Classrooms in chaos? Kids running amok? We want you at Harvard!

Who says the Behavior Education Plan is a failure?
Its author ascends to the ivory tower

You, too, can join the faculty at our nation’s leading schools of education if you play identity politics. Too many kids of the wrong description causing trouble? Disparate impact. Change the rules! Chase the positive behavior coach out of town.

Jennifer Cheatham was radicalized at Harvard by her graduate professor (who decides a career’s life or death). She blames her success on “white privilege” nor hard work. (Story here.) That qualifies the lady for a dream job radicalizing tomorrow’s school system superintendents so that they judge students by their socio-economic class identity rather than by their individual performance. 

Image result for harvard universityHow did we get to this point? By the academic-identity politics complex that asks whether a straight white man (Joe Biden) could ever be nominated by his political party. 

Harvard, after all, is fighting a lawsuit brought that the Ivy League school holds Asian students to higher admission standards because too many of them excel academically. And no more voluntary, single-sex societies UNLESS they are “gender-focused” women’s groups! (More here.)

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) gave Harvard its“Red Light” rating, meaning that the institution has at least one policy that “clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.”

Jennifer Cheatham will leave but nothing has changed. Madison elected, if anything, an even racialized school board, a school board content to evict its school resource police officers despite increasing disorder. Helzz bellz, the school board can’t even maintain order at its own meetings.  

Meanwhile, back in the real world

From social media in the Midvale Heights neighborhood:

Tuesday, May 7 — My husband’s vehicle was stolen this morning by (we assume) high schoolers, and it was recovered this evening by MPD. (THANK YOU!). Unfortunately, these kids stole a spare set of keys to my vehicle that were in my husband’s car. We suspected this because there were a few kids walking up and down our street three times throughout the day, definitely scoping out our house.

One even approached my vehicle before I put it in the garage. The police have been alerted and have a description of the kids. I’m just very scared that they’re going to keep coming back until they get my car too. We are on Tokay near the Epic building, and the boys were seen on Tokay going east towards Segoe and then on Segoe and into Hyvee. I’m really hoping they just tossed the keys after the police were roaming the neighborhood, so if you happen to find a Toyota fob and key, please let me know!

Just to make this completely clear: we are 100% sure this boy has my keys. My husband and I were standing in our living room this morning and heard my vehicle beeping. My keys were untouched, hanging on their hook. The beeping continued, and that’s when we looked out the window and saw the boy across the street, looking at our house. We are being targeted.

The officers I’ve talked to have said that the younger kids are the ones who do the crimes because they are not getting in trouble for it.

I posted the pictures here in hopes that my neighbors would be vigilant and report what they see, so this nightmare can end. I am home alone with my four-year old son and do not feel safe. I do not have the mental stamina to defend myself right now. The police have contacted me to say they will have a presence in the neighborhood so they can try to catch this kid. I don’t think having extra eyes and ears is going to hurt anything.

My husband started his vehicle when he took the trash bins out to the road, then he came back inside to get his lunch and say goodbye. They took the car then. His is a keyless ignition, so he had the fob in his pocket. Once they turned the car off, they couldn’t get it on again, and they definitely tried.

A neighbor volunteered: 

Those kids look barely old enough to be riding a bike in the street. Someone ran a car onto our lawn the other day around 3:30 just after school let out. They ran over the curb multiple times, barely missed two street trees and a garden wall, and drove partway up a hill. Looking at the tire tracks I can’t even imagine what driving maneuvers were involved except to suspect it may have been kids in a stolen car. I wish Madison police and the schools would be more proactive because obviously this is a growing problem. I’m sorry about all the hassle and anguish you’re facing and hope your keys are recovered soon.

This neighbor in Spring Harbor:

Don’t worry, the Madison Police might get them, but the higher ups will give them a slap on the hand. Sorry to be so pessimistic but it is the truth. Most of these kids are known to the police yet city leaders want them to go thru some restorative justice program, whatever that is. The program is not working and innocent people like [Midvale Heights neighbor] get the worst of it. So Sorry [neighbor]! Where has common respect gone?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Kaleem Caire for Madison superintendent of schools. The one person who is actually DOING something about the racial achievement gap.

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Madison WI
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33 Responses to Classrooms in chaos? Kids running amok? We want you at Harvard!

