Man in hard hat and mustache plays Comedy Central in Wisconsin’s First District

You want gimmicks? Randy’s campaign staff is unionized!

Pitting mainstream Democrats against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s first congressional district hasn’t worked out so now our acquaintances are casting Hollywood stereotypes in a desperate bid to topple the Speaker.

Say Hello to Randy Bryce, the guy in the hardhat and the 1970s porn ′stache.

Randy’s candidacy is an unexpected consequence of Donald Trump’s victory in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District and in blue collars states like Wisconsin with his appeal to the Deplorables, a segment that continues to confound the party of Hillary, Franken, Weinstein & Wiener.

Bryce comes straight out of central casting, complete with built-in laugh track.

Iron stacheChelsea's tweetHis cause has been adopted like so many Third World cleft-palated orphans by such Left Coasters as Chelsea Handler, Whoopie Goldberg, Samantha Bee, and Sarah Silverman — foul-mouthed, all. Not exactly G-rated family entertainers but give them a pass, they’re liberal, progressive, and socialist and they hate Trump and Republicans, which is what counts.

Struggling young writer Christian Schneider reports in the The Weekly Standard that Handler was scheduled to attend a January 31 $25-per-head public fundraiser for Bryce at the Majestic Theater “in liberal Madison, well outside the district for which he is running.”

But after Handler posted a profane tweet attacking Sen. Lindsey Graham’s sexuality, the event was quietly canceled and converted to a $500-per-person event at the private home of a Madison-area tech executive.

Another of Handler’s projects was Al Franken. (The emcee at the Majestic was to have been Mark Pocan, who, doubling down on his bid to become the least effective member of the House, invited Bryce to be his guest at the State of the Union address.)

On strike, shut it down

The reason for the Majestic Theater cancellation was never reported in The Capital Times, strangely enough. Speaking of that non-union publication, its associate editor, our comrade John Nichols, has entered the Rapture over the discovery that Bryce has unionized HIS CAMPAIGN STAFF!

That’s right. The Bryce campaign is represented by the Campaign Workers Guild, “a new national [labor] union that organizes non-management campaign staff,” Nichols reports for The Nation.

“We met with the unit and negotiated our first collectively bargained contract on a political campaign,” recalls Meg Reilly, a national student organizer for the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign, who serves as vice president of the guild.

Which raises the delightful prospect that the Campaign Workers Guild Local #001 could go on strike, say, during a televised debate, live and in color. Refuse to distribute his literature. Picket polling places. Randy Bryce, Unfair!

This is a guy who got rolled 62-38% by the Republican Van Wangaard, in the 2014 Senate race in Racine area. Wangaard voted FOR Act 10 in 2011. (Bryce lost twice before, in a Democrat(ic) primary in 2012 and a county board seat before that.)

More and more, the Democrats’ fealty to organized labor is romancing a sinking stone. The share of American workers in unions was 10.7% last year, half that of 1983. Ask black mothers in Racine who take advantage of school vouchers how they regard the anti-choice teachers union.

Blaska’s Bottom Line — Bryce is getting all this attention not because of his bona fides but because he is challenging the Speaker of the House.

Platinum Subscriber Bonus Coverage:

  • Bryce was also cited in a New York Times report that noted he had purchased more than 1,000 fake Twitter followers in 2015.
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice found that in 2015, the state had placed a lien on Bryce’s property for failing to pay child support for the 11-year-old son he featured prominently in his first video spot. “All it took for Randy Bryce to make good on a couple of old debts was a run for Congress.”
  • And take a gander at Randy’s randy tweets!

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28 Responses to Man in hard hat and mustache plays Comedy Central in Wisconsin’s First District

  1. old baldy says:

    “1970s porn ′stache”. Yup, making fun of someone’s appearance really helps your credibility.


  2. AnonyBob says:

    My, my, Dave. Quite the hatchet job. You ticked all the boxes. He must REALLY have you guys worried. And he should, because it’s widely believed Ryan won’t run for re-election. Who wants to be in charge when the house majority takes an historic pounding and becomes the minority? Bet you a beer Ryan claims he’s missing too much of his kids’ growing up and it’s time to make some real money in the private sector. A cushy “wonk” job (how does he keep that myth going?) awaits at Heritage and his nose stays clean for a future run for higher office (2020, after Trump is impeached or just throws in the towel).
    And yes, we agree, young Schneider struggles as a writer.


  3. Kevin Wymore says:

    Perhaps AnonyBob harbors no legitimate concerns about the reported bankruptcy in Mr. Boyce’s past? It would seem a bankruptcy would be a disqualifying factor in Boyce’s bid to contest Ryan’s seat. The federal budget is big-boy finance, not mere household finance.


