Can we try Brexit in Madison WI?


The cost of Madison progressivism went up 9%

Satya Rhodes-Conway

Mayor Satya Corbyn

Wrapped around the rock thrown through the Stately Manor’s picture window was a ransom note from Madison’s Labour party demanding 9.0% more cash in a plain white envelope — or else they’ll build a rapid transit bus stop on my front lawn!

Madison’s public schools of woke progressivism are demanding 12% more than last year’s ransom. And the schools are hatching a referendum for next fall raiding the taxpayers for another $315 million atop the $479 million annual budget.

Mayor Satya Corbyn’s take amounts to an even 7% increase; that does not include her $40 wheel tax to fund her rapid transit. The Manor’s stables hold four taxable vehicles. Fewer, actually, if the 14-year-old Grand Theft Auto daredevils being hatched at our public schools find them.  

Clever, that, Mayor Corbyn! When our wheels are stolen (really, only three more police officers?!), there’ll be no choice but to ride her multi-million dollar rapid transit buses. 

Rachel Maddow crying

Reporting on the night no Russian collusion was found

Impeach the judges!

Rachel Maddow was hyperventilating about updating voter lists Monday night (12-16-19). Only her word was “purging” not “updating.”

Another nefarious attempt by Republicans to steal the election! the lady wailed, unharmoniously.

“On Friday (12-13-19), Ozaukee County Circuit Court Judge Paul Malloy ruled that Wisconsin law clearly requires the commission purge the rolls of voters who apparently have moved, and to do so within 30 days of confirmation,” Matt Kittle reports. That’s the law, you constitution defenders! More here.

Comment, respond, what do you thinkMaddow also obsessed over a similar court order in Georgia, this one from a federal judge. The irony? the federal judge was appointed by Barack Obama.

This news source quotes the Republican secretary of state: “Proper list maintenance is not only required by long-standing laws but is also important in maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of elections. Georgia has registered nearly a half-million voters since the last election, clear proof that we are doing things to make it easy for people to vote.”

The cancellation list doesn’t show racial disparities, with the number of black and white voters roughly matching their proportion of the state’s registered voters, according to an analysis by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Rachel Maddow did not mention that!

Nancy Pelosi claims 200K “will be prohibited from voting” in Wisconsin — Politifact says PANTS ON FIRE!.

Only four more stages of grief to go!

Labour Corbyn

You deplorable, low-information voters!

Socialists at The Nation were knocked off their hobby horses by the overwhelming victory of the British Trump, Boris Johnson. They’re still in the denial stage. Nothing wrong with the Marxist message! Higher taxes on the highest earners, government confiscation of water, energy distribution and supply, rail, and broadband energy and an A.O.C.-style green new deal.

Can’t be the message. Got to be the messenger, by Jove! British voters are still socialists at heart, they just didn’t fancy Mr. Jeremy Corbyn. (Yeah, that’s the ticket!)

There are flaws you can point to: his equivocation on Brexit, the often lackluster demeanor in media interviews, the sluggish and tone-deaf response to the party’s anti-Semitism problem. But animosity toward him — in particular among an older, white male demographic —seemed to coalesce around a constructed version of Corbyn painted as a terrorist-sympathizing Britain-hater. 

Which he most certainly is.

Last Word goes to The Nation reader who asked, “Was Russian interference in this election ever taken into account?”

What do YOU think?


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8 Responses to Can we try Brexit in Madison WI?

  1. dad29 says:

    Natch, Kaul is going to appeal in Madistan. And the Lefty Old Prune Voter League will sue in Fed Court, so naturally, the Wisconsin law is now rrraaaaaaaaaaaaaciss! That’s the only way they can get it into Fed system.


  2. Tom Paine says:

    Tetlock –> How do we fall into scientific hell? The principal temptation in political psychology-the forbidden fruit-is to permit our political passions to trump normal scientific standards of evidence and proof. Researchers sometimes feel so passionately about a cause-about the need to avoid nuclear war or war in general or the need to eliminate racism in both its subtle and overt forms-that those passions influence key methodological and conceptual decisions in research programs. When journal reviewers, editors, and funding agencies feel the same way about the cause, they are less likely to detect and correct potential logical or methodological bias. As a result, political psychology becomes politicized.

    The corruption of SCIENCE in the name of liberal fascism, group-think, and progressivism.

    see “Sociopolitical Diversity in Psychology; The Case for Pluralism,” Richard E. Redding, American Psychologist, March 2001


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “When journal reviewers, editors, and funding agencies feel the same way about [a] cause, they are less likely to detect and correct potential logical and methodological bias.” Why did this remind me of the ’cause’ known as climate change? Every time a new “report,” whether from the UN, a research agency or a university, comes out on this subject, you can be sure of one thing: it will be more alarmist than the last, making climate change seem less like a scientific concept and more like an apocalyptic cult (complete with its own wild-eyed teenage prophet). And for anyone who assumes that scientists are less susceptible to financial incentives (including grants and research funding) and fame, even in their narrow sphere, than anyone else, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    The Left is so excellent, in its own hive mind, it can learn nothing. Which makes them, in a fine stroke of irony, reactionary.


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Property taxes for the Gotchberg Organic Garden & Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium went up an even 8 %; the Rule of 72 has that doubling in 9 years!

    But the Madison Schools portion shot up 10.9 %.

    Know what THAT means…?

    The Gotch


    • madisonexpat says:

      It means far more money to be spent on far fewer students. What hasn’t been reduced in MMSD? Bureaucrats, experts and idiot school board members. Oh yes….. and failure.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Failure Is Not An Option…it comes bundled…

        But wait, there’s more: Failure is on the list of language no-nos; you RACIST!

        The Gotch


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