Into the w(h)ine cave with Mayor Pete & Co.

And other misadventures at the Democrats’
wannabe debate Thursday night

Best line of the debate: “I would be the youngest woman ever elected President.” Elizabeth Warren, age 70, on the age question..

2nd Best Line: Joe Biden: “Put your hand down, Bernie.”

3rd Best Line: Bernie Sanders: “And I’m white!” in addition to being old and male, all cardinal sins in the Democrat’s hierarchy of identity politics.

Worst line of the night: “Oh, they’re just wrong.” Elizabeth Warren on economists’ consensus that the free stuff she proposes will bankrupt America.

2nd worst line: “The little kid who said ‘I-I-I can’t talk. Wh-wh-what do I do?’ ” — Joe Biden. (You run for President, J-J-J-Joe.)

Best lapel pin: Andrew Yang. It read “Math.” As in, you should try it some time, Elizabeth.

The Far Side

From left: Warren, Biden, Mayor Pete, Bernie, Amy, and Steyer (a cash cow. Get it?) Yang took the photo.

I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. Well, almost. Had to replenish my own wine glass, manservant Ruben Mamoulian having been subpoenaed to the Capitol bunker by Adam Schiff.

Some quick, top-of-mind  impressions on the not-so- magnificent Seven at Thursday night’s (12-19-19) Democratic debate.

Elizabeth Warren is a harridan. If you cringed at the thought of the Hildabeast lecturing the Deplorables to wash their hands after using the outhouse, this socialist busybody is the patron saint of pity. Our Lady of Righteousness. How many times did the candidate exceed her time limit with mawkish tales of American dysfunction? Her America is writhing on the ground, naked and covered in pestilential sores — all caused by the orange meanie in the White House.

Elizabeth Warren, take a selfie by your selfie.

Mayor Pete (I’m too lazy to look up the spelling on his last name) fended off Warren’s attack on his crystal chandelier fundraiser in the wine cave. Noted that he was the only one standing on the stage not a millionaire or billionaire. Said Warren has got to quit her socio-economic purges and show trials. Argued that Democrats need all the help they can get to defeat Trump, especially people with money.

I kind of like Amy Klobuchar, thought she did well. The lady is Midwestern nice in contrast to You Know Who. America could use some nice.

Reagan and Tommy Thompson managed to be generational change agents with a smile and a handshake. Amy is no change agent. Which is fortunate, because she IS a liberal Democrat. That kind of change we do NOT need! Amy went after Mayor Pete for the middle ground, attacking his youth and lack of experience. (Mayor Pete had a great response, noting first his service in the military — unique among those on stage in Los Angeles last night. Then saying he got elected “as a gay dude in Mike Pence’s Indiana.”)

Who but Marge from Minnesota can quote Ojibway folk sayings? (Not Fauxahontas!) May have gotten down in the weeds a little by rattling off all her legislation, but that was in service to her experience. Made points with “the base” and the #Me-Too-ers by reminding them she got Brett Kavanaugh (a useful villain to the Left) to apologize to her.

Bernie_Warren_1024x1024If Donald Trump is the Orange Meanie, Bernie Sanders is a red-faced tea pot, always at full boil. Was that steam rising from his collar? And what orchestra is he conducting? (That part is sort of endearing.)

We half expected the man to crumble to the floor, clutching his chest, shouting “I’m coming, Elizabeth.”

Bernie is the old crackpot who attends every local planning committee, always railing about the same unfairness and cock-eyed, never-gonna-happen solution while committee members pretend to get urgent calls on their smartphones. Larry David is this candidate’s Dana Carvey. You can’t help but see the comedian instead of the candidate.

⇒ Inquiring minds want to know: Does the party provide a defibrillator on standby or must the candidate provide his own?

Comment, respond, what do you thinkJoe Biden had a good debate. No hairy legs. Didn’t call Corn Pop for a life line. Or call PBS moderator Judy Woodruff a “damn liar.” (Give me 20 push-ups!)

Spoke with passion. Rattled off a blizzard of numbers adroitly. (They don’t have to add up; just leave an impression of competence. See! I can memorize stuff.) May have made news saying he fought Obama on the war in Afghanistan. Yet another attempt to either apologize or rewrite the man’s long history as part of the problem.

