Only in Madison WI: ‘Equity’ for hip hop music

Any more “equity” and we can all shelter in place

Your tax dollars at work

Leave it to the Emerald City to form a task force on “Equity in Music and Entertainment.” Its civil rights mission? To save a form of music known as hip hop, of which gangsta rap is a constituent.

Formed a year ago, this special interest group now coughs up a 34-page report that — once again — curses Racism Most Foul. Racism is “the Number One barrier to maintain diverse entertainment catering to patrons of color.”

Remember when task forces were formed to address impending crises, like famine or pandemic disease? This task force recommends 32 action items to redress this newly discovered injustice. (SNARK ALERT!) Moses only had 10. 

The task force recommends hiring a full-time, $60,000-a-year bureaucrat to promote hip hop music which, the WI State Journal noted, “has been largely absent in the city since incidents of violence.” (The task force report here.)


What violence?

The record shows venue after venue dropping hip hop after experiencing violence, including shootings. Those include:

The Klinic, Adair’s Lounge, King Club, Seven, Mass Appeal, Kimia Lounge, The Underground, Club Hilltopp, Que Sera, Stillwaters, and Club Majestic. 

      • Announcing no more hip hop in January 2013, the owner of The Frequency announced: “My landlord, the city, and my neighborhood association have made it very clear that this cannot happen again. I will not take another chance and put my employees and patrons in danger.”
      • In February 2009 the Brink Lounge stopped hosting hip-hop shows following a Valentine’s Day party that ended in a fight. 
      • During a December 2011 Christmas Eve hip-hop party at the Majestic Theatre at least two people drew guns. 
      • Then in January 2012 High Noon Saloon suspended hip-hop bookings when a gun was discharged in the venue’s bathroom during a hip-hop dance party.

Blame the police

Once again, Madison police are targeted. For some reason, Police “should reduce police presence in communities of color.” That is Recommendation #23. Just keep away from those “communities.” Just getting started, the task force recommends cops be sent to re-education camp for training in “cultural competency.” The Klan-riding police will have company. The news media, city public relations staff, bartenders, bouncers, food servers would be subjected to “anti-bias training.”

Festival organizers are put on notice. If Polka Fest gets city money, be certain to “ensure that artists of color and specifically Hip-Hop artists, are incorporated into their programming.” And free transportation to hip hop venues. Valet parking was not mentioned, far as we can determine.

Hip hop coming soon to a neighborhood near you

The full-time city hip-hop coordinator is just a start.

  • Within two years, the City should hire a consultant to develop a plan to build music infrastructure to support independent artists.
  • And in a few more years, locate hip hop venues on the far east and west sides — places like Westgate Mall on Whitney Way.
  • Not only that, subsidize hip hop with city tax dollars!

Within one year, the City should consider providing grants or sliding-scale fees for arts events that require permits. Bringing a community together around music should be achievable for all citizens at all income levels.

Please, Alder Skidmore, ask for a roll call when the Common Council votes to accept Agenda Item #95 Tuesday night. (12-04-18). This travesty was sponsored by Mayor Soglin and Alders Michael Verveer, Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, Marsha A. Rummel. 

Conservatives already know the answer but, please, our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances: do you really believe this is the proper role of government?

If I had a hammered dulcimer

As for the violence, sociology majors at UW-Madison say that the shootings at live hip hop events are no different than those at a performance of Lou and Peter Berryman. 

Tell that to club owners paying liability insurance premiums and facing the city alcohol license renewals. 

Wikipedia tracks a growing list (now up to 38) of murdered hip hop artists, including Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. Almost all were “shot and killed” but someone named “Bugz” was “shot and run over.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We could find no parallel list of murdered folk singers. 

Related: “UW Madison professor on misogyny in hip hop.”  

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31 Responses to Only in Madison WI: ‘Equity’ for hip hop music

  1. Scott F says:

    It’s the culture, stupid!


  2. Elvis is rolling over in his grave! ….that is IF he’s really dead.


  3. White Hills says:

    hip hop = low rent

    White girlz gonna white. Not really into twerking.


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Seriously…SERIOUSLY…is the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality being shaven by a drunken barber?

    If so, that barber best be certified to clip heads from ALL cultures.

    Anywho, why didn’t our fair city step in when the laughably impotent gigs of 92.1 FM AirAmerica/The Mic and 1670 AM’s Sly/SLIME succumbed to the hilariously ironic economic reality of disinterest?

    Was protection not extended because those entities weren’t properly represented by enough vocal victim group members to whom we ought suck up, I mean, didn’t have enough diversity?

