Is it a Swastika? Is it a burning cross? No, it’s a sticky note!

This is the second blog that didn’t make it past the guardhouse at the old stand

Not to be outdone by UW-Madison, the Sturm und Drang stirred up by the hateful election of Donald Trump has reached the formerly placid shores of bucolic little Lake Wingra here in Madison.

Someone left a hateful Post-it® sticky note on a hallway office window at Edgewood College — surely “an act of cowardly hatred,” as officials there are describing it. And the damn thing is bright fuschia, to boot!

Students at the small liberal arts college were traumatized by the results of November 8 (a date that will live … in INFAMY!). The private Catholic school set up a table in the food commons for students to express their hurt feelings via heartfelt little sticky notes.


The horror!

“In an act of intimidation and cowardice,” explains Edgewood’s vice president for student development, someone posted a sticky note inside the window of the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion. (Scholars, take note: consider a career in Inclusion.)

“A great deal of fear, sadness, and anger among students, faculty and staff resulted,” relates college veep Tony Chambers. “The message was hateful and harmful toward members of our community.”

The term “micro-agression” does not begin to describe this assault on all that is decent and holy. Edgewood College responded by convening an emergency meeting. At the table: campus security, the dean of students, human resources, Title IX enforcement, and the diversity and inclusion crowd.

(One pictures the White House situation room as the Navy Seals took down Osama bin Laden.)

It’s official: it’s a hate crime 

“The group determined that the message constituted a hate crime.”

The incident of the hateful sticky note has been reported to Madison police (Mike Koval, chief head cracker). No doubt, the sticky note, a particularly offensive shade of pink, will be introduced as States’ Evidence No. #1. Hand writing analysts will be sworn to tell the whole truth and nothing but. Various victims, selected according to race, creed, and gender identification, will commit their personal suffering to the court transcript.

The college is asking anyone with knowledge of the perp contact Campus Security at 608-663-3285. As the proud parent of an Edgewood alumnus, The Squire takes this merde seriously. (I can vouch for Number #1 Son; we were instilling fear and hate on another campus that day.)

Vice president Chambers vows an Old Testament smiting of the pink sticky noter. (Or is it the stinky pink noter?) “Any attempt to discriminate, instill fear in or intimidate our students, faculty or staff will result in serious and stiff consequences!”

Serious is bad enough, but need we go “stiff”?

Did the note bear a swastika? No, it did not. A burning cross? Negativo!

After  considerable discussion with the Policy Werkes office of standards and practices, Blaska’s Bring It! blogge has decided to post this offensive sticky note so that our readers may appreciate the depths to which our political discourse has sunk.

The disturbing note (TRIGGER WARNING) read: “Suck it up, Pussies.” It was accompanied by a sketch of a winking skeptic. (On-line counseling available here.)

While the manhunt continues for this cowardly hate monger (he is believed to be carrying a pack of pink, Post-it® sticky notes), counsellors are being deployed throughout the tidy little campus “to develop coping strategies.”

double-safety-pinsGod speed to the counsellors! May they heal the many wounded psyches as they attempt to stave off a lifetime of post-traumatic stress disorder. (Or Allah or the Divine Spirit or the Big Kahuna in the Sky. No offense to the atheists or agnostics at Edgewood is intended or otherwise implied. Offer may be void where prohibited by law. All sales are final.)

Your Squire cannot say it any better than vice president Chambers: “In these times of social and emotional stress, please choose to show compassion for all members of our community, regardless of background or political leaning.”

Except for the guy with the hateful pink sticky note. His type of act “will not be tolerated at Edgewood College. … Those identified as perpetrators of such acts have no place in our community.”

Nor, apparently, does the First Amendment.

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  1. Jeff Wilson says:

    Have ya seen the new Trump anti-ribbon? It’s a straw stapled to a shirt telling the snowflakes to “suck-it-up”.


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