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Identity politics completely overtook academia looooooong before it got a foothold anywhere else. One symptom is the proliferation of bogus “disciplines”–African-American Studies, Women’s Studies, Latinx (sounds like a cleaning product or prescription drug) Studies, Queer Studies, etc., etc.–that began way back in the late 1960s thanks to spineless administrators doing whatever was necessary to placate aggrieved minorities. Now students are required to take courses in these “departments” as part of their “cultural awareness” requirements. And the courses themselves are little more than a pretext for professors to foist their far-left fanaticism on students (who get to pay for the privilege). Needless to say, anyone graduating with a “degree” in one of of these fields might as well use it to paper the living room wall. The products of this system (Exhibit A: Jennifer Cheatham) go on to pollute other institutions with the twisted ideology they soaked up in Education Departments, leaving chaos and dissension in their wake.The swamp that academia has become makes Washington, D.C. look like Eden before the Fall.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Gary L. Kriewald;

      Sugarcoat it whydontcha.

      Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t do either, Lefty Activism. Too much of a moron for Lefty Activism? Commodify your…um…identity, weepily identify your rungs on the Grievance Ladder, and pursue the Diversity Leviathan.

      If you think THAT ain’t the place to be, guess again!

      Glenn Harlan Reynolds (“The Higher Education Bubble.”) fleshes it out a tad.

      “Even as the once-mighty University of California system slashes programs and raises tuition, it has created a new systemwide ‘vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion.’

      “This is on top of the already enormous University of California diversity machine, which, as Heather Mac Donald notes, ‘includes (but likely isn’t limited to):

      *the Chancellor’s Diversity Office,
      *the associate vice chancellor for faculty equity,
      *the assistant vice chancellor for diversity,
      *the faculty equity advisors,
      *the graduate diversity coordinators,
      *the staff diversity liaison,
      *the undergraduate student diversity liaison,
      *the graduate student diversity liaison,
      *the chief diversity officer,
      *the director of development for diversity initiatives,
      *the Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity,
      *the Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues,
      *the Committee on the Status of Women,
      *the Campus Council on Climate, Culture and Inclusion,
      *the Diversity Council,
      *the directors of the Cross-Cultural Center,
      *the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center, and,
      * the Women’s Center.”

      “While the UC system loses top cancer researchers to Rice University, it is creating new chaired professorships in, you guessed it, diversity studies.

      “Likewise, in North Carolina, UNC-Wilmington is combining the physics and geology departments to save money while diverting more funding to campus diversity offices.”

      Oy; we’ve gone from bad to diverse!

      Why? because Lefty wants it ALL to be FREE

      free /frē/ adverb:
      1–Without cost or payment
      2–At the expense of others

      The Gotch

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        The ubiquity of the “diversity”‘ mantra on college campuses reminds me of the chants members of a cult are required to perform in order to bolster their mindless devotion. It’s at the core of the leftist brainwashing that has taken the place of critical thinking and objective analysis that used to form the core of a college education. Of course, administrators still pay lip service to those ideals even as they continue their pogrom against anything or anyone that might expose the moral and intellectual bankruptcy that permeates today’s institutions of higher education.

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      • Normwegian says:

        The Gotch nailed it, again!

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Reynolds’ book was released ~ 7 years ago, add another year or two for the research.

        This labyrinthine $#!t-storm was in place nearly a decade ago which leaves one to ponder; has it:
        *gotten better,
        *stayed the same,
        *gotten worse, or
        *begun a one-way trip on the sheer sloped Highway to Hell with a gale force tail wind and wearing gasoline drawers?

        The Gotch


    • Normwegian says:

      Gary, you said what I’ve been trying to articulate, but you did it more eloquently.


    • Tom Paine says:

      Mr. Kriewald,

      Agree, of course, with your post. Shorthand version….Educrats don’t stand for principles and they’ve allowed “cultural” identity factors to replace universal principles of equality before the law and free speech. Educrats are paid too much. They will NOT risk their cushy employment terms to stand for principles of our civilization.

      How is it that that we have the equal protection clause………..with so many “unwritten, court-defined exceptions”? We all stand equally before the law, or we do not. Good intentions are not a substitute for legal equality. There is no intellectual or legal justification for an “Indian” Healthcare Service…for Indian gaming monopolies….for Indian scholarships….for Indian Preferences in hiring, etc. No, no justification at all, anymore than we should justify redneck preferences, or Nigerian preferences, or Italian preferences. Who would ever segregate urban food service and/or trash removal to only Italians, or people with a 1/32 Italian blood quantum? Who would justify that all commercial fishing rights should be distributed ONLY to Norwegians, or those who have a 1/32 Norwegian blood quantum? Who would justify a legal sausage monopoly to only those who have a 1/32 ethnic German blood quantum? Who would ever call for legal restrictions that bankers must be at least 1/32 Jewish? IMO, I think the problems can be traced back to some Supreme Court decision when “protected” classes were first created. Since then, the tar-ball of discrimination-in-the-name-of-progressivism has merely gathered momentum as it rolled down the hill. BULLSHIP

      Finally, I note again (with glee) that my arguments about the hopelessness of the situation in the polluted intellectual colony of Dane are consistent with the evolution of history-in-the-making. 🙂


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Cheat’em should work out just fine at Hahvahd, they’re steeped in the ongoing polishing of turds.

