CNN is a ‘frenzied Trump stalkerblog’

Rachel Maddow, film-flam queen

Let one of the late-night Jimmys make a joke at Donald Trump’s expense and expect to see it referenced on CNN’s website the next morning. Let Chris Cuomo switch away from a guest and see it celebrated the next day as a blow against the empire.

CNN remains the default home page on the low-resolution monitor of Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer. But not for long.

National Review detailed just one day’s (it was April 30) tendentious headlines on CNN’s home page, which led with “77 lies and falsehoods Mueller called out” and included “William Barr now has to try to defend the indefensible.”

National Review’s critique is headlined, “CNN Is Not a News Network; and Jim Acosta is no reporter.” Writer Charles C.W. Cooke continues: 

Blaska on Don LemonEven more transparent a player than Acosta is Don Lemon, who is a “news anchor” in the same sense as that in which Nick Saban is a referee. In recent years, Lemon has become famous for refusing to accept when he is wrong … and for his routine inability to control his emotions during interviews.

These days, CNN is a peculiar and unlovely hybrid of progressive propaganda outlet, oleaginous media apologist, sexless cultural scold, and frenzied Donald Trump stalkerblog.

Cooke continues, “it is absolutely true that President Trump, the clear target of the drive, is a habitual liar and an unreconstructed narcissist. The trouble is . . . so is CNN.”

Rachel Maddow, absent for the debunkings

Star anchor Rachel Maddow is another piece of work over at MSNBC. NR reporter Jim Geraghty writes:

Rachel Maddow crying

The night the Mueller report concluded ‘no collusion’

Her program includes bits of news and other substances that appear to be like news, but are not — fervent speculation, conjecture, assumptions, theories. If it is too harsh to call it “fake news,” then it is news with artificial flavors and sweeteners, designed to make it more exciting and appealing than it really is.

Adam Schiff should have been on Maddow’s payroll, so often did he repeat the lie that he had evidence of Trump’s supposed Russian collusion. Geraghty quotes Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple on the Steele dossier:

Comment, respond, what do you thinkAt least some of her many fans surely came away from her broadcasts thinking the dossier was a serious piece of investigative research, not the flimflam, quick-twitch game of telephone outlined in the Horowitz report. She seemed to be rooting for the document. And when large bits of news arose against the dossier, Maddow found other topics more compelling.

She was there for the bunkings, absent for the debunkings — a pattern of misleading and dishonest asymmetry. ….

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhich is why David Leonhardt’s statement is so ridiculous, that being:

“[T]he overwhelming majority of journalists at so-called mainstream outlets — national magazines, newspapers, public radio, the non-Fox television networks — really are doing their best to treat both parties fairly.”

What nonsense! Think I’ll swap out CNN as my computer home page in favor of the Babylon Bee.


What is your go-to news page?

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13 Responses to CNN is a ‘frenzied Trump stalkerblog’

  1. Butch says:

    So what you’re saying is that CNN is no good because it devotes an inordinate amount of time on a single subject? Certainly you can’t be saying that a media company with handsome profits is to be scorned for dedicating most of its time to a topic its viewers demand, right? It’s not like it beats a dead horse over and over and over and over on a topic that actual ballot box results have shown does not resonate with public opinion.


  2. Carmine Giannattasio says:

    I used to put CNN as home page on the computers I sell but 2 years ago I dumped it and I now put on One America News instead.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Almost time for Lemon’s annual ​DRUNKEN FOOL showing on New Year’s Eve, am I right?

    Wonder if he’ll reprise his Don’t You Know Who I Am? DRUNKEN GROPING role…?

    The Gotch


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Rachel Madcow “(One America News [OAN] is) “really, literally is paid Russian propaganda

    OAN’s response? We’re suing yer bony @$$ and your horse$#!T employer (MSLSD) for a cool $10 mil.

