Please do not endorse Blaska for school board!

At least The Capital Times is not institutionally racist
because they said so!

Capital Times bookEnjoyed my visit Friday with the candidate endorsement panel at my old employer, The Capital Times. It was good to see my old boss Dave Zweifel, who appeared hale and hearty at 79 years of age. Also sat before Lynn Danielson (the editorial page editor), Judie Kleinmeier (with whom I briefly worked), and their young education writer, Negassi Tesfamichael.

Enjoyed the visit.

The candidate for Seat #4 on the Madison school board probably asked more questions than did the panel of inquisition. Blaska queried the liberal journalists whether they believed in institutional racism — that is, can an entire institution be intrinsically racist down to its very corpuscles? Absolutely! came the answer.

It is true, to be a liberal, progressive, or socialist in America these days, one must believe that America is soaked in racism, sexism, militarism, capitalism, gerrymandering, tax cutting, opposition to partial-birth abortion, and other maladies fanned by the Orange One in Washington.

Are you now or have you ever been?

I asked if The Capital Times was institutionally racist. Absolutely not! was the indignant reply.

How about the Madison Metropolitan School District? Hmm. Um, dunno. Maybe. Get back to you on that.

Think about it, of its seven members, board president Mary Burke was the Democrat(ic) party’s nominee for governor in 2014. Three of the seven were elected as Progressive Dane, the party that is to the Bernie Sanders-AOC left of even a Dane County Democrat. Then there is the “so-called black man,” as one agitator described vice president James Howard. And latina Gloria Reyes.

Then again, The Capital Times has called for booting school resource officers from Madison’s troubled high schools, even though no parent organization, no school principal, no mainstream civil rights organization, — and certainly not the teachers union — has demanded cops out of school. Just Freedom Inc., Progressive Dane, the International Socialist Organization, and school board candidates Ananda Mirilli and Ali Muldrow.

In any event, Dave Zweifel recalled that the only time the CT endorsed Blaska in seven elections for county board was the only time he lost.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: They wouldn’t dare!

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5 Responses to Please do not endorse Blaska for school board!

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Good thing youse didn’t ask The Weekly Insert how their Union was doing…

    It gets better!

    From the ashes of despair, hope springs eternal.

    Madison Racial Equity Coordinator Toriana Pettaway Put On Paid Leave.

    While the (heh!) culprit remains at large (the supervisor who suspended her, Department of Civil Rights Director Norman Davis, is reportedly Black) the talented, consistent-to-a-fault, and…um…discriminating Ms. Pettaway appears to be focusing elsewhere.

    To wit:

    “These excessive attracts (sic) are the same patterns of institutional racism and harassment, retaliation of people of color I was hired to address for the City of Madison [..] Inside (sic) of addressing the issues you attract (sic) the messenger. The attacks, (sic) heighten (sic) when I announced my run for Mayor.”

    Sheesh, reprinting her meandering mental pathways require more as written attention than Jussie Smollett’s phone records require redacting.

    In related news, the columnist who wrote the above article (Chris Rickert) is likely burying the needle for being entered on Madison/Dane County Lefty $#!T-Lists.

    Why? He REPORTS; anathema to Lefty because it doesn’t support The Lefty Way narrative and, thus, can’t be spun to herd the uneducated feral class.

    The Gotch


  2. Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

    An interesting proposition: Maybe TCT could make a list of those organizations that are institutionally racist. Since they are obviously not, they would be in a good position to identify those that are. Let’s see, MTI? All charter or voucher schools? The Madison Police Department? The Madison City government? County Board? Freedom Inc? This could be very interesting.

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    How are the various unions at Madison Inc.doing?


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