Tenured UW radicals teach hate in Madison schools

and mau-mau Kaleem Caire

It is more than coincidence that Madison Metro School District’s administration building abuts the University of Wisconsin’s flagship campus. 

Gang of fourThe school district lives and breathes identity politics because they teach it at UW-Madison and at all leading schools of education across the country. That includes Harvard, from which superintendent Jennifer Cheatham received her doctoral degree and at which she will grow future crops. 

Even at a school as left-wing as UW-Madison, its school of education is radical left. Perhaps only the sociology department is more “woke.”

Four UW faculty members are the brains behind the Freedom, Inc. cadres who have been disrupting school board meetings these past two years. Freedom Inc.’s Bianca Gomez boasts that she hold’s a master’s degree in race and gender studies. They also staff MMSD’s TEEM Scholars Program.

The four faculty members operate what they call the “Mobilizing Youth Voices Project.” Its stated purpose:

To fight against racial, gender, queer oppression, while also striving to become critical educators in Madison in order to disrupt the harm that youth of color experience within our city. 

We have learned how each group is fighting for racial justice in their own unique ways and we support their efforts to make their voices heard by those in power in whatever format they choose. 

In particular, we have witnessed young people from Freedom Inc. … show up to school board meetings month after month for over a year armed with personal accounts and supportive research about the effects of police in schools only to be ignored, criticized, and criminalized.

This gang of four are:

Kendra P. Alexander, assistant professor, Civil Society and Community Studies. 

Bianca J. Baldridge, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies. (“Bianca’s research critically examines the confluence of race, class, and gender.”)

Erika C. Bullock, Department of Curriculum and Instruction. (One of her publications: “Rethinking teaching and learning mathematics for social justice from a critical race perspective” in the Journal of Education.) 

John B. Diamond, Kellner Family distinguished chair in urban education. (He teaches a graduate-level course in “Race, Class, & Educational Inequality.”)

‘Spirit murder’?

The Gang of Four’s latest screed resumes the mau-mau-ing of Madison education reformer Kaleem Caire for demanding that school kids quit F-bombing their teachers. After some contentious claptrap about white cops gunning down black youth indiscriminately, the four go in for the kill:

“In embracing this respectability narrative, Caire also invokes cultural racism and controlling images of Black women, core rhetorical strategies of contemporary racism and sexism. His unsubstantiated anecdotes about students “cursing out teachers and staff every day” notwithstanding, contemporary racism relies on the argument that Black people are culturally deficient, disrespectful, and prone to criminality and thus deserving of surveillance and punishment.”

Unsubstantiated anecdotes? How many teachers have to attest to the abuse before it is substantiated? Mobilizing Youth Voices Project enables the very disrespect and cultural deficiency that leads to criminality. No, say the Four, criticizing the F-bombers is “spirit murder.”

Caire embraces the controlling narrative of respectability politics by calling on Black, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous youth to “Learn Respect.” But following the route of respectability leads to a dead end.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: “Leads to a dead end”? — or a (maybe, ya’ think) leads to a job? The irony, of course, is that Kaleem Caire is teaching young people to read and write. Alexander, Baldridge, Bullock, and Diamond are teaching kids to hate. They should be thankful the state legislature does not defund the university by the amount of their salaries.

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12 Responses to Tenured UW radicals teach hate in Madison schools

  1. George's Son says:

    Saw that article earlier, and realized that Yes, there certainly ARE racists in Madison, and this group of woke folks are the worst of them. I notice Madison 365 doesn’t often allow comments, Gee….. wonder why… I look forward to comments here, they’re always Dang straight, w/ 2 or 3 ludicrous exceptions thrown in fer good measure (and a hardy laff…. ).


  2. Marge Bils says:

    Public schools have been hijacked by identity politics! And Madison’s liberals embrace this stuff!😡
    So thankful my son graduated several years ago!
    School choice programs need to be supported!

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  3. highhorseheels says:

    I hate the Madison School district so intensely, that I must use open enrollment because I would never take a teacher’s side against my kid in Madison. I blame the Ed school to a large degree, I have inside info on how they run things there. Also, I want him to be bothered less about his race, his gender or genders, his ethnicity, his sex life, and all things that are no ones business. I have all the stories I need, some experienced by our family unfortunately, to know that its child abuse to send a kid to school in the Madison district. Especially my white male child.


  4. Bob Dorn says:

    That’s right lefties, keep pushing even the moderate blacks in Trump’s direction. Good job!

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  5. madisonexpat says:

    Funny how there is no Diversity in this gang of four.


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Spirit MurderWhiskey Tango Foxtrot???

    Seriously, do Lefties (most, not all) sit around, on the public’$ dime, and come up with the most incredibly imbecilic concept they can and say: “Oh yeah, THIS is something our idiot base will just EAT UP“?

    ”disrupt** the harm that youth of color experience within our city.”

    Wait a minute.

    Thanks to the talented Ms. Muldrow, I know that the adjective disruptive is RACIST, is it in its **verb form as well?

    Doesn’t matter; anywho, my PhD in Rage Against Lefty Bull$#!T has a few suggestions:

    *LOSE THE EFFIN’ VICTIMHOODIE, you don’t get Equal Rights until you give up Special Rights
    *Hold POS parents accountable for their demon spawn
    *EMPHASIZE education, delayed gratification, self-restraint, hard work, wealth building, respect for yourself and others,
    *$#!TCAN Hip Hop/Gangsta culture, excuse-making, and the democrat Party that stands for Hate, War, & Racism!

    Especially that last one!

    The Gotch


  7. madisonexpat says:

    They say racism and hatred must be taught.
    Here’s your faculty.


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Yet another example of how utterly bankrupt–intellectually and ethically–the academic community has become. Tenured elites like those cited above sit cocooned their ivory towers spinning ever more deranged theoretical “constructs” (one of their favorite terms since they’re doing the constructing) that supposedly explain how things are–or how they ought to be done–never having to worry about being held to account for the chaos that results when their acolytes (in this case Madison’s school administrators) put their harebrained notions into practice. Oh, and don’t forget who’s paying their inflated salaries.


  9. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Math from a critical race perspective. Okay.


  10. Sprocket says:

    Gotta respect the hustle. Though they may want remember the last time racial identitarianism was the operative paradigm someone wound up picking cotton.


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