The Left’s con game of ‘Unmet Needs’

Were Milwaukee cop killer’s needs “unmet”?

How did police become the bad guys? 

Because after 50 years of Great Society giveaways and 45 years of uninterrupted liberal rule in Madison; after affirmative action, court-ordered busing, Section 8 subsidized housing, food stamps, special set-asides, midnight basketball, free bus passes, community-building grants and what-not, one of the most liberal cities in the country has what?

Needs Not Met

More shootings, more burglaries, more car jackings, and more brawls in the schools. When the positive behavior support coach gets hospitalized breaking up a brawl at Sherman middle school, you know you got a problem.

Could it be that the liberal, big government agenda was doing more harm than good? Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances needed a scapegoat. That is what is driving the Cops Out of Schools movement in Madison. It is the successor to Derail the Jail, which followed the Harass Police Chief Koval campaign.

“Cops are going to do whatever they are trained to do which is kill kids.” — social justice warrior to Madison schools ad hoc committee on educational resource (police) officers 07-18-18.

NO COPS NO GUNSProvidentially, into the Left’s intellectual void came a handful of white cops killing black suspects: Michael Brown in Ferguson, Freddie Gray in Baltimore, and Tony T. Robinson Jr. in Madison. Proof that the Klan had changed out of its white sheets into blue serge. Prime time opportunity for President Obama to point his bony finger at America and accuse it of white privilege and implicit bias. (How did a black man ever get elected President of the United States in this racist country, anyway?)

“If you want to know one very simple reason why cops need to get out of schools, just look at the effort that white supremacists will do to keep them there. White supremacists criminalize black and brown youth and help maintain the disparities.” — another social justice warrior to the ad hoc committee on EROs 07-18-18.

Except that in all three sensationalized cases, the police officers were exonerated, in two of the cases by black judges, juries, or district attorneys. But that is no never mind for the social justice warriors in Madison and elsewhere. When your politics goes toward socialism and skin color, the race card explains everything.

“These meetings are outright racist.” — still another SJW 07-18-18.

Garrett Lee, a familiar social justice warrior in Madison, captured the essence of identity politics, the cult of victimization, and the absence of personal responsibility in a single question he posed on social media last night:

If you want a safer community and we know that criminal behavior emerges from unmet needs, why don’t we all work to make sure people aren’t suffering and feeling enraged that the system isn’t working for them?

How is the system “not working for them”? How is The System preventing anyone from attending school, doing their homework, showing up for school or work clean and sober, taking advantage of some pretty good schools (they’re free) and a red hot job market? How is “the system” forcing substance abuse, gang banging, criminal behavior and educational failure? If it truly is racial prejudice, where are the Equal Rights lawsuits? Are there no liberal attorneys in Madison?

“Cops in school is an act of violence against young people; it is anti-black.” — yet another SJW 07-18-18.

Got implicit bias?Unmet needs? What would those be? The City of Madison recently pulled back from a costly boondoggle to subsidize high-speed internet access. How many more neighborhood centers can the city build? The Dane County Board is seeing everything through the lens of racial equity. No ordinance gets enacted without microscoping it for disparate impact. No county in Wisconsin funds a more generous social services network; no city is more compassionate than Madison.

Doesn’t matter; need More Free Stuff. At the city, county, and school district, Madison’s social justice warriors demanded the money for extra cops, the reinvented $76 million jail, and the $360,000 for the four school cops be “invested in the community.” (We would suggest that those ARE investments in the community.) This is how the social justice warriors finance their operations: shaking down guilty liberals with the race card.

“Give this money to nonprofits in support of youth of color … and I will show you how successful we can become,” said a Freedom Inc. nonprofit SJW 07-18-18.


Their control, the social justice warriors mean

Perhaps it’s the other way around. Maybe it is the community’s needs that are not being met. Perhaps our expectations are too low. A Facebook friend responded to Garrett Lee’s question this way:

“Maybe it’s not the system that isn’t working for them. Maybe it’s them that aren’t working. I work very hard to meet my own needs. Why is it my responsibility to also meet their needs?”   

Blaska’s Bottom Line: A Milwaukee cop was murdered chasing a career criminal Wednesday night. “ ‘A threat to the city’: Suspect in Milwaukee officer’s killing has long criminal record.” — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. We know. His needs were “unmet!”

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21 Responses to The Left’s con game of ‘Unmet Needs’

  1. steve says:

    I din’t know about the cop killer’s needs, but I do know that the dead cop’s three kids’ need for a father will no longer be met.

