportionality] year after year after year.”

Parents, teachers, and taxpayers:
Are you upholding this old [subliminal man: “Racist!”] system?

See Part 2

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5 Responses to Madison teachers: apologize for your racism — Part #1

  1. Balboa says:

    it is pronounced AN-AN-DAAA.


  2. George's Son says:

    “Board of education president Gloria Reyes demands ‘the conversation around school discipline needs to be centered on race,’ ” Further & Aside from the fact that Jen Cheatham’s policies made the stats even more reprehensible, this new edict begs the question: how can it impact student achievement? Just what solutions are they suggesting? More blind eyes to feral criminals RE: the justice system? More freebies like lunch programs & special ed, more basketball courts (BTW, when the SJWs suggested that, they somehow didn’t realize how racist that effort was?), more social programs to teach parents (usually one parent) how to raise decent respectful children?

    Other than blame, WHAT are the SOLUTIONS they would put into practice to avoid this never-ending circling of the drain?


  3. Balboa says:

    Right back at ya, Gotch


  4. Pat Chapman says:

    How many kids will listen to a white teacher after being brainwashed that all whites are racists? Makes sense that many won’t. Unfortunately these 3 on the school board are brainwashed beyond hope themselves. It is really a religious belief at this point, not based in fact, just that a charismatic leader says so. Pray for a secular MMSD because it has shifted.


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