La plus ca change, Tony Evers …

Le plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Now that the balloons have popped and the keg drained, we must caution our liberal, progressive, and socialist acquaintances here in Wisconsin to temper their expectations after Tuesday’s changing of the guard. Because Wisconsin ain’t gonna change all that much, folks.

Tony Evers loves his schools

Tony Evers

Government employees will be sorely disappointed when they realize that Tony Evers will not abolish Act 10 because he does not have the votes in the legislature. The Assembly remains overwhelmingly Republican and the State Senate is now 19-14 Republican, a pick-up of one.

Scott Walker will relinquish office after the turn of the year but his tax cuts are safe. Speaker Robin Vos and Senate president Scott Fitzgerald will not raise taxes.

Tony Evers can not pull 28,000 poor and largely minority-race kids in Milwaukee out of their chosen private schools, although he — and his teachers union donors — would dearly love to. School choice is the law and that ain’t gonna change.

Gov.-elect Evers will not abolish Right to Work. It will remain law. Voter I.D. will survive as well. Democrats proved they were able to properly identify themselves when they voted Evers-Mandela into office. 

The new administration will not go on a road-building binge, though Speaker Vos may wish it, unless Fitzgerald’s Senate has a change of heart. Gov. Evers will not kick the DNR secretary out of his cabinet and restore that important agency to the direction of an unelected and largely anonymous board of directors. 

Ever’s DNR will hassle large dairy farms and vegetable growers. He’ll rattle FoxConn’s cage in public but assure CEO Terry Gou that it’s just chum to fire up his base. Tony Evers is not going to chase thousands of good-paying, high-tech jobs out of Wisconsin. Those agreements have already been signed.

Here is a wild prediction: Tony Evers, coming into office as an independently elected superintendent of public instruction, could actually argue for making the position an appointive cabinet secretary. As it stands now, education travels in its own elliptical orbit instead of sitting at the governor’s table. Requires a constitutional change but the Republican legislature would jump at approving the required binding statewide referendum. Well, it could happen.

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5 Responses to La plus ca change, Tony Evers …

  1. gene larson says:

    you republicans need to cheat tow in. It has been a joy saying goodbye to your lord and savior walker.


    • @gene larson;

      “you republicans need to cheat tow in” (?)

      Assuming youse meant cheat to win, Righty can’t hold a candle to the Hillarity Keystone Kop Kabal.

      And joy? Nowhere NEAR</b the joy of never having to say hello to the lyin’ thievin’ deceivin’ Harpy!

      The Gotch


  2. Gordon Sussman says:

    If Mr. Evers hasn’t the discipline to leave well enough alone, hopefully his pals in the Legislative branch will make sure he does so. That said, when the self styled “conservatives” there try to transfer tens of millions of dollars from taxpayers to Kimberley Clark later this month, hopefully Mr. Evers will veto any such nonsense.


  3. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    Ever’s contention that he will increase taxes on “the rich” is just laughable. Any politician who tells you that has no idea how things actually work. To begin with, the rich already pay the lion’s share of taxes and that is a fact. But there is also an axiom about taxes that says, when men think the tax rates are unfair, they make their own tax rates.

    And the rich have the resources and means to set the effective tax rates more than the common man realizes. In short, they will not just stand still and be hosed off. There are 3 ways to immediately lower your tax rate. One, avoidance (legal,) two, evasion (illegal,) and three, take the money and run (move.) Beyond those 3, most people don’t realize the control that business owners also can exert over their annual income.

    The fact is the top 20% of income earners pay 87% of all income tax. Do you think that’s not enough to be considered their “fair share?”


    • Tom Paine says:

      Pat, financial BIGOTRY is fully authorized plank of the “Social Justice” movement. Like 19th Century Racism, no intellectual contradiction to Dims. And, besides. Where else dey going to get funds for rail projects to Ashland?


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