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Crazy isn’t over

If Uncle Joe makes a sound, does anyone listen? Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts is not going to pardon us Trump voters, which is O.K., given that we don’t recall asking. “Seek reconciliation with followers of one of the most flagrantly … Continue reading

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Trump’s deep state resisters knew it was a scam

So deep their hatred, ends justified the means At some point, the New York Times will send its readers to chiropractors complaining of whiplash. The newspaper of record will execute a 180-degree U-turn. They will call it “The 2017-19 Project” — … Continue reading

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Will CNN’s arrogance re-elect Trump?

Don Lemon very pretty, and the Lemon show an hour, But the show of Don Lemon is too much too sour.   The more credible Babylon Bee reports: “Don Lemon furious about his privacy being invaded by people actually watching his … Continue reading

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CNN is a ‘frenzied Trump stalkerblog’

Rachel Maddow, film-flam queen Let one of the late-night Jimmys make a joke at Donald Trump’s expense and expect to see it referenced on CNN’s website the next morning. Let Chris Cuomo switch away from a guest and see it … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow will cry if she wants — it’s her party

‘If you really believe it, it’s not a lie’ — George Costanza Credibility is hard earned but easily spent. By that metric, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is bankrupt. She went all in on Trump colluding with Russia and came up empty. The magazine … Continue reading

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