I’m not a racist and so are you

The more we obsess about race, the worse it gets

The sticky note from hell!

As a candidate for Madison school board, Blaska was interviewing with the Capital Times editorial board for an endorsement that was never going to happen. Except that Blaska was asking the questions.

suck-it“Are you guys racists?” I asked the panel of four, led by editor emeritus Dave Zweifel. After some sputtering, the four — three of them white — disavowed any racist inclinations. “Then how about Madison’s teachers? Are they racists?” More sputtering.

They wound up endorsing my opponent Ali Muldrow, who accused the average Madison public school teacher of acting this way:

“How do we blame black children, how do we hurt black children, how do we get rid of black children, how do we not listen to black children.”

We have gotten to the point in American life that if a person of color alleges racism it must be so. 

  • This is what empowers Freedom Inc. to condemn Madison teachers as fundamentally racist. 
  • It’s what allows Brandi Grayson license to spout the most spurious nonsense and still be appointed to advisory committees. 
  • It permits the school superintendent to ruin a beloved positive behavior coach because the Rev. Marcus Allen saw an incomplete and misleading video. 

The new McCarthyism

“Pusillanimity has become the plague,” writes Daniel Henninger. “The lurch toward timidity” causes:

  • The great Nike corporation to scuttle the rollout of Independence Day sneakers embossed with the Betsy Ross flag because a showboating scold named Colin Kaepernick said to do so.
  • The New York Yankees to banish Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America.”
  • A San Francisco school to paint over a Works Progress Administration mural (painted by a Communist!) depicting the life of George Washington that includes a dead Native American and slavery. (Shades of the Taliban!)

None of which The Capital Times will criticize lest “Your Progressive Voice” (as it bills itself) be itself smeared with the brush of racism. It’s the new McCarthyism.

The latest victim of this 21st Century smear-mongering is Edgewood College, one of the most liberal of institutions. The Capital Times is up this week with a lengthy hit piece branding this small liberal arts college as a haven of racism.

suck-itThe cover story is headlined, “Culture shock: Former Edgewood College students and staff complain of racist campus culture.” The story is anchored by a disenchanted Edgewood College administrator named Tony Chambers, who left the school. 

So liberal is Edgewood College, that after Donald Trump’s election in 2016, the school invited its supposedly traumatized students to vent their rage on Post-It© notes on a specially designated table.

Not a swastika … but a smiley face!

Some mischievous prankster mocked this institutional hankie sniffing by posting a sticky note reading “Suck it up, pussies.” This message was accompanied by a winking smiley face.

The small liberal arts college went into a DEFCON 1 alert. The diversity and inclusion director summoned a committee of security officials and college administrators. It determined that that the school was victim of a hate crime under the federal Clery Act, which requires colleges and universities to report crime and security incidents to the U.S. Department of Education. Madison police were notified. The insensitive Post-It noter remains at large. The Capital Times writes:

Chambers became the public face of the incident when he prepared a statement to send to faculty, staff and students. In the missive, Chambers called the posting of the note a “targeted act of intimidation and cowardice” that “violated every value that this institution considers to be at its core.”

Except that of free expression, apparently.

The letter was mocked by local conservative commentators who portrayed police involvement as runaway political correctness and Chambers’ letter as overblown. Chambers blames talk radio host Vicki McKenna’s on-air discussions for fueling a backlash.

Blaska was one of those. (“Is it a swastika? Is it a burning cross? No, it’s a sticky note.”)

You will get that which you pay for

suck-itLike every other institution, Edgewood has committed itself “to develop cultural competency among faculty, and students.” Minority student enrollment is up. 

Except today, every micro-aggression is grist for censure. Did you know that two of Mitch McConnell’s great-great grandparents owned slaves?! 

Back to the sticky note, the school president refused to throw the school’s full institutional weight behind Tony Chambers’ over-wrought letter of condemnation. More evidence of racism! The Capital Times reports that Mr. C. “spent thousands of dollars on legal representation, filing complaints with the school and with the state, all of which were dismissed.”

Which can only mean the State of Wisconsin is complicit in Edgewood’s racism! Certainly not that Chambers’ micro-aggressions were ill-founded.

But credit to CT reporter Steven Elbow for including this nugget of truth: 

[Edgwood College] isn’t alone. Chambers’ story and those of others who have worked and studied at Edgewood highlight a vexing dilemma for institutions of higher learning: a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion brings with it an escalation of racial tensions.

Blaska’s Bottom LineIt’s why presidential candidates are talking about making Joe and Jane Blow pay reparations to Oprah Winfrey. It is why the Madison Common Council has decided police are the problem, not crime. Why city government has a “racial equity coordinator” who cries racism when she doesn’t file enough signatures to get on the ballot.

