What stopped that Maryland school shooter?

What did NOT stop Tuesday’s (03-20-18) school shooting in Maryland?

  • Maryland’s assault weapon ban
  • The state’s 10-round magazine limit
  • Its universal background check requirement
  • Exhaustive permit application process for handguns
  • Limiting the purchase of firearms to one per month
  • Handgun registration
  • Licensing handgun owners
  • Difficult concealed carry permitting process
  • Refusal to honor CCW permits from other states
  • Federal law limiting possession of handguns to those aged at least 21
  • Gun-free zones
  • Discharging a firearm in public
  • Laws against murder and attempted murder

What DID stop Tuesday’s school shooting?

  • A good man with a gun.



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Madison WI
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23 Responses to What stopped that Maryland school shooter?

  1. WRONG REACTION: “What did NOT stop Tuesday’s (03-20-18) school shooting in Maryland?”

    CORRECT REACTION: “What this looks like to me is we have a young man, who didn’t have the community support and the community opportunity to make a different choice with what he was going to do with his Tuesday […] And now he’s dead.”

    The Gotch

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  2. Balboa says:

    But, But you can’t hug with firearms


  3. coolkevs says:

    Walker is so bad for Wisconsin that the unemployment rate is 2.9%. So, what are the clown car of Dems going to run on?
    I got my Gloria Reyes sign, but still seeing too many Moffitt ones…very rarely am I on the winning side in this town. I’ll probably write in Judge Troupis for the Dane County judge race cause I can’t vote for the same cookie cutter candidates whose sole purpose is to overturn Republican-passed laws.
    Schrenock and his tuba-playing all the way!

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Every time the gop writes some law that is illegal and they lose in court it’s because of a liberal judge? Walker refused to follow state law to hold two special elections, court called BS. Now we have a special session to change that law. Every time they lose in court they have a temper tantrum, blame the liberals. Walker was trying to pull a fast one and got caught. Poor little scooter; victim of the big bad courts again. boo-hoo


  4. AnonyBob says:

    Pretty glaring logical fallacies here, Dave. Would these points apply to the Maryland school shooting? I guess not. Would they have helped in the Florida school shooting and many, many others? Probably. So you thiink Maryland is a reason NOT to have ANY of these things? That’s just stupid.


  5. AnonyBob says:

    And I just noticed your sidebar about shots fired, shots fired. Your answer: more, unfettered access to guns. (Subtext: as long as you’re white.)


  6. richard lesiak says:

    I think it’s time to take a serious look at the money here. 40 bucks a NRA member a year cannot pay for millions in salaries, a huge brick and mortar business, millions for politicians, etc. It’s time for the DOJ to force this group to open their books. A lot of people are getting millions of dollars and people are paying for it with their blood. There’s a voter registration table at every march. You only offer people your “thoughts and prayers”? These new voters will offer you “good luck in your new job.”


    • @richard lesiak;

      ” A lot of people are getting millions of dollars and people are paying for it with their blood.”

      Now that yer back from rehab, why don’t you deploy your real real scary Internet Tough Guy on ’em?

      “I do things the old fashioned way. Fists or a knife in you eye.”

      Knives don’t stab eyes, people stab eyes!

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        So what does your comment have to do with what I said about the NRA opening their books? Or the young new voters? I do admire your skill at finding and posting You Tube vids. Do you have any cute exotic fish ones? I like fish.


        • @richard lesiak;

          “So what does your comment have to do with what I said about the NRA opening their books?”

          Per usual, your suggestion isn’t well thought out; I’m not sure the precedent would be to your advantage.

          We’d then need to unpack the derring doo doo of youse hero’s exploits: Uncle Georgie’s OSI & the Clintonista Slush Fund, to name just a few.

          “Or the young new voters?”

          It’s not often that one enjoys the rare (if cringeworthy) opportunity to observe the media corralling the career Lefty using its weapon of choice: bright, shiny, seductively moving bait-n-switch stimuli.

          ”Do you have any cute exotic fish ones?”

          You like the zoo too? For the same reason Tony Gazzo’s (Joe Spinell in “Rocky”) driver thought Adrian Pennino (Talia Shire) would like it?

          The Gotch


    • David Blaska says:

      They have to report to the IRS like any other non-profit.


  7. richard lesiak says:

    Gotch…HUH???? If you talked like this on Hannity’s show they would have cut to a commercial.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Seriously, Gotch. Try to be a little less in love with your wordsmithery and a little more direct. Reading your comments gets tedious.


  8. Finally, COMMON SENSE prevails and offers up a sure…um…fire method to shoot down gun violence in schools.

    Students in one Pennsylvania county will be armed with rocks in case of school shooting, superintendent says


    Rocks! The dazzling brilliance of Lefties (most, not all) never ceases to amaze!

    The Gotch


  9. richard lesiak says:

    The gop has a special session to rob two districts of their right to vote, but no time to debate the bill on expanding back ground checks. The repubs must really be afraid of losing those two districts. VOTE THEM OUT.


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