    • old baldy says:

      How about the multiple bankruptcies in trumps past?? You OK with that?


      • Kevin Wymore says:

        Didn’t vote for either of the two deeply flawed major party candidates for POTUS. And especially not the one whose mismanagement of highly classified material in her email system disqualified her for the presidency.

        And do re-read the article. It has to do with Rep. Ryan’s race in his congressional district. Mr. Bryce has a bankruptcy. Mr. Ryan authored the tax cut bill, which will allow his constituents to keep more of their money.


      • old baldy says:

        Ah, that’s right, the old R double standard. Ditto with the “deficit hawk” Ryan.


    • AnonyBob says:

      If you mean Bryce, he’s faced many adversities in life, just like many working people have. Unlike Rep. $350 Bottles of Wine Ryan.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    What does Paul Ryan think about a balanced budget?


  5. old baldy says:

    Wrongo, Davey. Won’t and haven’t.

    And what is a “regular order budget” ? The federal budget is a meaningless exercise now-a-days, hence the continuing resolution fiascos. According to my Congressman (Gallagher R-Marines) the federal budget is obsolete before the ink dries.


  6. madisonexpat says:

    You were a fan of the Contract With America?


    • old baldy says:


      Not particularly. What is your point?


      • madisonexpat says:

        The Contract With America, so bitterly bitched at by the Left is the only time and only reason we’ve had a budget surplus. Remember? Clinton still claims credit for it until he’s reminded that Newt Gingrich forced it on him.


      • old baldy says:

        Looks like history disagrees with you….

        “An amendment to the Constitution that would require a balanced budget unless sanctioned by a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress (H.J.Res.1, passed by the US House Roll Call: 300-132, January 26, 1995, but rejected by the US Senate: Roll Call 65-35 (interestingly enough the amendment was defeated by a single vote, which happened to be from a Republican – Oregon Republican Senator Mark Hatfield; Dole cast a procedural vote against the amendment.”


  7. madisonexpat says:



  8. old baldy says:

    So, you are wrong.


  9. madisonexpat says:

    About what.


  10. madisonexpat says:

    You have two poles; hyper literate and non sequitur.
    The former tends to make you wrong in your observations and the latter makes you unable to advance a logical argument.


  11. richard lesiak says:

    “cleft-palated orphans”? “porn’stache”? What the hell Blaska. How about talking about issues instead of this Hannity style nonsense. Do you need to curl up with your Trumpy Bear and a cheap bottle of trump’s wine?


  12. richard lesiak says:

    There are plenty of issues to discuss. Minimum wage, healthcare, right to choose, Immigration. How about Ryan coming home and having a real and open town hall for once. How about a debate. How about Ryan dusting off all the gun control bills that are dying in congress never seeing the light of day. Let’s fairly draw up our districts and vote. How about having the two special elections that Scooter is stalling on. Ryan is acting like Eric Cantor and you know what happened to him.


    • David Blaska says:

      We get that your Randy is going to do all the standard Democrat(ic) stuff like raise the minimum wage to $15 nationwide (Talk into the machine to order your burger), taxpayer-financed abortion, immigration free-for-all — with plenty of free bennies, and gun confiscation. Throw in higher taxes for all, defund the military, blame police for crime in the city, and more pork than Oscar Mayer. Returning public schools to labor union control. Remain firmly seated when the North Korean refugee waves his crutches. So, Richard, go ahead and talk about the issues.


      • richard lesiak says:

        That’s a pretty long list of assumptions Dave. 15 bucks may be out of sight, but 10-12 is fair. Not $7.25. You already talk into a machine to get your crappy burger. Don’t like abortion then don’t have one. Their choice. Those terrible immigrates; like the ones in the Winter Games competing under our flag. How about a free bennie for someone that doesn’t have a corporate logo. The recent tax cuts and higher spending from congress is making them all look like Bernie. Defund the military that he served in. Don’t think so. Maybe the generals can find that 800,000,000 they misplaced. Those guys make WEDC look good. Those terrible teachers; like the ones who died in Florida yesterday protecting their kids. No one wants your guns Dave. But how about responsible legislation like the Extreme Risk Protection Order. You act crazy, the cops take your guns. You get well, you get them back. Just like taking grandpa’s car keys away till he gets his eyesight corrected. You still haven’t told me why your so hot for the gym-rat self-appointed policy wonker.


  13. richard lesiak says:

    Why not? It sure got under your skin. And that’s a good thing. Ryan just stated a warning to all politicans to “avid a knee-jerk” reaction to the killings in Florida. ??????????? That must be code for “hey; the NRA gave me 180,000 last year so shut your face.” You have my “thoughts and prayers” oops; look at the time. I’m off to Mar-a-Largo for my tee time.


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