Happy Presidents Day, now where’s the damn mail?

This being President’s Day (yippee!), we can only say that it helps to have a good biographer. If you don’t have one you need to write it yourself, which is what Donald Trump is trying to do with his tweeting thumb.

The quadrennial ranking of the presidents is out on this most propitious day. It is conducted by the American Political Scientists Association, an organization with more hooded monks, mysterious chants, and sputtering candles than the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, or the Dane County Republican Party.

Brex'it'dYeah, the tenured college profs rank Donald Trump in the basement — #44, edging the dithering Buchanan. My man of the hour, U.S. Grant, is up seven spots in the quadrennial Presidential Olympics. He is in at #28, thanks greatly to Ron Chernow’s great bio (soon to be a major Broadway play). With more upside to come, it says here.

Ronald Reagan, the greatest president of the 1980s, is up two places to land in the Top 10 at #9. To his question “Miss me yet?” the answer is Yes. George W. Bush crawled out of the Bottom 10 by five rungs to #30. Even poor Richard Nixon crawls up a spot to #33, just ahead of a man who served six months before he was shot, Garfield. In all, it was a good year for Republicans. Hoover and Harding were rehabilitated with +2 and +3, respectively. In the aggregate, Republican presidents improved 11 spots while Democrats (post 1860) were only plus 3. That’s due, in part, to the precipitous fall of Bill Clinton by five rungs, perhaps sullied in today’s #MeToo environment.

But the biggest WTF! of today’s survey is Barack Obama! The guy moved up more than any past president, up 10 to Number 8 on the all-time list of presidents. Are you kidding me?

Only thing the white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes can figger is that Obama shines in comparison to his successor. Look for Obama to plummet faster than Barry Bonds in future voting while Trump improves. If we survive the next three years, that is.


One of these is not like the other

The Top 10

  1. Lincoln
  2. Washington
  3. FDR
  4. Teddy R
  5. Jefferson
  6. Truman
  7. Eisenhower,
  8. Obama (!!!!)
  9. Reagan
  10. LBJ

Fake news

Yes, it helps to have a good PR agent or — from the other side — the lamestream news media in your hip pocket. The New York Times, bereft of the Russian collusion narrative, is back to limning Trump as Queeg.

Never shy, Ann of Althouse tells us What [she] hate[s] about the NYT headline “Trump’s Delight Over Russia Indictment Hardens to Fury.”

It never crossed my mind that Trump had become “unusually angry” or beset with “fury.” He put out some great tweets that pushed back his antagonists and restated his interpretation of the indictments. One tweet struck me as his best ever:

If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America!

That’s totally on point and completely intelligent. In very few words, he’s saying the damage done to America has been mainly the work of Americans doing the chaos the Russians could only have hoped to see. They’re laughing at us, and we need to stop doing what must be so damned funny to them.

Isn’t this fake news?

Trashing the FBI these days is that much more politically acceptable, in the wake of its whiff on the Florida school shooter , n’est-ce pas? Trump has nowhere to go but up. 

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3 Responses to Happy Presidents Day, now where’s the damn mail?

  1. “Barack Obama! The guy moved up more than any past president, up 10 to Number 8 on the all-time list of presidents.”

    The ONLY reason(s) that Hope-n-Change hasn’t occupied a spot above that where he so humbly placed himself (4th Greatest President EVAH!!!) is because of Bush, FoxNews, & racism!!!!

    The Gotch


  2. westsidesue says:

    Yer churnin’ ’em out faster than I can read ’em. Good work, but slow down – my eyes are slow. and BTW…WTH…SMDH…8th…I want whatever they were smoking. Yeah right! If I close my eyes and poke my fingers in them, I can definitely see how they were thinking. 🙂


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