    And why didn’t the local We Know What’s Best For You crowd intervene in the ONLY manner that would have guarandamnteed their success; taxpayer-supported/BIG GUBMINT mandated listenership?

    Likely my failing, but I prefer The Blues: Cray, King, James, Johnson, Hopkins, Hurt, Guy, Mo’, Mahal, McDowell, et al.

    There’s no accounting for taste, but what The Blues DO lack is ​THIS.

    The Gotch


  5. dad29 says:

    Did your fair City PAY anything for this “report”?

    If so, what sort of masochists still live there and pay taxes? Hmmmmmm????


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “Did your fair City PAY anything for this ‘report’?”

      If it hasn’t already, it will; trust me!

      “If so, what sort of masochists still live there and pay taxes? Hmmmmmm????”

      While it should come as no surprise that I anxiously await all yer undeniably astute observations, I find this one missing the mark.

      Paying what the long-suffering Mrs. Gotch and myself pay in property taxes, mind-bogglingly-off-the-charts high for comp’s in other SMSA’s, we reserve the right to bitch about what we pay…OUT LOUD!

      To wit:

      According to my pal, former 20th District Alder Thuy Pham-Remmele, fewer than half of Madison property-owners pay property taxes; they’re waived under all manner of forgiveness.

      That makes us minorities, am I right?

      Anywho, isn’t this about how everybody should bend WAY over for, I mean support, <b<Hip-Hop and, you know, like, diversity. And not only that, but, to combat, like, you know, racism?

      Yer interest in this is palpable; please list the selfless efforts youse’ve made that have advanced Madison Hip-Hop.

      Thank youse in advance.

      The Gotch


      • dad29 says:

        I have not, and never will, make any selfless (nor selfish) efforts to advance hip-hop in Madison. Since Madison is already largely overcome with advance-stage societal decay, there is no need for more. We await the day when we can simply light the match for the funeral pyre.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          Had there been any question why I would anxiously await yer every undeniably astute observation, let the above put it to rest!

          The Gotch


  6. Gordy Sussman says:

    The genre is well known for its generous use of “the N word” and horrible misogynistic characterizations of women and girls. Glad the culture power elite hereabouts are so inclusive, and find merit in welcoming all worldviews.


    • White Hills says:

      They don’t listen to hip hop. They’re very bothered that you aren’t listening to it and bowing to its grievances.


  7. Rich Eggleston says:

    Shootings at Lou and Peter Barryman concerts? I must have missed the paper that day. Have there been any shootings or (more likely) sexual assaults at Cherish the Ladies events? Is that why they canceled their concert at the Barrymore? This sordidness no doubt escaped the media’s attention too. Tsk, tsk.


    • David Blaska says:

      The point is right there in front of you, Rich. Reach out and grasp it with both hands: Why are taxpayers being asked to subsidize misogynist and racist music that glorifies criminality? Especially when the evidence is that it seems to provoke criminality?


  8. Tom Paine says:

    Only 315 Million views of this great Hip Hop artist. Surely, none can deny that this is high culture, the apotheosis of Equity Kulture.

    315 MILLION views. Man, dat be slap-n-da face to Da Donnell and Tony Evers. We need more of the artist 69 in our grade schools. More in our middle schools, too. Gottsta start-em right. Knoe the boundrees of your colors. Gottsta start-em young so girls knoe about street life, jons, pink Caddy’s and the Big H. Equity. More weed for the youngsters. Bring it on. Narcan in every teacher’s desk. Gottsta save them from the poison of White Kulture.

    I’m tellin ya, these are values to fight for. We can’t give up. No finer hour in the fight for Equity. Legislate virtue NOW.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “… these are values to fight for.” I wonder how many of the Greatest Generation would have been willing to make the sacrifices they made for this country if they knew the sordid depths to which it would devolve.


      • Tom Paine says:

        How many? IMO, only commies and there were many more in the US government than scholars of the post-Murrow era ever acknowledged before the Venona Papers were released to the public.
        The Great Betrayal continues under the uncritical banner of “for future generations.” Having met and taught at least one generation, post-Vietnam, I don’t think “the kids” were worthy of concern. They certainly have rejected fundamental principles of WWII era by adopting, uncritically, identity politics and racism. Hell, even MLKing, Jr.’s principles have been rejected.
        Hope many here were able to view Heather Mac Donald on Mark Levin’s hour, last night.


  9. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Some of the more seasoned/mature commentators here may remember “The Klinic” as “The Office,” run by my Uncle Cam Hubanks (of ”The Ave” fame), back in the day.

