Who will succeed Mike Koval?

Our guess: someone soft and squishy

If an internal name were to be considered by the Police & Fire Commission, one we have heard is Paige Valenta, assistant chief of operations. But she is described as “tough.” That’s a disqualification in this town. Our guess is the progressives who run Madison go outside the department for some flower child like former Pittsburgh police chief Cameron McLay, who accused his own force of racism. McLay is now Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway’s deputy mayor for law enforcement. (More here.)

Sometimes the fight comes to you

As if the poor man didn’t have enough headaches, operatives at Blaska Policy Werkes hounded Mike Koval to run for mayor this Spring.

Mike would object that he wasn’t political. The CEO of the Werkes would invade his personal space, getting almost nose to nose, lift an eyebrow, and ask, “Really?”

The police chief of any city or village IS a political creature, as much as any mayor or governor. S/he must 1) win the respect of the rank and file, 2) curry favor with those who hold the purse strings (that being alders and the mayor), and 3) win the hearts and minds of the populace. 

Police apprec KovalOf the three constituencies, Mike Koval is truly loved by his officers and civilian staff. One can see it in their eyes — in addition to many personal testimonies filed in the secure server here at the Werkes. For he stood up for his troops against the slander of the overly “woke” Left, who blame social dysfunction not on 40 years of liberal pandering but on those who enforce society’s norms, those who protect safety of person and property.

Which necessarily jeopardized his standing with the majority in Madison who excuse criminality and deny personal responsibility. A man can only kowtow so much. You can choose not to fight but sometimes the fight chooses you. And Mike Koval and Madison Police were hounded, harassed, sued and slandered. Did the city’s news media stand up in his and their defense? Only Vicki McKenna and a handful of bloggers, including Paula Fitzsimmons. On the Common Council, only Ald. Paul Skidmore was tried and true but he may have more company this time around, including Alds. McKinney and Henak.

As for the voting citizenry, there’s only one way to find out — at the ballot box. Our guess is that Mike Koval for Mayor of Madison would lose today but could win at some tomorrow. It is a debate the Emerald City sorely needs. Thank you chief

Ald. Paul Skidmore: ‘Now the heavy lifting starts’



The mood of the officers is not very good at this time, as they realize that the mayor was not supportive of Chief Koval, and she does not support additional resources for the MPD. I am not sure how much influence the alders will have, but an outpouring of support from city residents will have an impact. This will likely be a long process.

The PFC will conduct a search and screening effort, and it will recommend to the Mayor. The Mayor is calling for input from affected communities and constituents, and the cop haters are expressing their opinion as well.

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Tell your alders

I am on record that I would want a police chief that strongly supports enforcing the law, and holding individuals accountable for their actions, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or age. I would hope that the new police chief would be able to work with all groups and individuals to make Madison a safe community to live, work and be a part of.

Satya Rhodes-Conway

Tell the mayor

Now the real heavy lifting starts. The Mayor will release her executive budget tomorrow at 1 p.m. By all indications, it will be draconian in regards to public safety.

We will have our work cut out for us. This is the beginning of a long campaign. It will be uncomfortable, but I am prepared for that.

Mike Koval, keep fighting!

Comment, respond, what do you thinkQuick! What was Paul Soglin v. Satya Rhodes Conway all about? What were the issues? Cops in our troubled high schools? The rash of kids stealing — even hijacking — cars? The dystopia of upper State Street? The failure of the rowdy homeless-housing experiments at Tree Lane and Rethke Avenue? Not hardly. Public markets and more free stuff.

It is astounding to think that Madison is too liberal for Paul Soglin! His successor appoints cop-bashers Greg Gelembiuk and Brenda Konkel to sensitive public safety positions. She appointed a guilt-monger named Cameron McLay as her deputy mayor for law enforcement. Rhodes Conway publicly criticized MPD in an incident while it was still under official review. (You don’t think her statement will be entered into evidence by plaintiffs claiming $2.8 million in legal damages?)

Ald. Paul Skidmore predicts that Mayor Rhodes Conway’s budget “will be draconian” on public safety. (See sidebar above.) 