Handled the age question posed by an excellent Politico inquisitor, adroitly. He is 77 but could pass for 75. (In a recent comment, Obama seemingly endorsed women and denounced old men.) Uncle Joe said he hadn’t been elected the first time yet, so let’s think about a second term when the time comes. (As come, it must, for all mortals.) I think he name-dropped Winston Churchill, who lived to be 90 and smoked cigars and drank champagne for breakfast and stood up to Hitler, not Obama.

We’ve read a score of books on Winston Churchill, Joe. You’re no …

Steyer head

Billionaire Tom Steyer did o.k., better than expected, etc. Couldn’t get over impression of a small head sticking out of a big suit. Pointed out that he’s spent several million dollars promoting impeachment for several years, which should tell you about the Alice in Wonderland nature of the Democrats’ quest: Sentence first, verdict afterwards!

Disappointed that Andrew Yang did not swat aside the “diversity” question. A good Republican would have said the real diversity is in the quality of ideas, life experiences, and leadership. Tired of dividing America into ever-smaller intersectional species. In any event, he is the wrong diversity for Democrats: Asian. They’re too successful, don’t you know? Take up all the seats in the best research labs. But he did lance the impeachment boil. 

“We have to stop being obsessed over impeachment, which unfortunately strikes many Americans like a ball game where you know what the score is going to be, and start actually digging in and solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected in the first place. … Acting like Donald Trump is the cause of all our problems.”

Unfortunately, Yang’s core proposal to guarantee an income of $1,000/month per person is even nuttier than Bernie and Elizabeth’s “free,” taxpayer-paid college tuition for millionaires’ kids. Did sell some books last night; wonder if he had a table full off-camera, signed. Love his sense of humor.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhich one could best go 12 rounds with Trump in the debate ring? Blaska Policy Werkes will take Amy. She would nice the man to death. Smile while plunging the stiletto. Pretty much has got to win or place in Iowa, it would seem.

Did not miss Cory Booker. The man panders.

This blogge is authorized and paid for by Tulsi Gabbard for President

What do YOU think?

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10 Responses to Into the w(h)ine cave with Mayor Pete & Co.

  1. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!! says:

    lol, there was a debate last night.. yawn, wake me up when I can go to polls and vote another straight republican ticket.

    T.T. was a feelgood back slapper Wisconsinite, things ran pretty well under him but he was no R.R . I will agree to call him Wisconsin’s version of R.R but I have a hard time comparing the two.


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Elizabeth Warren sounded like she took a page straight out of Trump’s inauguration speech–the bit about “American carnage”. Can you imagine her reaction to anyone saying “They’re just wrong” about the proselytizers of climate change?


  3. dad29 says:

    Becoming clear that Election Night should last about 30 minutes.


  4. David Hinkel says:

    You missed the snake at the bottom of the cartoon. Maybe the fake news?


  5. Sprocket says:

    Blaska, are you trolling us, or were you deep into a bottle of Thunderbird by the time the debate came around to Klobuchar? I thought she was renowned for fits of rage, abusing her staff and generally being a psycho.


    • David Blaska says:

      Otter said it about Bluto in Animal House: “He’s right. Psychotic, but right.”


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      A bottle of Thunderbird!? Surely the wine cave at the BPW is better stocked than that.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Anne R. says:

      nah..that’s the current occupant of the white haus…..we need a real conservative, not a fake one.


      • @Anna R.;

        “we need a real conservative, not a fake one.” (bold mine)

        Fair point; as a lifelong student of human nature, The Gotch observes that people seek what they want, not what they need.

        Serious question; would the good ol’ U. S. of A. have been/be better served with Hillarity in the WH?

        The Gotch, demonstrably not The Donald’s biggest fan, would say emphatically…NO!!!

        The Gotch


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    As a “backatcha, perhaps Elizabeth “Lieawatha-Fauxchahontas” Warren could hold a Peace-Pipe Smoker fund-raiser in a TeePee…?

    The Gotch


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