Shooting at Madison’s Shake the Lake? It’s Scott Walker’s fault

… and his darn CCW criminal background checks!

Shake the Lake was even posted with ‘No Firearms!’ signs

Say this about Pete Buttigieg at last week’s Democrat(ic) presidential debate: at least he took responsibility. “I didn’t get it done,” the candidate said about not getting more racial diversity in the police force as mayor of his small town in Indiana. Didn’t blame Donald Trump.

There is a shooting Saturday night at Shake the Lake, Madison’s downtown Independence Day fireworks celebration. The miracle is only one person was shot in the midst of scores of people at Monona Terrace, Madison’s civic gathering place and prized jewel. (A policeman was also injured when he fell in the clean-up operation.)

Our new mayor, Satya Conway-Rhodes, vowed more security at future events, then pivoted to blame Republicans for crime in her city — A city that was too liberal, progressive, and socialist for Paul Soglin! Her Honor said:

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“It is entirely unacceptable that someone brought a gun to last nights’ Festival Foods Shake the Lake fireworks display, an event enjoyed by thousands of people, including many children.

Let’s break in at this point to notice something that Ann of Althouse first put into print: “Brought a gun…. Not used a gun…. That’s [so-oooo] Madison.” We resume Madame Mayor’s comment:

“… I will be working with the police and other city staff to see what measures can be taken to enhance security at this event and other public events.

“But our job is made more difficult by a state legislature that advances reckless gun laws and at the same time curtails the rights of cities to take further action.”

What these “reckless gun laws” might be that the legislature forced on the people of Wisconsin, Mayor Conway-Rhodes does not say. Presumably, she meant concealed carry. Wisconsin became the 49th state to allow this right (there are now 50). In Wisconsin 330,000 citizens hold concealed carry permits after taking training, enduring a criminal background check, and paying the permit fee. Since the 1990s, state law has prohibited municipalities from enacting stricter firearms laws than those in state statutes.

As for “further action,” Her Honor may wish to speak to District Attorney Ozanne about his catch and release policy.

A typical Rohdes-Conway voter named Angela O’Cleirigh trotted out (via social media) the Progressive Dane line: “Its pretty obvious it was probably a misfire of some middle-aged white dude’s conceal and carry ….”

My people, they not only walk among us, they elect our mayors.

Police Chief Mike Koval could walk across Lake Monona and Madison progressives would complain that the chief can’t swim.

Madison has been giving its police a department-wide proctology exam for the last four years through a torture device called “Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee.” The newest member of that Inquisition panel is “police critic” (as the WI State Journal calls him) Gregory Gelembiuk. He is a soldier in Amelia Royko-Maurer’s anti-cop “Community Response Team.” 

Blame the Police First

Gelembiuk blames the police. “I wonder if Satya talked to [Koval] about not scaring people off from the event with his typical lurid rhetoric.”

Which is an odd thing to say, considering that Koval called the shooting “an anomaly, an outlier, and is not the defining narrative for this annual event.” Sorry, Chief, but you’re wrong this time. At the predecessor to Shake the Lake (Rhythm and Booms at Warner Park), four people were stabbed. Teen violence shut down the midways at Bratfest and at Fitchburg Days not too long ago. Not an anomaly, Chief. Families now are considering staying away from future civic events. (The Wisconsin State Journal story.)

Tripping the light fantastic, Gelembiuk actually made the case (on social media) for FEWER POLICE!

“That this happened despite heavy police presence/security also would undercut his usual narrative that adding police increases safety. In reality, the evidence clearly shows that adding police to a typical U.S. police department doesn’t reduce violent crime.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineYou can’t blame Greg Gelembiuk on the Republicans, Madame Mayor!


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23 Responses to Shooting at Madison’s Shake the Lake? It’s Scott Walker’s fault

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “ ‘Its pretty obvious it was probably a misfire of SOME MIDDLE-AGED WHITE DUDE’S conceal and carry….’ ” (bolds/caps mine)

    Yet the 20 year old AA victim apparently knew the shooter and, one might opine, visa versa?

    Try again, moron!

    FreeDUMB Inc & the Derail the Jail cabal offering up how their Community Policing panacea would have handled/prevented this?

    The Gotch

    Liked by 2 people

    • dad29 says:

      Easy, Gotch!! They would have been looking for the MAGA hat and the half-dozen AR’s on the person of the shooter.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        To their eternal peril Lefty forgets that when you have the choice between printing the facts or the narrative, go with the latter; the imbecilic base will never shy away from swallowing it whole.

        The talented Ms. Angela O’Cleirigh is a rookie; no emotion building embellishments like a filled bleach bottle nor white knuckle cradled Subway samitch.

        What’s up with that?

        The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          Facts? “Imbecilic base?” trump; “I gave the military their first raise in years.” LIAR. They have gotten a raise every year since ’83 unlike Wis who refuses to raise the min. wage.


        • dad29 says:

          Lesiak is STILL repeating fake news of early 2017; in FACT, Trump jacked up the PENSIONS of military personnel, and it was the first such in years. That’s also what Trump said, of course. Old farts lacking ear trumpets missed the important part. Or maybe they had a sudden need to wet their Depends.


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    No place values image over reality like Madison. A shooting and stampede at the local July 4th celebration? An anomaly says the police chief. The fault of the state legislature says the mayor. Let’s tell stories about how people helped one another out in a dangerous situation says the local media. Nothing to see here, folks. It certainly can’t be the fault of our civic “leaders” since it’s a scientific fact–right up there with climate change–that progressives can do no wrong. This Gelembuik person’s explanation–more police =more violence– is a priceless example of the tortured logic that animates those in charge of this town. Only one way to put his theory to the test. No cops at all during next year’s Shake the Lake.