    Madcow’s lawyer Theodore Boutrous Jr. response? C’mon; you don’t expect us to be broadcasting anything with even a tangential relationship with facts-n-the truth, do you?

    Quoth he: “…the liberal host was clearly offering up her ‘own unique expression’ of her views to capture what she saw as the ‘ridiculous’ nature of the undisputed facts (?). Her comment, therefore, is a quintessential statement ‘OF RHETORICAL HYPERBOLE, INCAPABLE OF BEING PROVED TRUE OR FALSE.’ ” (bolds/caps mine)

    Madcow/MSLSD joins CNN as another Lefty “news” outlet getting their short-hairs shorn with multi-million $ defamation lawsuits.

    It’s almost too much to take.


    The Gotch


  5. George's Son says:

    Butch, Ever notice how Maddow resembles Alice on the “Brady Bunch” ? Might be time to find a new role model, like Don “Squeezy” Lemon. CNN has worn out so many buggy whips that a new & better retro product is being released: the SS horse flogger with replaceable tips…..


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Ever notice how Maddow resembles Alice on the ‘Brady Bunch’ ?”

      Brain Bleach…..STAT!!!

      The Gotch


  6. AnonyBob says:

    Let’s try a smidgeon of honesty here, Dave. For every pissy complaint you have about CNN or MSNBC, the exact same could be said for Fox (a.k.a. Faux News) and it’s on air personalities. I’ll give them points for some honesty, though; despite their tagline, various executives have publicly scoffed at the concept of or need to be “fair and balanced.” It’s not what their audience wants.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “Let’s try a smidgeon of honesty here”

      You-n-Lefty ain’t up to that.

      “For every pissy complaint you have about CNN or MSNBC, the exact same could be said for Fox (a.k.a. Faux News) and it’s on air personalities.”

      Noted; the fact-based Universe sees things a skosh differently.

      “It’s not what their audience wants.”

      An audience is now an issue with Lefty?

      To wit:

      From the bedrock Conservative HuffPo: MSNBC Almost Entirely Dominated By Opinion: Pew Study

      News Content: FoxNews 45% MSLSD 15%
      Opinion Content: FoxNews 55% MSLSD 85 %.

      Et tu, HuffPo?

      The Gotch is not a math guy, so help him out: MSLSD has 55 % more Opinion content and a mere 1/3 the News content of FoxNews; that ’bout sum it up?


      The Gotch


      • AnonyBob says:

        If you accept Fox “news content” as news, that’s on your tiny, non-critically-thinking brain. They’re great at telling half the story. I keep seeing Fox viewers being interviewed and shocked to hear anything negative about the orange buffoon in the White House.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          Help The Gotch get this straight; in your gray matter bereft world, Pew Research differentiates between Righty news content and Lefty news content, that about sum it up.

          And don’t be a typical Lefty wimp, say what you’re thinking; that MSLSD’s Eighty Freakin’ Five % opinion content is the correct type of opinion.

          I reckon it would be if it’s fulfilling its intention: Allowing Lefty’s handler’s message to reach their drooling, gimmee gimmee glassy eyin’ locksteppin’ unquestionin’ feral base.

          And in the spirit of the Holidays, tell you what; here’s your opportunity/platform to convince all the knuckledraggers that Orange_Man_Bad:

          Just how BAD are things under The Donald?

          Be specific, and a word of caution; don’t sprint over to CNN or MSLSD to secure your talking points just because you’re too addlepated to come up with them on your own.

          You’re not built for the hilarious b*tchsl**ping that would surely ensue!

          (cue the sound of @AnonyBob’s petite coats flapping in the wind as he runs away!)

          The Gotch


  7. George's Son says:

    Robert/Bob/The Bobmeister: Once more you evade facts (The stats The Gotch graciously provides) in lieu of surrealism. It’s fairly easy to winkle out –Even CNN admits ratings (& viewers) are no match for Fox. Ain’t been fer quite a while….


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