  • It is why Jussie Smollett.
  • It is why “We don’t have to listen to the police and you can’t touch us.”
  • It is why A.O.C. says Speaker Pelosi  “is singling out newly elected women of color”

Because I’m not a racist but you are.

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16 Responses to I’m not a racist and so are you

  1. Paula Fitz says:

    So much to agree with on this post.

    The persistent insertion of race into every single topic, the perceived slights & over-exaggerations (Edgewood sticky note), the fake virtue-signaling & disingenuity, the micro-aggression arguments, the nonsensical comments, the shaming of and screaming down of dissenters – I think these things have not only increased racial tensions, but they’re actually harming the very people the pontificators claim to want to help.

    What genuine progress is actually being for the underprivileged? Are they any better off as a result of any of the theatrics? From where I sit, the “activists” seem to care more about getting attention and getting pissed off than about actually helping every American thrive.

    Few will escape poverty and deprivation until we’re ready to have honest conversations. And this will require an increased number of courageous people to come forward – it has to be more than you and a couple others always beating the drums.

    One of the things that indeed frustrates me the most is the Pollyanism, as well as the deafening silence from those who I know, know better – this includes members of the public, politicians, corporate executives, and other decision-makers. Not sure if the lack of pushback is out of fear, complacency, laziness, or a combination. I don’t have kids or grandkids who will have to inherit this mess. They do.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “It is why A.O.C. says Speaker Pelosi ‘is singling out newly elected women of color’ ”

    The Party of JFK is becoming the Party of AOC!


    Anywho, Joe Lieberman said WHAT about OCRAZYo-Cortez being the future of the democrat Party…?

    The Gotch


    • Paula Fitz says:

      I went through a bit of a mourning period a couple years ago when I realized that the party I supported for much of my adult life had vanished, and was likely not returning in the foreseeable future.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Paula Fitz;

        I’m a recovering, “nonparticipating” as we say at the meetings, Lefty myself.

        My wistful look-back period ended a looooooong time ago.

        The Gotch


    • Paula Fitz says:

      Did you check out Deal With It’s post on the Lieberman Tweet? The one with the image of the poster of “The future of the Democratic Party?” It has a list of “Eff yous” and a “Happy birthday” with to Karl.

      Moderates have either gone MIA or are pandering to this base.


  3. Tom Paine says:

    Again, thanks for the humor. It is like watching re-runs of the chaos and dysfunctionalism as the Titanic sank.

    Paula asks about ” underprivileged?”

    Stop. Stop it. Too much humor. if SE Asians, who often do not speak Englais, can learn enough in our Wascist school system to OVER-REPRESENT their race as valedictorians and members of the National Honor Society, then a rational person must ask, “Why is there an achievement gap? Why can’t Black kids match the performance of Asians in ‘the wacist system’?”

    American Wascism? BS……..only at the admissions office at Arvard and other Ivy’s.


    • Paula Fitz says:

      You honed in on my comment about underprivileged without taking the rest of what I wrote into consideration, particularly this part:

      “Few will escape poverty and deprivation until we’re ready to have honest conversations.”

      Taking words out of context and making assumptions isn’t helpful.


      • Tom Paine says:

        Sorry for implying that you were taken out of context. So, regarding honest conversations, with what, specifically, in my previous posts do you disagree?

        I have no interest in anything other than an honest conversation, so please pose the questions………….or make your assertions.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Not speaking English is only ONE of the barriers Asian immigrants face. They are often impoverished and lack more than a basic (grade school) education. Yet they see to it that their kids go to school, study hard, oby the law, respect their teachers and others in authority, don’t assume that the government owes them a living, and most importantly don’t buy into the cult of victimhood advocated by ethically bankrupt Democrats. That’s why Asians are called (or used to be) the model minority. It’s a model other minorities would do well to emulate.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Poverty in this economy is a choice.
    Madison pays well in money, influence and power to black racists and what they subsidize….. they get more of.

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  5. madisonexpat says:

    “Suck it up, pussies” is the new “On Wisconsin”.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      It ought to be the standard response to the AOCs of the world. Taking this bimbo seriously is ceding half the battle.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “ ‘Suck it up, pussies’ is the new ‘On Wisconsin’.”

      City of Madison pecksniffs should be a DAMN close second!

      The Gotch


  6. George's Son says:

    Exact and spot on, Paula. And, the AOC references in this thread demonstrate that in their own party, some (most) Dems prefer dissonance and distraction as opposed to making progress via co-operation inside/outside their party. The result is increasingly entertaining, but sad.


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