The Squire blew off Monday’s school board meeting

‘Can’t stop people from disrupting’

The Squire observed the Madison Board of Education at the safe remove of the Manor’s ancient b&w Philco. His positive behavior reinforcement coaches are marshaling the Squire’s diminishing energy for the confrontation sure to come at the school board’s next meeting October 29, when the formal recommendation to retain police in our troubled high schools will likely be considered.

The ad hoc committee on Educational Resource Officers meets 5 p.m. Wednesday (9-26-18) to finalize its reccs and multifarious caveats, codicils, and conditions designed to stop Madison police from harassing students of color. (Will probably attend but cannot determine if comments will be permitted.) We summarize that hot mess here. 


But the usual suspects did show Monday night at MMSD world headquarters. The shouters consumed one hour and 41 minutes with their usual hyperbole, imprecation, race-baiting, and outright bullshit. We captured one exotic specimen and present him here for you zoology majors. Back in the day, this fellow would have found employment at a regional carnival, perhaps billed with the Bearded Lady and the Man of Rubber.

Feel free to speculate on what powerful medicine fueled his particular magical mystery tour. Boiling down his rant, this undigested bit of rancid meat blames police for violence. Which is like blaming WW2 on the Poles, Kennedy’s assassination on the Secret Service, The Twin Towers on the NY Fire Department … well, you get the idea.

“We know how most guns get into schools. It’s the police.”

Yeah, those kids on the bus took the ERO’s service weapon while he was snoozing in the break room.

‘Can’t stop disruption’

Did enjoy a lengthy talk, one-on-one with one of the ad hoc committee members Monday. That member confirmed that no principal, no parent organization and no civil rights organization* ever asked to kick cops out of the schools. ( * Aside from the ACLU, which, I got to believe, only objected to police advising students of their rights.) 

Part of me just wasn’t up for another round of harassment Monday night. Tried to make the point to the ad hoc committee member during our private talk that if the school board can’t keep order at its meetings, how can it do so in the school house?  This member believed that the Freedom Inc./Int’l Socialists have every right to shout down citizens with whom they disagree. “You can’t stop people from disrupting,” the member told me. Pretty much sums up the Madison schools, doesn’t it?! This member had never heard tell of the heckler’s veto. Your Squire sent that member a copy of attorney Esenberg’s letter. 

When I noted that all four Madison high school EROs are minorities, the good Madison liberal said it didn’t matter, they do what they’re trained to do. Folks, this is the world we now live in. Sen. Ted Cruz can be harassed at a restaurant. A homeowner reporting a suspected drug deal is pilloried as a racist. Identity politics require guilty as charged on the basis of a woman’s long-ago, ill-remembered, and unprovable accusations.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: What were we saying about hate?

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6 Responses to The Squire blew off Monday’s school board meeting

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “You can’t stop people from disrupting.” Not if you don’t try(or don’t want to try). Yet another example of the weasley way Madison liberals justify their loathsome behavior. It’s on a par with the Mayor and the Dane County Sheriff whining about ICE not informing them of their recent arrests of illegal aliens in the area while taking every opportunity to demonize that agency and disrupt their activities. Even by the exalted standards of sanctimony and hypocrisy that characterize the Left, this one takes the cake.


  2. Reggie says:

    It’s gotta be hard for the leftists to have to keep rapidly shifting between irreconcilable postitions.

    One minute it’s “Private citizens don’t need guns, only the police should have them!” The next it’s “The police are racists and are trained to murder minorities!”

    Consistency be damned. Whatever sounds good for their agenda in that moment is their truth and that’s all that matters.

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  3. Tom Paine says:

    This discussion is silly. It is like debating whether lead sent from the barrel of gun has the ability to kill. That there is even a debate about police, behavior, and effective education speaks volumes. It is what previous generations would describe as “insane.”


  4. Alan Sheldon says:

    Get over the demonstrations.


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