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Heroes never die. Sadly, neither does hate

They are out there. They walk among us. And they Facebook (verb, intransitive). The crazies, the haters, the conspiracy nuts, the Trump worshipers who believe that he set aside his billionaire lifestyle to assume corporeal form in order to save … Continue reading

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Remembering John McCain

A true American hero, rest in peace Posted this on Facebook this morning: Here is how you unfriend Blaska. Slander the late John McCain as a traitor. Spread the provable lie that President Nixon pardoned him. Repeat the disproved urban … Continue reading

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John McCain suffered for these fools

McCain fought for the freedoms his critics use so cheaply At some point, we will learn that Sen. John McCain has succumbed to his illness. We suspect that even Donald Trump will express statesmanlike words of condolence and respect.  He … Continue reading

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