Heroes never die. Sadly, neither does hate

They are out there. They walk among us. And they Facebook (verb, intransitive).

The crazies, the haters, the conspiracy nuts, the Trump worshipers who believe that he set aside his billionaire lifestyle to assume corporeal form in order to save the Republic from ordinary civility.

Before we go further, the Squire appreciates morbid humor. The best one so far is the advertisement for the CD package:

“John McCain’s Funeral, Season One.”

John McCainYes, the leave-taking did seem a tad overlong, what with the funeral ceremonies, first in Arizona, then in the rotunda of the nation’s Capitol, then at the National Cathedral, with burial at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

But it was also a phenomenon. Rarely has a public figure said more in death than John McCain. Without a doubt, the likes of the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC have seized upon his passing to lay it on Trump. Their anti-Trump obsession is matched by the Trump uber alles crowd.

Hey, I support most of Trump’s agenda, save for The Wall. (Biggest boondoggle since the Maginot Line.) The tariff war? Be careful it doesn’t blow up in our faces but it might work. Supreme court justices? Superb. Tax cuts? The stock market is booming and business is hiring at record levels. Regulation, eased. Betsy DeVos rules!

But you don’t demean an American prisoner of war’s heroism when you have served not a day in uniform. Churlish and stupid, especially when your target is a sitting United States senator.

Now for McCain: his vote to sustain Obamacare was vindictive. The McCain-Feingold government control of political speech was rightly overturned by the court.  

But the McCain hatred from the Always Trump crowd goes beyond hyperbole to outright paranoia. Their McCain hatefest speaks volumes about their hero. McCain was a traitor during his captivity and guilty of sedition for opposing Trump, they will tell you. Typical is this Face planter:

McCain was always an ****. I’m only pointing it out now because of the vile nature of his hateful final words and funeral. If you are okay with the hate speech at the never-ending funeral just say so. It seems that your hatred for Trump has narrowed your vision of what is respectful behavior during what should have been an honorable military funeral.

Listen to the ‘Hate’

Just listen to the hateful things said at McCain’s funeral:

Joe Lieberman: “He was honest, fair, and civilized. In all the times we were together, I never heard him say a bigoted word about anyone.”

Henry Kissinger: “None of us will ever forget how even in his parting John has bestowed on us a much needed moment of unity and renewed faith in the possibilities of America. Henceforth, the country’s honor is ours to sustain.”

George W. Bush: “He could not abide bigots and swaggering despots. There was something deep inside him that made him stand up for the little guy – to speak for forgotten people in forgotten places.”

Barack Obama: “So much of our politics, our public life, our public discourse can seem small and mean and petty. Trafficking in bombast and insult and phony controversies and manufactured outrage. It’s politics that pretends to be brave and tough, but in fact is born of fear. John called on us to be bigger than that. He called on us to be better than that.”

Joe Biden: “I always thought of John as a brother. We had a hell of a lot of family fights. We go back a long way. Above all, we understood the same thing. All politics is personal. It’s all about trust. I trusted John with my life.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: One could ask the Trumpbots: why do those words smart so much?

Folks, we have a winner!

But the winner is a guy named “Smitty:”

Hate McCain? It’s really difficult to like the man that spearheaded Isis for the United States. The corporate headquarters for Isis was a mile away from his Arizona office. John has been very mild in what could really be said about John McCain.

curly-platterThat’s a topper! Tops Nixon granting McCain a double secret pardon for selling out the U.S. in Vietnam. Beats McCain setting the U.S.S. Forrestal on fire. Now he funded ISIS!

We asked Smitty did ISIS corporate HDQ have its name on the side of the high-rise office tower? Maybe a neon light blinking ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS ? Was it in Phoenix or Mesa? Scottsdale or Chandler. 

Smitty responded to say that the ISIS Arizona website has been taken down “after the public discovered it” but that friends had taken screen shots.

Imagine, a website was taken down after the public discovered it! The public. Discovering a web site. On the worldwide web. On-line. Accessible by an 8-year-old kid in Puxatawney. ISIS website. Probably with “Contact Us” and “About ISIS” on the menu bar. But then the public discovered it. So it was taken down. Probably unplugged the neon sign blinking ISIS, ISIS, ISIS on the side of that Phoenix high-rise the same time. Can’t be too careful when you’re getting big dollar government contracts from, well, everyone in Washington.

His screen shot is too lengthy to reproduce here but asks “How does ISIS get all that war funding from U.S. Taxpayers?” It then lists all members of the U.S. Armed Services Committee, chaired by the late senator “WHO NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN HAS ‘BRAIN CANCER.’” 

The purloined screen shot then segues to the Mayo Clinic and asks 


Which leads to CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. 


So there you have it. Advisor to Shedebbil, some sort of queen.

Platinum Subscriber non-nutritive filler:Obama’s barrage of complete sentences seen as brutal attack on Trump.”

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8 Responses to Heroes never die. Sadly, neither does hate

  1. AnonyBob says:

    You and I disagree heartily in terms of public policy, but not in terms of human decency.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Okay, I’ll go there. (What iceberg? said the captain of the Titanic,)
    I come to bury John McCain rather than to praise him. I voted for him which is far more than his recent fans can say. The % of crocodile tears shed in his wake is proportionate to their need to bash Trump and McCain’s willingness to be their cudgel.
    NOW he’s beloved of the NYT/WaPo et al. The media was his base and made him the Republican candidate so they could take him down at will. He clove to those people at the end and broke with Sarah Palin. I’d like to hear her opinions on her running mate’s fidelity. He ran the worst campaign I ever saw and hiring Steve Schmitz was and is the dumbest move ever.
    He was a pawn of the media who dubbed him The Maverick then gleefully sold him out. The NYT alleged McCain was having an affair (he wasn’t) but found no evidence John Edwards was having a love child.
    McCain was a pawn of the Washington Party and spent the last two years as a spiteful, unhappy warrior who badly wanted to believe the pee pee dossier and shopped it around to the press. Granted, candidate Trump’s POW reference was probably the dumbest thing he’s said.
    I respect John McCain’s service and suffering but I am galled by the flood of crocodile tears in his wake.
    And I am appalled at the phalanx of the Washington Party at the funeral. Seeing Clintons, Bushes and Obamas in solidarity I am reminded of the final dinner in Animal Farm when the pigs and the humans were indistinguishable after all their supposed enmity.


  3. coolkevs says:

    Poll says 90% of Republicans support Trump, a record for a politician of either party. Guess the 90% are Trumpbots.


  4. old baldy says:

    McCain would have been President if not for the Palin pick.


  5. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!! says:

    McCain, was clueless in 2008, it is well documented he showed in the oval office with Bush and Obama and left early during the financial crisis because he was completely clueless and had no ideas how to even talked about fixes to the crisis. That pretty much sealed his fate. He was the de facto candidate it was just his time to get the nomination, kinda like Bob Dole. He was never going to Beat Clinton. Palin was wasn’t a bad pick, McCain was the bad pick. No one can take away his Military Service that has to be respected. But political service is a whole different ballgame, left much to be desired as a republican. He was such a low energy and non idea candidate it was pathetic.


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