    I had a gig cleaning up on Saturday mornings in the summer and fall of 1969. Served up “Cam’s Hawaiian Burgers” on UW game days and rode the chartered bus full of Cardinal-n-White clad revelers to Camp Randall.

    It’s also where I learned that beginning the day drinking didn’t always turn out for the best.

    And that women’s bathrooms were ALWAYS more of a…um…challenge than the men’s!

    The Gotch


  10. Batman says:

    If you’re not Michael Jackson you can always do Hip Hop.
    Notice how much fun the crowd is having, peacefully.


  11. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Just happened to catch a story on one of the local news broadcasts that is, in its own way, as revealing of Madison kulture as the subject of this post. It seems a local boutique brewery (one of about 50,000 in this town) owned by a transgender person (who, like most of them, looked like a guy in a dress) is donating part of its profits to the cause du jour of preventing sexual assault. So now you get to feel good about yourself by tossing back an overpriced artisanal brewski while congratulating yourself on your social justice creds. Only in Madison.


  12. Citizen Dave's Remington 700 says:

    There is really no difference between this and Madison Prep.


    • David Blaska says:

      Bad at math, are we? Madison Prep wanted to educate children that the state is already obligated to educate — only with stricter rules and higher standards. The city is being asked to subsidize one genre of a music industry — a genre that celebrates violence.

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      • Batman says:



      • richard lesiak says:

        The city is being asked; what is their answer?


      • Citizen Dave's Remington 700 says:

        You’ve said that your school was de facto black (and segregated by sex on top of that). Really, what’s the difference funneling money to blacks through your buddy Kareem’s racially segregated school, and funneling money to blacks through some hip hop subsidy? I’ll grant you a few decimal points, as I don’t think your school was cheap, but beyond that? Who’s to say that Madison’s aspiring rap artists wouldn’t benefit from more hip hop concerts versus some khakis and polo shirts? Maybe if they are at the hip hop shows at night, they won’t be stealing cars. You’ve gotta think big picture here, Dave!

        “Madison Prep wanted to educate children that the state is already obligated to educate” … AND THAT THE STATE ALREADY EDUCATES, DAVE!

        Why aren’t blacks capable of going to the same schools as whites?
        Why do you think they have to go to their own special school?


        • David Blaska says:

          What’s the difference? Results, for one thing. The other difference that eludes you is that we already subsidize K-12 education. Will it be education that demands responsible behavior or makes excuses based on race, which is now the rule at Madison schools? That what Kaleem Caire was trying to do. If I could, I would make the entirety of Madison public schools a Madison Prep, with principal Hardass at the controls in every school. At least Madison Prep would have been a small oasis of sanity amidst the liberal-progressive-socialist nonsense. If you think “the state already educates” black children, Remington 007, you haven’t been looking at the latest DPI school report card.


  13. madisonexpat says:

    To a stunningly stupid proposition, Remington manages to dumb it down even more. I’d have said that wouldn’t have been possible.


  14. Sprocket says:

    Having lived across the street from a venue that hosted hip-hop events, I can assure all and sundry that hip-hop venues are cancer. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying, an idiot, or a scumbag.

    I found it interesting to observe the differences between genres. Punk, rock, and heavy metal nights only produced loud music and loud drunks. Hip-hop, by contrast always produced mayhem; fights (both men and women), screaming, sideshows in the street. In the morning one would step out their door to a sidewalk littered with drug leavings and bits of torn out weave (cleverly labeled “tumbleweaves” by one roommate).

    This is not unique, this is every hip hop venue and event. I don’t think this is lost on the leftie pols. They know conservatives will pull up stakes, rather than live with savages. Whereas lefties either love the ethnicky hipster cred of crime ridden neighborhoods or see bringing crime into their neighborhoods as an act of penance for their heritage and punishment for their conservative neighbors.


  15. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Taxpayer-assisted promotion of Talking-Into-A-Microphone, which FAR more often than not features lyrics that depict the glorifying of self-defeating behaviors?

    And in a city with the embarrassingly horrendous Achievement Gap of Madison’s?

    Which begs the question: What took this so long to gain traction? And will only ONE full-time position be enough?

    The Gotch


  16. Eric Z says:

    Too bad Dave Wiganowski isnt around to speak about the reality of hip-hop. He sold gallons of Hennesy to the drugs and thugs crowd at $8.00 a drink. That is, until the police calls and gunshots darn near put him out of business. Another good one gone too early.


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