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  3. Scott F says:

    It’s the culture, stupid!


  4. dekerivers says:

    I liked your comment about Mayor Pete. I also like his comment when made in the debate. More than once I have thought about President Jeb Bartlett on NBC’s drama ‘West Wing’. And that character links to the mayor, and others in elected office. When Bartlett offered to be censured by Congress for less than candid answers about his health and MS condition, he told his White House Chief Of Staff that no one in Washington takes the blame for anything anymore. Therefore no one is ever held responsible for anything that goes wrong. As such he stepped up to the front of the line and endured the political punches by doing the right thing on the award winning TV drama.

    If only real life at times mimicked television. More often than not when there are serious lapses in judgment in government much finger pointing and commission creating takes place, but little in true accountability ever surfaces. We learn of the mistakes but rarely hear, as Bartlett said, anyone taking any self-blame. I was proud of Pete for saying what he did, and thanks to David B. for making the point in his post–it is a rare thing to behold when a politician speaks in that fashion.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Odd that the youngest candidate at the debate seemed like the only adult in the room.


      • richard lesiak says:

        And more of an adult than anyone in the WH. We’re keeping our middle east peace plan secret.” Translation; THERE IS NO PLAN.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “If only real life at times mimicked television.”

      Do tell!

      Yeah, that gosh darn Mayor Pete sure sees things in Black-n-White.

      Not exactly.

      We Know Why Black Democrats Who Object To Buttigieg’s Gay Marriage Aren’t Called Bigots. It Would Be Political Suicide!

      In all fairness, this is more the Lefty press running condescending interference for a protected class group than it is an indictment of Buttigeig, but the fact remains: some bigots are more equal than others, am I right?

      The Gotch

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  5. ”Just who are the black democrats who object to his marriage?

    A link was provided laying Lefty’s gross hypocrisy open for all the lucid to see; only a densely dimwitted dolt would be asking that question.

    @richard lesiak is asking that question….ergo…?

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      Soooo; the chairman of this RWNJ circle jerk once again posts an edited comment to fit his slanted conservative views. I laugh at your so-called link. Goldgerg? Asness Chair In Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute? What the hell is that? His claim as a two time Pulitzer prize nominee was a total lie that had his publishers running to fix it before they got sued. The TOTAL COMMENT from Rev Rodric Reid was ” “Now , I think it could be over-come, because we are gradually getting to a point of, and I don’t want to say “accept” but we are getting to a point of realizing this is a culture that we are going to have to begin to live with and adapt to it.” News flash gotch; there are gay blacks. He knows it, everyone knows it. Everyone except you Duck Call Fools from the swamps of Mississippi. Maybe the “dimwitted dolts” that sit out on the multi-decked shack that you can’t afford will lap up your nonsense, but not me..


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Hey Zeus Alou, right when you think a nadir of absolutely suffocating stupidity has been reached, new depths are plumbed!

        “(Chuck) Todd also noted that HE’D TALKED TO BLACK CONGRESSMEN (plural) who said Buttigieg’s homosexuality could be a problem with segments of the African-American vote.” (bold/caps mine)

        In world ruled by breathtaking idiocy: Chuck Todd = RWNJ.


        The Gotch


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          I repeat: In world ruled by breathtaking idiocy: Chuck Todd = RWNJ.

          1–Chuck Todd knows, ask him, or

          2–MSLSD/NBC Lefty hack Chuck Todd is another Lefty liar.

          Pick one!

          The Gotch


        • dad29 says:

          Buttplug polls ZERO % in black vote, especially after canning his black police chief…He’s done. Toast. Yesterday’s porridge.


  6. George's Son says:

    Satya RE: Guns…. CA new ammunition law just went into effect today, problem solved? I ask -if criminals acquire guns illegally, can they not also acquire ammo? Do ANY gun laws slow down or stop determined felons? Have they ever? So I ask further -Can you Puhleeze explore FACTS, (distasteful and time-consuming as that may seem)? Then get back to us. Perhaps CC A-bob and Richard, and others. Gawd!


  7. WashCoRepub says:

    Gee, no shootings that I could find any media reports of at any of the multitude of festivals and gatherings throughout Washington, Ozaukee, Waukesha or Dodge counties this past weekend… No shootings at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival the previous weekend either, which routinely draws over 50,000 over the span of two days.
    We have the same gun laws in my neck of the woods as in Madison. On the other hand, gun laws in Chicago are quite strict… Oh well, I’m sure Satya Conway-Rhodes will tell us soon how to solve it. She obviously sees a connection I must be missing.


  8. Tom Paine says:

    Seems My Predictions are Unfolding, apace…………………….
    ———- Yes, Madison can become Milwaukee, or with slightly more time, another Chicago.

    The Progressive Marathon continues under the flag of Antifa. Ha………gun control? Like we will reduce obesity by banning SPOONS. (Learned that in my Critical Thinking class at the UW)


  9. Sprocket says:

    Why is it, that whenever the lefties’ ghetto-pets crap in their yard, they think it’s acceptable to fling the turds over the fence into the neighbor’s yard? They built the government housing, social services and soft on crime policies that make their towns comfy nest for the stupid, lazy, and violent, then they put on the surprised Pikachu face when the entirely predictable happens. Mayor ding-bat is simply engaging in the age old liberal pastime of cost shifting from society’s failures to the average citizen.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    When they catch the perp, and they will, and lock him up, like they should, just watch:
    FreeDUMB Inc & the Derail the Jail Mensan Brain Trustees will claim (without a shred of proof or truth, ala the new face of the democrat Party OCRAZYo-Cortez) that he was forced to drink water from a toilet.

    The Gotch


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