    To wit: They were, after all, perfectly fine with the 1997 Fordham Law Review claiming that Elizabeth “Fauxchahontas-Lieawatha” Warren was, and I quote:

    Harvard Law’s First Woman of Color.

    Those that occupy a fact-based reality may note Warren’s pasty-white appearance, but who you gonna trust; the Ivy League-n-Lefty Academia or your lyin’ eyes?

    Hahvahd doesn’t give a toss about actual diversity, just the mere appearance of it.

    But don’t take The Gotch’s word, ask Michael Wang.

    The Gotch

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  3. John Popanz says:

    Dave, have you gotten the call yet inviting you to be the new MMSD superintendent?
    If sane minds could prevail you’ll be a ‘shoe in’.

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  4. sahmpaw says:

    Yes! You or Kaleem, stat! I still cannot believe neither of you got a seat on the board.

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  5. coolkevs says:

    Who selects the new superintendent? If the school board has any input, it’s gonna be worse than Cheatham – like you said, Dave, it has to get worse, but where is the breaking point?

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  6. White Hills says:

    Is Cheatham having a baby? I doubt it. She’s too busy chasing the next grift.

    Anyone except a “credentialed professional educator” for the new superintendent. That’s code for more paper and less actual teaching and learning. The ladder is what real parents actually want. The real question is; will the new superintendent be even more of a grifter than Cheatham? If the first words out of any candidate’s mouth is “addressing the achievement gap,” we’re screwed. That’s code for increased race grifting.

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  7. Lynn Mason says:

    Perhaps they’ll appoint Toriana Petttaway.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Lynn Mason;

      “Perhaps they’ll appoint Toriana Petttaway.”

      That would certainly follow the LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand illogic that got Cheatham hired by Hahvahd.

      And with her recent…um…tepid review, she may be a “free agent” soon.

      The Gotch

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    • George's Son says:

      As good ol’ Desi Erasmus says, ““In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Tho Toriana may be doin’ some “California Dreamin”, (“I’d be safe and warm, If I was in L.A.”) per the many succulent job opps The Gotch kindly provided.


    • Tom Paine says:

      Der yuo goo, such altitterate candidate. 🙂


  8. Batman says:

    Word on the street is that an awful lot of local black folk REALLY do not like this blog.

    Wish they would comment and let us know why.


    • richard lesiak says:

      I seriously doubt you are hanging out on the street with “black folk”.


      • Batman says:

        Batman doesn’t traffic in identity politics like you folks on the Left.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          Isn’t that cute; @richard lesiak can’t fathom that the Black Community is capable of thinking any way other than the victimhoodie-centric, monocultural Lefty Way.

          Sounds right bigoted, prejudicial, and, yes, racist!

          ‘Course, what might one expect from a blind adherent to the the Klan, Jim Crow, anti-Civil/Voters Rights democrat Party of War, Hatred, Death, & RACISM.

          The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          batgirl; what “street
          ‘ were you on when you heard “black folk” don’t like this blog. PS…sober up gotch your post is sounding crazier than usual.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @richard lesiak;

          No one likes to fraternize with bigoted, prejudicial RACISTS, so run along!

          The Gotch


  9. Unit 1 says:

    Harvard, training sociopaths since the managerial revolution of 1984.


  10. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Nearly barfed while watching coverage of Cheatham’s resignation on the local news (Channel 15, but I’m sure it was the same on the other stations). Typical liberal love-fest, celebrating the departure of one of their elitist, entitled, self-absorbed, sanctimonious clones–with nary a whisper about any of the chaos she leaves in her wake. Surrounded by colleagues cooing about her “accomplishments,” none of which had anything to do with improving the lot of teachers or students. And of course her replacement will be a carbon copy–enticed to serve with a higher salary and more perks–that’s the Madison way.

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    • George's son says:

      Barfworthy “Love Fest” indeed, Gary. We keep the faith, but Alas, we may be doomed…. Yoiks, what/who next….


  11. Sprocket says:

    They’re leftists; the chaos left in her wake is her accomplishment. Their fundamental world view demands destruction of our current society, so it may be replaced with their utopian vision. Don’t be concerned, history shows this sort of thing usually ends splendidly.

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  12. Santosh Lestakat says:

    Blaska and Caire both got wiped in the last election….Madison doesn’t want either of them in public office.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Santosh Lestakat;

      In a fact-based reality, (Red Kryptonite to Lefties [most, not all]), more do than you’re aware.

      Ignore at your peril!

      The Gotch


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