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    You’re absolutely right that when Madison liberals see the results of their lunatic policies blowing up in their faces, they need a scapegoat, and cops are ready at hand. But here’s another reason: image. For Madison liberals, DOING the right thing comes in a distant second to BEING SEEN to do the right thing. They find it distasteful to have cops (with guns!) in the public schools–after all, why would such a thing be needed in the liberal nirvana that is Madison?–so the cops must go. Ignoring the reality of a cadre of disruptive and downright dangerous thugs who pose a daily risk to teachers and students is a small price to pay for maintaining the illusion that all is well in this best of all possible worlds.

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  3. Marge Bils says:

    I see postings on FB of police officers in FULL uniform attending social events in our neighborhood having fun with kids most of them minority children. These children don’t seem to be afraid of cops ; they seem to enjoy the attention. There is a young officer whose beat includes the Meadowood library; the kids are always following him looking for & enjoying his attention. The lie that students are afraid of EROs is ridiculous. Parents of students in the MMSD need to attend meetings & support the use of EROs. And school board members need to grow a spine, & stand up to the agitators.

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  4. David Blaska wrote, “The Dane County Board is seeing everything through the lens of racial equity.”

    Racial equality phrase used by these people is a misnomer. These people are only looking at equality in outcomes, in their view the outcomes should be the same regardless of effort, they don’t give a damn about equality in any other way. In their views, if their equality in outcomes is not met everyone is wrong, when in reality equality in opportunity is the most important equality, beyond that it’s up to the individuals to put in the effort.

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  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    I believe the racist, clueless, race-baiting lunatic, I mean, concerned citizen/parent was misquoted above.

    It should be: “Cops are going to do whatever they are trained to do, which is kill BLACK kids.”

    And again, the results of that training are quantifiably horrendous; Madison, WI LE officers have killed no children of any color.

    It’s pure unadulterated bulls#!t idiotically spun from whole cloth to further a GIMMEE GIMMEE agenda pushed by spectacularly stupid people.

    Then there’s this, a comment from another blog I frequent:

    (bolds/caps mine throughout)
    “(H)ow can a country that oppresses an entire race of people, a group of people that share the same race as I, somehow not oppress me? Not oppress my father? My brother? My sister, uncle, niece, cousins?

    If there is something that makes us different, that makes Thomas Sowell, and Jason Riley, and Walter E. Williams, and Derrick Green (writer for Project 21, a leadership network for Black Conservatives), and many other blacks who are apparent immune to this different, then WHY IS NO TIME DEVOTED TO IDENTIFYING WHAT THAT SECONDARY COMPONENT IS, THAT CAUSES US TO BE EXCLUDED FROM THIS OPPRESSION?

    “We spend so much time discussing intersectionality, but ignore the intersection where systemic racism meets some unknown, unspoken characteristic possessed by some of us, where we become immune to that aforementioned systemic racism. If that’s our goal, eradicating racism, why is no one asking those of us who aren’t finding racism around every street corner, what our secret is? Why are the cameras consistently shoved in the faces of the victims of our racist society, but never us? (You and I both damn well know the answer)”

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      Just what is the answer that “both you and I know”.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @richard lesiak;

        “Just what is the answer that ‘both you and I know’.”

        That cameras WON’T be trained on the quantifiably significant minority demographic that’s CHOSEN to leave the Lefty Plantation, thinks for themselves, and are immune to being manipulated by victimhood.

        Why? It would shatter the slobbering Lefty narrative that minorities can’t make it without Special Rights/Protected Status treatment and the condescending help of the craven democrat Party.

        C’mon, that’s all Lefty’s got…except for the promise of more, More MORE high quality/quantity free shit.

        An aside; it’s refreshing to find folks so comfortable displaying ignorance.

        The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          MORE MORE MORE. More trade wars and tariffs. 12 billion to bail out farmers is just the start. Everyone line up; trump is handing out money to save your ass because of this trade war is stupid. Auto industry; your next. Big corporate farms you get the biggest piece; little farmers, suck it. Next year they will get more money and right after that they will be ENTITLED to that bailout. Pretty soon they will get enough money they won’t have to grow anything.


        • richard lesiak says:

          You didn’t answer my question.


        • richard lesiak wrote, “You didn’t answer my question.”

          Yes Richard, he did answer your question. You not understanding the answer is your problem.

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  6. George Snodgrass says:

    I lived in Madison from 1967 to 1972 and never locked the doors to my car or rented home; the point being, just how safe I felt. It might as well have been the 1950s, except my hair was a lot longer. What the Hell happened?

