‘Of course police officers should stay in Madison’s high schools’

‘Turkey Lives Matter’

Hooray for the Wisconsin State Journal. Once again, Madison’s newspaper of record has spoken up and spoken loudly on an issue of public safety raised by your Squire in the daily newspaper one month ago and many times here at the Manor. The State Journal’s Sunday editorial does not coat with sugar:

It’s hard to imagine a worse marketing campaign for the Madison School District than: “Enroll your child here. We’re getting rid of our school police officers.”

… For more than a year, the Madison School Board has inexplicably allowed uncertainty to fester over whether it will keep police officers in city high schools.

That needs to end — now. The School Board should emphatically assure the public, parents and students that it will keep at least one Madison police officer in each high school, plus security guards, to build rapport with students, help settle disputes in peaceful ways, and respond quickly to emergencies.

We credit also Mitch Henck’s timely op ed for stirring the consciences Madison’s daily newspaper. And for our friend Paula Fitzsimmons’ tireless advocacy.

School board to demand no guns; SILENT on cops

NO COPS NO GUNSThe Madison School Board meets tomorrow, Monday, February 26, at 6 p.m. at the Admin Bldg., 545 W. Dayton Street. (Agenda here) In the wake of Parkland, Florida, school safety is on the agenda, as it should be. But not Police in Schools, as it should be. No, that would be too germane. First, Supt. Jennifer Cheatham is scheduled to give an update on school safety. Let’s see if she talks about the brawls at all four city high schools over the past two weeks. After that, the seven-member Board of Education will take up a feel-good resolution that demands:

The immediate passage of comprehensive legislation that effectively addresses our nation’s persistent and pervasive gun problem – legislation that would make universal background checks mandatory, ban assault weapons, ban aftermarket “rapid-fire” devices, keep people who are subject to domestic violence protection orders from having guns, and prevent the possibility that any student, teacher or parent would ever possess a gun on school grounds.

In other words, more government, despite the spectacular government fail at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. Take guns out of the hands even of teachers, licensed by the state, vetted by the district, holding valid concealed carry permits after being cleared by a criminal background check. Not even military veterans or former law enforcement or lifelong hunters. Fair enough. If we’re going to rely on only on professional law enforcement, could we affirm, once and for all, that the district welcomes police officers in its schools? Maybe, ya think?

Squire Blaska intends to use his three minutes to demand the full School Board pre-empt its ad hoc committee on Educational Resource Officers and affirm that Madison Police are welcome and required in its high schools.

‘Turkey Lives Matter’

We cannot help but wonder if Madison public school alumni visited a supermarket in the tony new high rises on East Washington Avenue Saturday. This from Chief Koval’s police blotter:

1:10 p.m. Saturday, February 24 — MPD officers and a sergeant responded to Festival Foods, 810 E Washington Ave, for a group of protesters in the store in the meat and dairy department. Officers arrived as the protesters were leaving the store via the liquor store exit. The Festival Foods manager advised that the group protested meat slaughter — Cows’ Lives Matter” — and held packages of meat in customers’ faces and yelled “Murder!” as they did so.

The manager also added that today’s group was similar to the group who protested “Turkey Lives Matter” on Thanksgiving Day. Officers warned a representative for the protesters not to return or face trespass citations. The manager wished to pursue trespass complaints only if the group returns.

Priorities, people!

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14 Responses to ‘Of course police officers should stay in Madison’s high schools’

  1. Kevin Wymore says:

    Cows lives matter? Udderly stupid!

    This makes me want to race to Festival Foods and buy a wheelbarrow loaded with filet mignon. Then, prepare it medium rare. The meat, not the wheelbarrow. Then pair the entree with a choice merlot, and try to forget what lunacy reigns in this city.


  2. David Blaska says:

    If we’re not supposed to kill cows and turkeys, why are they made of meat? Delicious, succulent, meat.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    And why did God give us canine teeth?


  4. Batman says:

    The brutal horrific disgusting secret of the corporate meat industry.

    Go to youtube and type in, factory farming.

    Or just click on link below.
    “If slaughter houses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”
    Narrated by Paul McCartney.



    • Kevin Wymore says:

      My parents grew up in an Iowa meatpacking town. I have strongly suspected that meat production involves the blood and death of mammals.


      • Batman says:

        Your flippant comment suggests you did not watch the video at meat.org.
        Watch it and get back to me.
        Doubt you will be able to make it through the whole thing.
        Factory farming goes way beyond just blood and death.


      • AnonyBob says:

        Batman, you’re sounding like a lefty here, no doubt confusing your fellow travelers who normally don’t like to be confused with too many facts or anything criticizing corporate anything. But you are, of course, right. Factory farms have to load their animals with tons of antibiotics and feed them poor quality food, while making them live in harshly inhumane, stressful conditions. The resulting meat quality is low. Far healthier to consume is meat from small farmers, grass fed, pasture raised, humanely treated. It’s more expensive, but you get what you pay for.


  5. Eric Z says:

    P eople
    E ating
    T asty
    A nimals


  6. Batman says:

    The antibiotics humans consume in meat contributes to the creation of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.
    And there is the dehumanizing effect on those working in factory farms, some of whom have been filmed torturing animals just for fun. I wonder what they do for kicks while away from work.
    There is a serious environmental impact from factory farms.
    Factory farmed animals live in “harshly inhumane, stressful conditions” is a gross understatement.


  7. old baldy says:

    I just wonder if any of the above commenters have been on a modern “factory” dairy farm? A farm isn’t profitable if the cows aren’t happy.


    • Batman says:

      Watch the video from the link I provided obaldo, http://www.meat.org/
      and get back to me. Doubt you can make it through the entire video, but if you do, you will likely wish to retract your cavalier comment.


      • old baldy says:

        Like I said, you obviously have no knowledge of a modern dairy operation. You don’t jeopardize a multi-million $$ operation treating your cows like that. I don’t know where you live, but you should attend the closest June Dairy Breakfast on the Farm this year. It would sure increase your knowledge base.


  8. Batman says:

    Did you watch the video? And if so how much of it?
    It will increase your limited knowledge base to do so.
    Btw; it is only one of MANY undercover published vids.


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