The police haters are out-numbered by Madison’s caring parents

“Blaska has gone toe to toe with the social justice group Freedom Inc. at school board meetings on the need to keep police officers in the city’s four high schools.”  — The Capital Times 01-11-19

Newspaper Ad #2Speaks volumes that our adversaries (for they are not our enemies) cannot mount a cogent argument against police in schools. Instead, they resort to the “school-to-prison pipeline” canard — as if our all-minority school resource officers were scooping up kids for chewing gum in study hall.

We ran Part #1 a few days ago. Here is some of more bile skimmed from our Facebook page, Blaska For Safer Schools:

Garrett Gillaspie — All cops are bastards pal.

Brian Walter — What? Blastya is still alive? I thought the mice ate him. They probably threw up; they do that whenever they eat stuff that bubbles up out of the shallow end of the gene pool.

Christopher Sevenandahalf Ranney — David, you could maybe eat my shit? Just suck some shit from my butt?

Ana Moon — Fuck you.

No wonder Freedom Inc. relentless F-bombs the Madison Board of Education.

No one has fought harder for safer schools

But the response at our Facebook page, Blaska For Safer Schools, has been overwhelmingly favorable. Here is a sampling:

Marge Bils — No one can learn in a disruptive environment. Teachers & students are threatened daily and no one in the school administration seems to care. … David is willing to do what parents who have students in the schools are not willing to do — get involved. … Students who truly want to learn are not threatened by the EROs; they benefit from the relationship.

Vicki Olson — The problem is the kids think they can do what they want. It is not O.K. Parents do not teach right from wrong. School has to not let them run around like animals. I see it every day. I live down the street from East. Swearing, fighting, smoking weed — I am really sick of it!

John Quamme — Sounds like the 14 teachers that quit La Follette at the start of the year. That Is now screwing the students this year. MMSD is screwing its families. Enough is enough!

Jennifer Drew — This is so ridiculous. There needs to be something these teachers can do against the entitled, disrespectful, downright mean kids. nobody should be treated this way especially teachers.

Jackie Walker — You need armed guards at the doors of this school.Also a drug rehab counselor on hand. Most of the kids are on drugs. And not marijuana! If they checked lockers and backpacks they would find out. Its sad. Close the doors or get someone to run this daycare. Its killing these young kids. Parents open up your eyes.

Shannon M Balousek — So basically the only way its changed since I went there was to get worse. 

Restorative justice room

at La Follette h.s.

Real parents support school resource officers

Rene Ruhland — It used to be that children that acted up like that were removed from the classroom and taken into a special ed room specifically for them. Now our kids tell us that THEY have to leave the classroom there is a child acting up. So, currently, the 20 well behaved children’s education is being disrupted while they utilize their learning environment to “calm down” a disruptive child. Its absolutely ridiculous. And I am speaking of Sherman Middle School.

Kaylie Schmidt — In case anyone missed the point, I thoroughly support officers in schools. If you can’t convince your own child to stay in class, who else will?

Megan Black — I support officers in schools. Our school had one. It was fine. But also, I can’t tell if this video is legitimate or if it’s propaganda. I’m leaning more towards legitimate because disruptive behavior in schools is a major issue and schools need to become more strict.

John Quamme — Sounds like the 14 teachers that quit La Follette at the start of the year. That is now screwing the students this year. MMSD is screwing its families. Enough is enough

Carole-Anne Schreiber — This is why I left the education field in 1999. Teachers get no support. I was injured by a 400 lb 7th-grader throwing a chair.

Earl Kielley [a former school board member ] — Efforts are obviously taking place to exaggerate efforts by Mr Blaska. Become informed, take time to listen, obtain credible information, and the truth will prevail. He is an intelligent person with a listening ear and makes informed decisions. These characteristics are in short supply with too many current board members and is exactly the reason why we need Blaska on the school board.

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6 Responses to The police haters are out-numbered by Madison’s caring parents

  1. jeffsimpson7 says:

    “Blaska has gone toe to toe with the social justice group Freedom Inc. at school board meetings — bragging about going toe to toe with a bunch of 16 year old high schoolers, not sure if that makes you couragous or creepy.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      To no one’s surprise, yer mistaken Li’l Jeffy.

      FreeDUMB Inc ISN’T a bunch of 16 year-olds….chronologically, leastways.

      They’re a collective of professional grifters that couldn’t work their way out of a hempen homespun bag.

      If yer after something creepy, take a look at their job (a term The Gotch uses with extreme caution) titles.

      The Gotch


    • David Blaska says:

      See if you can spot the 16-year old:

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  2. Marcus says:

    I think the intersection exists in Jeffie’s ass, cause his head is clearly up it.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Would it be fair to say you’s aren’t fans of Li’l Jeffy?

    The Gotch


  4. Eric Z says:

    Hey Jeff, maybe you would like to get thrown on the ground, kicked repeatedly, have your wallet stolen etc… by teenagers. Or have your car boosted and then crashed by, TEENAGERS! Don’t try to confuse the issue. The drug and thug crowd IS dangerous. But, when one looks at the emerald city through rose colored glasses one only sees glitter, unicorn breath, and URRP, progressiveness. If I hadn’t moved out of madison 5yrs ago due to the cruddy schools, I would vote for Dave.


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