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  7. Batman says:

    These folks have constructed a monumental psychological wall of self imposed limitation and from within that oblique barrier nothing exists beyond. Perceiving oneself as a victim is foundational and anything that threatens that psychological construct must be shouted down or outright destroyed lest the wall come crumbling down.

    If there is even a crack in the wall, the world of opportunity/possibility rises to awareness but so do all the haunting stupid familial decisions that are obstacles to that tantalizing world. At that most difficult point the individual must choose between the challenge of overcoming those self-defeating decisions or projecting their anger and frustration externally. It is easier to blame the world than one’s parents. To move beyond blame altogether is the warriors path.

    Way too many young adults are procreating that have no business doing so with tragic results.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Maybe if Planned Parenthood was left alone the “procreating” you speak of would change.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @richard lesiak;

        “Maybe if Planned Parenthood was left alone the ‘procreating’ you speak of would change.”

        Youse don’t mean the Planned Parenthood founded by Margaret “I Want A Race Of Thoroughbreds” Sanger, do youse?

        Youse don’t mean the Planned Parenthood who sites the majority of their…um…Women’s Health Care providing facilities near minority neighborhoods, do youse?

        The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          Yes; the same one that gives women health care they can’t find or afford otherwise. Are you one of the old, fat white guys who are trying to tell women what to do with their bodies


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @richard lesiak;

          “the same one that gives women health care they can’t find or afford otherwise.”

          And recommends that particular…um…health care procedure disproportionately to minority females.

          “Are you one of the old, fat white guys who are trying to tell women what to do with their bodies”

          “Old?” Arguably. “Fat?” Nope, I don’t resemble the space twixt yer ears at all. “White?” More a swarthy tanned off-brown.

          I’m actually pro-choice, I don’t impose my beliefs on others. Heck, I even allow youse the leeway to choose to be an ineffectual, blithering fopdoodle, a choice you confirm you’ve made each time youse post.

          The Gotch


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    That famous line about doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results being the definition of insanity applies perfectly to the left’s “solution” to criminality, victimhood, and the failure to participate in the larger (legal) economy. The big lie behind identity politics is proven by the fact that some individuals (more than the left is willing to admit) manage to overcome the obstacles–including the biggest of all, “institutional racism”– that supposedly make it impossible for minorities to succeed in this country without the intervention of big government. In this case, the exceptions prove the lie of the left’s rule. Could it be that “quality of character” (to borrow a phrase) is the key to success, not all the costly policies of the professional do-gooders? And you don’t need “white privilege” in order to cultivate good character in your kids. By the left’s standards, first generation Asian-Americans ought to be at the bottom of the heap; they face all the obstacles blacks do–plus a language barrier–and yet they manage to instill in their kids a respect for education, a work ethic second to none, and a belief that this country affords them the opportunity to achieve their goals. I’ve noticed how every now and then the left tries to lump Asian-Americans in with blacks and Hispanics–usually by designating one of their minions as a “spokesman” for all Asian-Americans, but their recitation of the usual grievances rings false probably because the vast majority of Asian Americans are too busy achieving everything this country offers to be seduced by the left’s snake-oil salesmen peddling their tales of victimhood.


  9. Skeeet says:

    Conservatives don’t get it. They were born to lose. They like to lose. Cops playing with little black kids? Nice plant, bigot. Why Blaska didn’t delete that deliberate poison goes to show how much conservatives gladly fall for libtard and trannyprog’s humiliating tactics over, and over, and over agin.


    • Skeeet wrote, “Why Blaska didn’t delete that deliberate poison…”

      Exactly what “deliberate poison” are you talking about?

      From your link, the author of the post you shared, A Philosophaster, is a blatant partisan bigot. You presenting the post from that partisan bigot is signature significance.

      Signature Significance: posits that a single act can be so remarkable that it has predictive and analytical value, and should not be dismissed as statistically insignificant.


  10. Fred Milverstedt says:

    Mr. Snodgrass makes a salient point.
    Going back a few more years, the 1950s, I was a grade schooler growing up in Madison, third generation, and I do not recall anybody locking doors, either. My bedroom closet was where my father kept his hunting rifle and shotgun, both unloaded, neither locked but both cased. I was allowed to handle them only rarely and that only when he was present. The thought of doing anything else with them never crossed my mind. I think I might say the same for every other kid who lived in town at that time.
    I will add this to that: It taught me to be familiar with guns and the emphasis that must be placed on responsibility and safety.
    Responsibility was key.


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