In his retirement statement Sunday (09-29-19), Mike Koval said he dedicated his life to protecting the public. Now take that protection to the public arena! He qualified for a full pension the day he became chief not quite six years ago but hung on because the fight came to him:

To the “haters,” thanks to you as well — for through your unrelenting, unforgiving, desire to make the police the brunt of all of your scorn, I drew strength from your pervasive and persistent bullying.  I have made a career of fighting for the underdog and I was able to hang on much longer than I had originally planned (or that you had hoped)!

Blaska’s Bottom LineMadison needs Mike Koval to keep fighting today more than ever. 

What do YOU think?



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13 Responses to Who will succeed Mike Koval?

  1. Paula Fitz says:

    Per Skidmore: “The mood of the officers is not very good at this time, as they realize that the mayor was not supportive of Chief Koval, and she does not support additional resources for the MPD.”

    No shit, Sherlock. Ya’ think?!?!

    The Madison PD union (MPPOA) is weak -frankly, absolutely freaking WORTHLESS in my mind- and they let their dues-paying officers down in a big way. By attempting to curry favor with this mayor and Progressive Dane, they solidified their department as one to walk all over. They basically placed a “Kick Me” sign on their asses.

    And now they and their cops are paying the price. And they STILL won’t say a peep. I mean, c’mon officers, how much worse can it get for you? Do you LIKE to be shit on?

    I begged and pleaded the community to speak up when they had a chance because I foresaw this day a long, long time ago. But it was always the same people showing up and writing letters and complaining and putting my efforts down.

    Be prepared for an exodus of cops by the end of the year. Those who can leave, will. No cops in their right mind will willingly be the whipping post for PD or work under some PD yes-person.

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Who will succeed Mike Koval?” A black woman–any black woman.


  3. John Popanz says:

    David, thanks for the concise message to the alders, I hope that you don’t mind that I copied and pasted. JP


  4. JJRRTT says:

    You Vote In Garbage Like Conway You Deserve A Shithole Madison!! Good Luck!! LOL!!


  5. WashCoRepub says:

    M. Adams for Police Chief, with Brenda Konkel as Public Information Officer for the dept.! Then Madison can finally get what it truly seems to want.

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  6. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    Chief Koval & Madison Police: A+
    Madison City Government: F-


  7. George's Son says:

    An aside: Doug Moe’s Koval comments/review (as reported) were not derogatory but sure were left-handed. Moe’s history and status in the community suggested a stronger response. No, he wasn’t the only one. Perhaps this lack signals more oleaginous sycophantic responses by other stalwarts of the community. Which doesn’t bode well for a decent replacement of Madison’s Police Chief. We need someone who simply enforces the law. So finally, germane to the conversation at hand: Hell, Yah, we need Mike Koval’s input in the days/months to come!


    • Paula Fitz says:

      It could have been a much stronger piece, but then again, the only media people with nads in this city are Blaska and Vicki. Most of the rest of them are, sorry to say, fluff producers.

      Reporters in Madison do NOT know how to sniff out a good story.

      By the way, Doug Moe is wrong: The Chief is NOT a Progressive.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Paula Fitz;

        “Reporters in Madison do NOT know how to sniff out a good story.”

        While true for the most part, IMO Chris Rickert & The Isthmus’ Dylan Brogan get a little wood on the ball time-n-again.

        The Gotch


  8. Sprocket says:

    Whoever it is, you can be guaranteed their priority will be catering to the criminal class. Criminal friendly law enforcement and the scattering of public housing crime incubators (*cough* Northport Drive) across the city is laying the groundwork for a new normal in Madison. That new normal will be robberies, shootings, and general savagery as a more common occurrence.

    Koval may have been the last thing keeping Madison from becoming criminal Disneyland. I moved to Madison because it was a safe community. Over the years however, I’ve started to see that change. I’ve had the displeasure of living in in crime ridden cities that coddle the human garbage. I won’t tolerate that crap in my life ever again. Perhaps Madison can be turned around, if not, at least I can console my self watching the lefties getting jacked by the savages they so enthusiastically embraced.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “at least I can console my self watching the lefties getting jacked by the savages they so enthusiastically embraced.”

      Ooh…OOOHHH…and then watch them wallow in their suffocating White Lefty Guilt as they blame themselves?

      The Gotch is IN for that!

      A Conservative is a Lefty that got mugged.

      The Gotch


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