‘We pulled our kids out, too’

Rather than improve Madison schools,
Tuesday’s school board candidates would slam shut the exits

When your congenial yet irascible host first ran for public office way back in 1994, on-line social media consisted of BBS bulletin boards accessible by dial-up modems (BRR-BUZZ-Beep Beep!), run by dweebie kids in their basement. But Blaska for Safer Schools is waging our campaign on Facebook, big time, and hoping young Zuckerberg plays fair.

Do visit my facebook page. Here are a smattering of the comments we have received since Friday morning:

Teacher suffers traumatic brain injury

Jennifer Drake Figy  My husband’s 20+ year career started and ended at [Sherman middle school] due to a student’s physical violence against him. Amazing what a traumatic brain injury can do to a person! (Student slammed the classroom door on my husband’s head.)

Lisa Walton — Nowhere is [Blaska] saying beat the kids or anything like that. … Madison schools don’t believe in discipline at all because they’re too afraid of offending someone. They think talking can solve all problems. One of the many reasons we pulled our kids out, too.

John Easterday — It is a given one cannot provide mental health treatment in an unsafe environment. The same applies to schools. One needs a safe environment to teach and to learn.

Tobias Alastor Phoenix — I do expect the school to discipline them as students if they misbehave. Disciplining is the job of the parents. It does seem parents have done a poor job in disciplining kids though. Either way, many families and children suffer and behave due to all kinds of reasons, and they need help.

If it ain’t working …?

Linda MccartWhat happened to holding kids responsible for their behavior? Who let things get completely out of control? In most places when one discovers something isn’t working, one changes course.

Jill CernigliaMy grandson was so bullied there he had to be escorted from the car to door and after school. He is no longer at the school and lives out of Madison. Thank God. We need someone that is going to take care of the violence in our schools. It is sad that the schools and the decisions of not making kids responsible for their actions has lead to have this kind of discussion.

Scott McNeill — This type of behavior, if left unchecked, will make these kids LESS employable. In the long run, this policy hurts teaching professionals, kids themselves. I want ALL kids employable and to succeed in whatever they choose. Starts with a safe environment with accountability.

Margaret Savides Benbow — … I won’t be voting for Blaska. But he is correct that after the adoption of the Behavior Education Plan, which did away with consequences for violent student behavior, there was a huge upswing in violent and unsafe incidents. This included bullying classmates, attacking teachers, loudly disrupting lessons and attempts to study and learn. Nobody is saying that the solution is beating kids with a board.

At the very least, the so-called BEP should be abandoned as the failure it is and former standards of behavior and consequences should prevail. And this should happen as soon as possible.

Pam Jackson — Children should be taught respect in the home, and reinforced in the school. Not enough parents take the time to be involved in their child’s education plan, expecting the teachers to do their job for them. Madison Public Schools has turned soft to discipline or any other deterrent of bad behavior due to standing lawsuits from lazy parents. They are afraid of discrimination lawsuits as well. This should not be the case.

Parents need to take more responsibility for their children’s education and behavior, and not place the blame of failure elsewhere. I see how these children act in school, on the bus, the library, and in the mall. Although it is not my child acting out, I am embarrassed to be in the presence of some of these teens in Madison.

Vote for safety in schools

JeannieCampbell  Children need to know they can be sad and/ or angry and helped to develop some techniques to help self calm and manage those strong emotions and stand up to peer pressure.

But they also need to know that if they rip up a bulletin board, verbally disrespect a teacher or fellow student or staff member or steal or fight there will be consequences and they will not be pleasant. In school suspension and loss of privileges and staying after school and the like should be available as options for educators to use with their students as mich as mindfulness and yoga training, because unfortunately some children need to have the stick while others respond better to the carrot.

James R Sawchuk — Sounds like the system needs a complete overhaul.

Susan Gregory TitusVote for safety in schools. Vote David!


But the enablers had their say, too

Because it is social media, the Ali Muldrow supporters flooded the zone.  

Jocelyne Rodriguez — Fuck the Madison Police. Racist fuck.

Elizabeth Mannering — Take your privilege and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, Dave.

Merideth JoAnne Fetting — You’re nothing but a sick, twisted, old racist.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Those last three “ladies” elected the current school board. Can we put the brakes on this imminent train wreck? Visit my web page at www.blaskaforsaferschools.org and drop some coins in the collection plate.

Add your voice to the debate on my Facebook page. And vote Tuesday, February 19. 

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8 Responses to ‘We pulled our kids out, too’

  1. Marcus says:

    As I’ve said before, as they exist now, sending your kids to MMSD Schools is tantamount to child abuse.


  2. Kevin Baggett says:

    I’ll be voting for you and Caire on Tuesday!

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  3. dad29 says:


    At the HS I attended, misbehavior earned one a trip to the vice-principal’s office. The student was given a choice: either 1 hour after school doing mindless multiplication exercises non-stop, OR 5 “swats.” “Swats were administered by the vice-principal, who used a golf driver (head sawed off) applied across the gluteous maximus of the offender. No, I’m not making it up.

    So the kids had a choice: they could take the pain and go home on time, or skip the pain and go home late–and if THAT was the choice, the parents were damned sure going to be asking questions with the usual unpleasant consequences.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    I did three years of high school in Chicago. All male, students and faculty. You could take a swing at a teacher then he could knock you out.


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The comments by Rodriguez, Mannering, and Fettig demonstrate all too clearly the fathomless venom and intolerance lurking beneath the civilized veneer of Madison liberals. They’re perfectly content with a school system that reinforces the toxic dysfunction of so many “families” who raise kids to believe that disobedience is the surest way to get what you want and that the function of anyone in authority is to victimize and marginalize them. Here’s hoping that the outcome of Tuesday’s election will show those in charge that there are still some residents of this city that haven’t succumbed to the miasma of groupthink that permeates Madison politics.


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Graduation Trend Good, But Too Many Families Leave Madison Schools

    Way to go Lefties, this is what yer approach to education and BULL$#!T policy decisions hath wrought!

    Subtraction by Attrition; only in LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand.

    The Gotch


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  8. sahmpaw says:

    We never put our kids in! But I think what the schools are churning out is affecting the city – almost weekly there is a home burglarly or car theft on the Southwest Side of Madison. That is why we care who is on the school board. We voted Blaska, Roe and Caire on Tuesday. Not disciplining kids is not good for them and it’s not good for the other students. Young adults being taught the current liberal garbage are getting disciplined (i.e. fired) for getting “offended” and protesting when their boss gives them an order.


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