Paul Soglin ain’t in but he ain’t out, either.

paulSoglinPaul Soglin may not be in but don’t count him out. Mayor-for-life Soglin does not like the current cast of characters who have announced for mayor — seven at last count — particularly Mo Cheeks, a poseur if ever there was one.

We’re guessing Soglin announces for re-election as mayor of Madison but only after the November 6 partisan election. If Tony Evers wins governor, strike what we just wrote. Paul Soglin would head up a cabinet agency in a Democrat(ic) administration.

He’s keeping his options open. The business community knows that. Filing deadline isn’t until late December. Municipal elections (including school board) are way off in April. Plenty of time.

In addition to Ald. Cheeks, other candidates are former alder Satya Rhodes-Conway, now with the left-wing think tank COWS; Toriana Pettaway, Madison’s racial equity coordinator; firefighter and former school boarder Michael Flores; professional enviro Raj Shukla; comedian Nick Hart, and Prog Dane radical comedienne Brenda Konkel.


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14 Responses to Paul Soglin ain’t in but he ain’t out, either.

  1. richard lesiak says:

    And on your side you have who????????? Are you willing to endorse someone?


  2. Eric Z says:

    WOW! Never thought I’d see the day where hizzoner is the best of the lot. What a sorry excuse for a list of “candidates”. Look for more restorative justice and free stuff.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Sorry excuse, indeed. They’re Madison’s version of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ”And on your side you have who?????????”

    A point has been made, not by deft observation, but by sheer unintended STOOPID luck.

    The 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality and the Dane County Board have been, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, inundated with myopically moronic Lefties.

    This fine for the Hempen Homespun crowd. They’re happy as widdle sustainably-raised, free range, fair trade, GREEN, organic, locally-sourced, humanely dispatched clams and get to crow-n-preen-thump their concave chests about how The Greater Good Is Being Recognized And Served by One Party Rule.

    Better not too bring up the State and the Country, who don’t/won’t buy their wholesale bull$#!t.

    Anywho, inside their redolent little patchouli oil palace, handlers pacify their glassy eyin’ lock-steppin’ unquestionin’ Cannon Fodder charges with real real nice visual baubles like BIKIE infrastructure, land-banking, public markets, edible landscapes, Trollies, light Choo-Choos, RtD & Naked BIKIE rides, Sister Cities, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    Bring up the Achievement Gap, some of the highest property taxes in the known Universe, ever-expanding homelessness, children that are either starving to death or too freakin’ fat (depending on the narrative-du-jour), classrooms that are ruled by thugs, teachers that are afraid to come to work, increasing gang activity and all the niceties that entails, and you’s get the Deer-In-The-Headlights 1000 yard stare.

    Hypocrisy? We don’t need no stinkin’ hypocrisy!!!!

    *Union Proud/Union Strong rallies with parking lots filled with non-Union made EcoBoxes,
    *slave labor assembled TREK BIKIES as far as the eye can see,
    *Green Space savin’ urban infill project meetings filled with weenie-whining NIMBY Lefties,
    *Diversity championin’ Equal Outcomes cheerin’ throngs claiming the Shorewood Hills low income housing proposal and the Mt. Olive Church site for Madison Prep just weren’t a good fit for their neighborhoods.

    The burning question? Why hasn’t The Emerald City devolved into a 3rd World $#!THOLE like all the other excellent democrat experiments like Chicago, St. Louis, Benton Harbor, Detroit, LA, Newark, Cleveland, Memphis, Kansas City, etc., etc., etc.?

    Ah Lefty; so MUCH hypocrisy, so little time!

    The Gotch


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Wow, the Muse clearly descended on CG today. Seldom have I read a more accurate (and entertaining) characterization of Madison and Madisonians. In answer to your final question: Madison hasn’t devolved into a “3rd World S#!THOLE” because it is and always has been the epicenter of (unearned) privilege and entitlement. As the state capital and site of the flagship campus of the UW System, it has been assured of thousands of cushy, high-paying public-sector jobs that never go away. (That’s why it boasts of being “recession-proof.”) It’s also why Madison’s liberal elites never tire of delivering pious little sermons on the evils of income inequality while boasting the highest cost of living in the state and why they can watch complacently as the few remaining working-class families get priced out of the housing market.while luxury high-rises proliferate like daisies in springtime.


    • richard lesiak says:

      After all that yapping you still haven’t given me the name of anyone you support. Do you even have one? Anybody? Typical smoke screen with no substance.


    • richard lesiak says:

      So why don’t you run bigmouth?


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @AnonyBob’s unequivocally unflattering comment nests quite nicely, and ironically, under FAR-n-AWAY the biggest purveyor of gibberish and grammatical 切腹 (seppuku) on this blog.

      It gets worse.

      A “The Hill” poll shows 45 % saw Lefty news coverage as biased against the Justice Kavanaugh proceedings.

      And worse yet!

      Independent voters overwhelmingly disapprove of the democrat handling of the Kavanaugh nomination by a WHOPPING 28-point margin according to a new CNN/SSRS poll.

      Keep it up Lefties, voters are watching!

      The Gotch


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Tucker Carlson:

    “(Gutless Lefties are) yelling at Republicans in restaurants and airports. They’re pounding on the front doors of the Supreme Court. They’re blocking intersections, threatening passersby on the street. This is the (clueless) youth-wing of the (democrat) Party.


    And idiot Lefties are lapping it up widdle kitties! It’s tres cute; they think they’re relevant, just like DEADBEAT donut makers do.

    The Gotch


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